The 13 Most Anticipated Games at UKGE 2024!! -

The 13 Most Anticipated Games at UKGE 2024!!

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The United Kingdom Gaming Expo is nearly upon us. Which games do I have on my radar to make waves? Which ones are worth hearing more about or perhaps getting a tasting of? Again, not games THAT YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE, but rather games that might be worth checking out at some point.

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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Most Anticipated, NOT Must Buy
01:21 – Avalon: Riven Veil (Shadowborne)
03:59 – Arcs (Leder)
07:10 – Ironwood (Mindclash)
08:50 – Yonder (Sinister Fish)
10:10 – Cyclades: Legendary Edition (Matagot)
13:29 – Quoridor Pac Man (Hachette)
14:22 – Middle Ages (Studio H)
16:22 – Windmill Valley (Board & Dice)
18:08 – Luthier (Paverson)
19:54 – War of the Ring Card Game: Fire & Swords (Ares)
21:15 – Mutagen (Dranda)
22:13 – SETI (Czech Games)
24:12 – Cities (Devir)
25:52 – Games from Last Year (And How Many Do You Still Know?)


  1. From my understanding, and from the rulebook, the Trick Taking element of Arcs is a very very small part of the game. I feel it will feel much more like Root in the strategy of the board state. I could be wrong tho.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Mutagen. More importantly, thanks for discussing UKGE. I feel like this con gets left behind this time of year, as everyone talks about Origins. Even though UKGE is much bigger (3rd biggest board game con). Ayden

  3. Awards from last year? Yeah those are the short-listed games for this year. You've read out the 2024 games thinking they are the 2023 games

  4. I exhibited my Lego collection on Sunday and I was amazed at how many kids knew Pac Man!

  5. Heroes of the Shire released last month and we'll be at the convention with our games physically there 🙂

  6. if someone could just make a game that only uses the rules from all the games youve learned and actually remember 🤣

  7. I recently played my 4th game of Oath and finally decided its not for me, so I'm concerned about Arcs which is almost here. 😢

  8. I heard PAC quoridor was TERRIBLE from Dice Tower

  9. I’ll be there demoing SETI.

    "Must have" games, universally praised and liked, at conventions? The last one I remember was Euphrat & Tigris, in ‘97.

  10. As I'm more of a listener than a viewer of your videos, I was really interested in the board game "Sick ladies". Good thing you had the game box of Cyclades on screen when I looked xD

  11. I want to see a Warps Edge “Robotech” edition.

  12. I'll be going on Saturday hopefully Arcs will be for sale🤞

  13. The rules of Cyclades Legendary Edition have got quite a few changes that make the game smoother and moving faster. Tried it out at a game festival with a family (mom, dad, kid). Worked really well, it was a blast.

  14. Middle Ages – also tried at the same game festival. Plays quite fast, tile selection/turn order à la Kingdomino, events that bring diversity, and some player interaction. Nothing revolutionary but beautiful and easy to table. Somewhere between family+ and middle weight game in a small box. Probably better at 4 players, ok at 3. Can work at 2 as really tactical but I can also see how it can not work at all (only tried 3 & 4)

  15. I had some interest in Pac-Man Quoridor but apparently it's not that great, so I'm going to resist the nostalgia pull there.

  16. I really wish the Cyclades meeple version had full meeples instead of standees and meeples. Going full miniature seems a bit much.

  17. Nothing wrong with being frugal in these trying times.

  18. I recently tested your claim that every game can be bought later and cheaper. I used only my own games. And, yes, at worst the same and on average, 23-33% cheaper. Just saying.

    Still only backed Rocket Ranchers with $53 this year. Here’s to you, my Leige for continuing pointing out the obvious. Keep it up 🤘

  19. It used to be that you could get deals at conversions.

  20. I believe the WOTR card game co-op mode came with the first expansion, FWIW

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