The 10 Perfect Board Games for Halloween! -

The 10 Perfect Board Games for Halloween!

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00:00:00 Hello, hello
00:02:45 Honorable mentions:
00:02:55 Destinies: Witchwood
00:04:12 Dreadful Meadows
00:05:15 Black Mold
00:06:55 Harrow County
00:08:40 10. Arkham Horror: The Card Game
00:10:44 9. Unsettled
00:12:40 8. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
00:14:30 7. Sorcerer
00:16:39 6. Mythic Mischief
00:18:37 5. Maximum Apocalypse
00:21:35 4. Ghosts Betwixt Chapter 1
00:23:30 3. Final Girl
00:25:40 2. Cthulu Death May Die
00:27:40 1. Vagrantsong
00:29:40 Let me know what I missed

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  1. No Mansions of Madness, Horrified, Betrayal and you have some oddball games instead?

  2. It would be awesome if they make a MediEvil boardgame based on the ps4 remake! Every October I keep the tradition alive by playing this game. So much nostalgia playing that game on my ps1 back in the day and one of the very few AA heavily Halloween theme videogames out there, in fact the other one I can think of is Nightmare b4 Christmas on ps2. So maybe Elf Creek Games will see this comment and consider it fingers crossed 🙂
    Btw is there a boardgame right now for Nightmare b4 Christmas? I'm not talking about Monopoly custom version lol

  3. A Touch of Evil, Horrified, Zombies!!!, and Fury of Dracula are competitive 🙂

  4. We have been pulling out
    Dead Man's Cabal
    Castle Party
    And The Hunger

  5. My daughter bought Sourcerer. Sounds like we should play a round tomorrow! THX for reminding me of it.
    What about Deep Madness?

  6. No betrayal? This list is 🙄

    I’ll let it slide this time quackalope. You said you were tired.


    But seriously, I kept expecting betrayal to be in your top 3 and now I dunno about you anymore 😄

  7. Letters from Whitechapel would be great for a Halloween games night, especially if you're able to set up mood lighting with it (or just dim the lights a bit!).

  8. Marvel Zombies, Nemesis, Cryptid Cafe and Horrified are what I've played this Halloween!

  9. Dude, great show. Our heart to heart at the end, gazing into each others eyes… You moved me, really, I'm verklempt (fans face). FINE, I'll commit and join the patreon. 😄

  10. Jesse got the plaid out he’s ready for pumpkin spice

  11. Mythic quackchief and Maximum quackalypse are my Favs.
    Also Nightmare on Quackstreet is a good watch.

  12. I survived "Freddie Mercury's" knife in Final Girl. What a great game. Love it 🤣

  13. Such a fun video—feel like we've been missing this sort of casual goofiness lately, and it's something you do really well.

    As to some picks to call out! Couple of games other people mentioned already—Vagrantsong (I'm mid-campaign now and LOVING IT), Fury of Dracula, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Horrified, and The Bloody Inn—are all awesome picks. But I'll also add, in no particular order:

    -Ghost Stories: crushingly difficult co-op but dripping with theme, a little unbalanced and you'll probably lose, but just so immersive. (They re-did it as Last Bastion, which is a better production with streamlined rules, but SO generic that even though it was easier to play I was just bored and frustrated by it…)

    -Campy Creatures: a quick and simple hidden betting game (think a sillier, spookier Libertalia but in 20 minutes), great artwork, and an awesome filler pick for spooky game nights

    -Eschaton: not a game I see get a lot of love, but it's creepily dark in the same vein as Black Mold (though more occult-y and apocalypse driven and less viscerally gross) with some fun deck building and area control mechanics blended together

    -Grind House: another one that I never see covered, picked it up at GenCon on the cheap back in 2021; it's another silly, creepy, spooky semi-party-type filler game that's wildly tongue-in-cheek, and so quick (talking 15-20 minutes if everyone's paying attention) that you won't care if a card doesn't make sense or feels broken (plus there's a Krampus variant for the holiday season!)

