The 15 Best Hidden Gems Of 2022 - Great Board Games You May Have Passed By -

The 15 Best Hidden Gems Of 2022 – Great Board Games You May Have Passed By

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We all have games that we think are underrated…whether they weren’t noticed by mass appeal or just didn’t get the recognition that you think it deserves. Well these are the 15 games that I believe are hidden gems from 2022.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:52 – Air, Land, and Sea: Spies, Lies, and Supplies
0:04:24 – Hamburg
0:06:09 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
0:07:22 – Tiwanaku
0:08:20 – D.E.I.: Divide et Impera
0:09:49 – The Age of Atlantis
0:11:12 – Keystone: North America
0:12:16 – Museum: Pictura
0:13:07 – Ragnarocks
0:14:20 – Split
0:15:20 – Wizard of the Grimoire
0:16:34 – Ostia
0:18:09 – Hanamikoji: Geisha’s Road
0:19:15 – Kinghill
0:20:33 – Nine-minute Kingdom
0:21:50 – Wrapping Up

Air, Land, and Sea: Spies, Lies, and Supplies –
Hamburg –
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim –
Tiwanaku –
D.E.I.: Divide et Impera –
The Age of Atlantis –
Keystone: North America –
Museum: Pictura –
Ragnarocks –
Splito –
Wizard of the Grimoire –
Ostia –
Hanamikoji: Geisha’s Road –
Kinghill –
Nine-minute Kingdom –

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  1. Kinghill is a homerun pick. So good, and no one seems to even know about it

  2. Hamburg was a complete disaster. Bruges is one of his best, but Hamburg makes it nearly unplayable.

  3. The only game I have of these ones is the last one, the nr 1 of the list. 😂 I need to play it more. 🙂

  4. Just reviewed age of Atlantis I thought it was the biggest sleeper hit of 2022

  5. buy a game off of your wish list every time you hear 20 😂

  6. really appreciate when reviewers take their time to do a good job even if it means a year or two to play the games that need to get played instead of just doing clickbait for timely clicks – ty 😊

  7. Divide et Impera is such a cool game!
    Beautiful table presence, fast paste area control- you finish a game and can immediately start another one. love it!
    Really looking forward to see how the big box looks like haha

  8. HELLO, good video! 💖💛🧡💖❤💝

  9. Just a shame those of us that ordered 9 minute kingdom with sleeves never got our games. Most of us said keep the €5 rather than refund us back. Also no communication from the guy . Absolute avoid the company.

  10. Spies/Flies, Lies & Supplies is great. I disagree the original game is better, the sequel has mostly replaced it for me. I love the way it introduced revealing information as a resource, and also that it moved away from “you can’t do X” effects.

  11. stil waiting for my all in big box DEI to arrive

  12. Age of Atlantis is fun, but messy and broken AF. I always enjoy my time with Age of Atlantis, but the game balance is wonky. I don’t play this to get a tight competitive experience, I play this because it’s fun. The Developers clearly were running out of money and didn’t have the resources to design this better. But it is a lot of fun. Once you’ve figured out the rulebook.

  13. Nice list. I really enjoy Stonewall Uprising, the 2022 deck builder that allows players to go through the U.S. LGBTQ+ Civil Rights movement history in 30 minutes.

  14. I understand a new scaled down version of Hamburg ('Essential') is also coming out later this year from the publishers

  15. Hamburg is on my radar to aquire some day. I have never played Bruges. Just think the reworked game looks good and not all of the new city collection games have mechanisms or play styles that appeal to me.

  16. Passed all of these by b/c I haven't played any of them. As far as hearing about them –
    Hamburg: you and Gaming Rules!
    Elder Scrolls: heard of it but idc about those games, probably from Crowdsurfing at some point
    Tiwanaku: heard of this via the former name, also proabably from Crowdsurfing
    D.E.I: heard from you
    Age of Atlantis: Crowdsurfing
    Ostia: Mike DiLisio
    Hanamikoji: it's been around

  17. Hidden gems of 20202020202 – take notes and invest well! 😀

  18. Tiwanaku is’re missing the most obvious gem from 2022…Inheritors!

  19. Thank you for an upload. Very nice list, from which I only have Kinghill and Nine-Minute Kingdome.
    Agree absolutely – they are gems flied under the radars of board game affacinados.
    Edit: Sorry, I have Hanamikoji as well, very good for what it is.

  20. Fantastic video topic. I can't count all the time I'm noodlin' around on ebay or at the thrift store and I stumble on a banger that's still a banger.

  21. Is the anthropomorphic peppermint a playable mech?

  22. age of SCAM-tlantis…
    creator messed up, there were not enough copy for everyone and he went "so sorry your loss" and on with his next kickstarter..
    what a fucking shitshow.. the most appalling thing is that they get still allowed to try and fund games..

  23. Nine-Minutes Kingdom? As was the case for many others, my pledge never arrived and after much apologizing, the creator disappeared (last campaign page update was almost a year ago). Fortunately, this is the only crowdfunding campaign that has failed me and I didn't lose very much on it.

    (Still haven't found a retail version.)

  24. Interesting how many of these games arefrom companies that ran poor campaigns. Wonder if that affects their rating?

  25. Wow, I didn't expect your #1… It happens I own it, also found it nightmarish to fit back the sleeved cards into the box, and haven't tried it yet. Now I'm glad it's on the "pile"!

  26. Missed opportunity….could have been 22 hidden gems of 2022.

  27. Not a fan of Spies Lies and Supplies, it muddied up the very clean base game.

  28. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!


    We finally get some Age of Atlantis content. I have been DYING to hear your thoughts on this. I do believe everyone who backed it got it.

  29. Keystone is a really cool game, and the solo is great.
    Ostia is a fantastic game. Can't wait for the expansion to reach us 🙂
    Didn't like Nine-Minute Kingdom that much.

    I'd love to try the whole Critters at War series 🙂

  30. At a rank of 2189, I’d like to nominate Village Rails. A charming and elegant tableau builder with a train theme. And it’s a small box game with solid production.

  31. Only got the Age of Atlantis there, and it did not live up to time for us. Played it twice and sold it afterwards. It's nice but we play mainly at two and I think it works way better at 4. Also that last age finished way too quickly for us

  32. Couldn’t get through Kinghill. Rulebook and board design is just really not great. Was as shame because it was a great concept

  33. some great games especially Ragnaroks… However 9 minute kingdom is a sore spot as they never shipped to backers and left most everyone holding the bag. I believe they began shipping and then just completely disappeared… uuuggghhh!

  34. thanks Alex. Yup! I got Museum OG + Pictura + encyclopedia. Hopefully HolyGrail Games staff can continue their work in the industry 😊

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