    -Let's Summon Demons: really riding the filler game train, this is a Machi Koro-style dice roller, also quick, also silly, but surprisingly fun and catchy with goofy artwork that makes for a fun time

    -Deranged: a mid-weight game that's kind of tough to teach, but surprisingly intuitive for all it's complexity once you know what's going on, it's a semi-co-op that looks gorgeous and has an awesome vibe; can't say much beyond that because I need to spend some more time diving into it (it's 3-player minimum which makes it harder for me to bring to the table) but it's one I'm excited to keep exploring

  14. Dang I want Final Girl but I can't find it anywhere. Late pledges for the kickstarter have ended and it's not in stock anywhere! Ugh

  15. Really horrifying when Freddie Mercury comes after you with his knife.

  16. We played My Father's Work yesterday for our big Halloween game this year. Good times were had by all.

  17. Its not the best game but every year Mix Tape Massacre makes it to table for Halloween. Each player controls a different slasher and goes around town collecting victims but can also fight eachother. Its basically Freddy vs Jason the boardgame.

  18. in no specific order:
    A)Kingdom death monster my wife and I play this and keep a lite rpg family tree of our settlements. My favorite thing of the game is the settlement phase.
    B) clastroboubia
    C) hako onna (unquie game)
    D) Skelton (one shot rpg short)
    E) mothership rpg
    F) escape from aliens in outer space (double hidden movement)
    G)dont mess with chuthula (unquie hidden Identity/team game)
    H) deception murder in Hong Kong hidden Identity (never had this one go wrong matter what player count.)
    I) this house is haunted (very werid game were you use multiple rooms in your house)
    J) the others 7 sins

  19. I’m shocked horrified didn’t make the list. While not my favorite game, it’s definitely the one that makes me think Halloween the most.

  20. Games that I've played this Halloween season are Horrified, My Father's Work, and Betrayal Legacy.

  21. Of course Vagrantsong ❤️

    Monster Slaughter, Horrified and Betrayal(…) are my Halloween-Games!

  22. For something quick and fun (or u have kids) Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters.

  23. Vagrant Song and My Fathers work are two I regret not backing, especially for Halloween.

  24. My top 10 for Halloween Games:
    Honourable mention: Dread the RPG
    10. Cryptid Cafe
    9. Gloom
    8. Dead of Winter
    7. Growl
    6. Monsters on Board
    5. The Fury of Dracula
    4. Mysterium Park (id swap it out for Mysterium but i prefer this quicker version as find it easier to get to the table)
    3. Zombicide: Undead or alive (have only had this a week and its already my favourite Zombicide
    2. Mansions Of Madness (2nd edition obviously)
    1. Ultimate Werewolf (I just love it)

  25. I know you're not a fna but I'll add Nemesis. We just played Nemesis with my group for the first time (I finally finished painting it so it had to hit the table…. Now I have to paint Aftermath xD) and we had a blast. Hours past by and we didn't even noticed. Got so late one of my guest started falling asleep after his face got eaten by an intruder but yet he struggled to stay awake because he wanted to know how it ends. We played co-op. We barely made it…he remained dead doe and a few of us joined him in dead but our scout managed to get out with an escape pod which saved the game. Top it off last turn Pilot managed to fall asleep as the Soldier sacrificed himself to stop the doom clocl but he couldn't make it back in time. I as the captain went back to ba kwith the soldier cleansing the ship of intruders(we played with the Aftermath traits and let's say the six shooter just kept hiting), revived the Scout, sent the signal, discovered a weakness and dragged the blue corpse half the ship to leave it in the surgery, killed the queen, put out the fire in the hibernatorium, cleared the noise around it (by calling a friend over), killing said called intruder in the hibernatorium just to die from my wounds (bleeding) and the Pilot didn't have enough time to get me to the surgery so we decided that it's best if she just goes to sleep.
    With all that said I wanted to say we had a bloody good time and we definately felt festive, halloween snacks and candy included in the activity. It was our first Nemesis game so we went really slow, we had to double check some rules and we definately forgot some of the rules…a couple of times but the key point is we didn't even notice how long we were playing. Being able to stay alive for more than half of the game was also pretty crucial I suppose but from just one game we already have some marquee moments that I feel we're gonna be bringing up in our next game meetings (even when not playing Nemesis). For example the mechanic going full yolo mode mele attacking intruders just to suffer horribly, only to atempt it again. OR him just not being able to hit an egg. Or the soldier not being able to hit the side of a barn. Or the Pilot getting lost in the ship going nowhere near where she was intending to go. OR the Captain going "fine I'll do it myself" and just straigh up mercing the Queen.
    Best Halloween game for me. Of course that is for now…but I strongly recomend it to anyone that's nos Jesse. xD

  26. I second the addition of Horrified/Horrified: American Monsters.
    But what about lighter fare, like Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits, The Shipwreck Arcana, or Medium?

  27. I would offer up Monster Flux, Lobotomy, Kingdom's Candy: Monster, and Alder Quest

  28. This was great, especially the ending, LOL. I think you are genuinely at your best when this semi spontaneous.

  29. Great list Jessie. I think you need to check out Nightmare the video boardgame. This game is a no brainer for Halloween. An hour at a time with the ghouls in the game.

    Love this format. Welcome back. Hope your time off was great.

  30. Funny about your story. I did a similar thing but went out day after and asked if houses had extra candy…. Suffice to say- parents were quite upset

  31. We just played Sorcerer and Dead of winter a few days ago. Never heard of Sorcerer before, but we had a lot of fun playing it, i want to try every deck ! But we got really bored with Dead of Winter, too much Down Time. We just played My father's work today, let's say we didn't make the best choices and it didn't end well for our city :'D
    Destinies base game is still very good for Halloween !

  32. I was raised muslim so i never celeebrated halloween but octobeer is spooky shit month for me so if i had to break out a game for the month it would one of the following:
    -The Nightcage
    -KDM: Vignette of Death: The White Gigalion
    -Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

    -Townsfolk Tussel

  33. I debated what game to play with my wife a few nights ago. I narrowed it down to Cthulhu DMD or Final Girl. I decided on Final Girl, and we going to take turns for each turn, or make decisions together to make it as co op as possible

  34. Vagrantsong is so good.

    I would add Night Cage to your list. Then down the lights, get some candles and you are good to go.

  35. Oh man I am really looking forward Vagrantsong. My retail store wasn't able to get it in the last print run, hopefully they can get it soon! Good video, I love this theme, just sad that spooky season is already ending 🙁

  36. Mate! Great video! So much fun. I would add either of the Endangered Orphans games, the Night Cage, Monster Slaughter or Folklore to the list somewhere too.

  37. Haunt the House from KTBG is another good one. Both Horrified games as well.

  38. Great list. I have not played half the games on the list but I agree with Arkham Horror LCG, Maximum Apocalypse and Dead of Winter (one of my favourite games). My personal collection list also includes Folklore, Bloodborne, Mansions of Madness, Lobotomy, Arkham Horror Board Game (2nd ed), A Touch of Evil, Evil Dead II and Gloom.

  39. A nice Halloween game of Root is Marquise de Cat, Corvid Conspiracy, and the Scoundrel vagabond on the Mountain map.

  40. Such a shame that like 4 or 5 of these are delivered after Halloween, but oh well I'll have them for next year! Can't wait to sit down during Christmas time and play a game of Final Girl <3

  41. I love these list videos and would love to check out some of your picks!
    I just got Vagrantsong a couple of days ago, and I am so excited to jump into it!

    I love playing spooky games with my kids this time of year, here is what we have been playing:

    Ghost Castle
    Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game
    Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters
    King of Tokyo – Dark Edition
    Horrified – American Monsters
    Alien: Fate of the Nostromo
    Bring Out Yer Dead

    And games on the shelf I have not yet had time to play:

    Campy Creatures
    The Shining
    Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein

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