The 15 Most Desired Board Games Right NOW (May 2024) -

The 15 Most Desired Board Games Right NOW (May 2024)

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You hear about a lot of games on a lot of places, channels, threads, sites. But do you ever wonder: what are they REALLY looking forward to? That’s what this video is. The games I’m talking about here, not because they’re “hot”, not because they’re making waves or tons of $$$ or the being sent out/delivered/promoted, but because I’m seriously personally interested. Seasons change, tastes change, but some things stay the same. I just like talking about games. And to be fair, this 15 could have easily been 30 games. Or having 5-10 of them be rotated out in place of others based on a few factors.

That being said, you ready? Let’s go!!
Thanks for watching!

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Time Stamp:
00:00 – Wishlist!! Or More Like Want List
01:40 – Yeah…you knew it was coming…Star Wars in my veins
03:46 – The DC United Conundrum
05:28 – Can I Ever Have Too Much Bullet? (Expansions)
06:57 – An Expansion for My Wife’s Favorite Game
08:53 – An Expansion of One of My Favorites
10:12 – Curiosity Killed the Wallet (Slay The Spire’ing)
12:06 – Still on the Evenfall Bandwagon
14:02 – I’m Mad for Madcala
15:09 – Can Dragons and Marbles Co-exist? Flames of Fafnir
15:58 – Mindclash 2 Player Asymmetry Ironwood
17:18 – The Awaken Realms Covetness of Grimcoven
18:33 – The Hard Gets Harder: Regicide Legacy
19:00 – The Rebirth of ANOTHER? Knizia Tile Layer
19:55 – I Guarantee You’ve Never Heard Of This GAME
20:59 – An Oldie But A Goodie Abstraction Style – Onitama With No Drama
21:57 – Surprise Honorable Mention…..TCG style…???


  1. I'd like a video on EXACTLY what you find so good about the Star Wars Unlimited mechanics, and what other card games have similar mechanics – there are a lot out there. I just will not do a CCG.

  2. Two Rooms and Boom (including KSE expansion) is back in stock on the publisher's website, finally!! Just ordered my copy.

    I've also been eying some other social deductions as well but haven't pulled the trigger. Other than that, Primal is supposed to get delivered this month or June.

  3. Have you tried Sorcery or not yet? ^_^
    In October there will be some stuff available for it.

    And stop hyping me on Ironwood ^_^ my poor wallet. I guess I deserved that.

  4. You like head to heads and you like bullet. I really think you should check out blade rondo

  5. Great video! Have you tried Bullet solo?

  6. I hear you on Onitama. I tried it at a game day and have kept an eye open for a copy at a reasonable price. But, it goes in a category with Tak and Homeworlds. These are games I appreciate, but would only enjoy playing if I could play it regularly and get good at it.

  7. Got Onitama, and while good… not great. Wasn't a big hit and family prefers dice throne, Hive, and a bunch of others instead. My two cents. (I am also very intrigued by Grimcoven!)

  8. Im badly waiting to go all in on Grimcoven!

  9. You might like the tcg Grand Archive, the cards are the energy

  10. Where are you on Ivion atm?

    I have bought 4 boxes but not played yet.
    (I have too many unplayed games but I have work situation that prevents me from playing and I need a new home to fit a good table for gaming. Then I plan on hosting loads of game nights. To get in more playes of stuff.)

  11. Yup I heard before Goro Goro Dobutsu Shogi! It is on board game arena. Causal fun just that in theroy it is "solved", meaning if you move this way I counter it and win the game.

  12. Why is „Lands of Evershade“ from Awaken Realms not on your list ? Too far out ?

  13. I bit on slay the spire. They were able to reopen my $1 pledge before things closed at the end of April. It's a pricey one, but the positive feedback + coop aspect just made us pull the trigger.

  14. They updated the Grimcoven campaign page btw

  15. Glad to hear you’re enjoying SWU so much! Curious if you’ve dabbled in MTG before?

  16. We are in a phase where we play a lot of TCG, beceuse it is sooo easy and fast to set up! (Lorcana for fast and NOT complicated thing, Star wars for a well designed TCG with nice mecanics (still hate graphics tho) And, Altered, which is the best out of 3. We are halfway in a boardgame with Altered, the mecanics/gameplay is nothing but amazing. (We are playing with print and play (3/4 of a starter deck) and we are having so much fun. The gameplay is very thematic as you really feel that you are sending troops to escort either your hero, or his companion, the fact that the troops goes into the "reserve" for a turn, where you can play them again for "one last ride" as if they were pushing themselves, creating some sort of "2 hands of cards to play with". The more you play the more you'll find depth in this game, i highly recommend you print those decks to try this out!

  17. Evenfall is my favorite game of 2024. Played maybe a dozen times solo and multiplayer and keep wanting to play again and again.

  18. Onitama is good, but I feel The Duke and War Chest are just better so Onitama got sold. But I still can play Onitama digitally as a good quick fix.

  19. The DEI expansion for me. I made my own big box but I’m curious to see if theres is better. Stride just came in and I really love it.

  20. I late pledged for Slay the Spire just before the pledge manager closed – hoping it lives up to the hype!

  21. Im pumped for Endeavor Deep Sea coming in a few months. I remember you really liked that one. Is it no longer on your top list?

  22. DC is definitely on my radar but I didn't back the multiverse…..I couldn't stand multiple of the technically same character….but I hope they can introduce some variant to the game….dunno if I need 20 boxes of expansion of this

  23. I’m probably a complete basic white girl with what I’m anticipating haha

    Arriving soon:
    1) Dawn of Madness
    2) Harakiri
    3) HATE Tyrant expansion

    Soon to funding:
    1) Celestial (I hope! Now that DoM is delivering soon!)
    2) Degenesis
    3) Eye of Zamrock just launched and already backed
    4) Grimcoven
    5) Blood

    Honorable mentions that I’m still waiting for:
    1) Ravaged Star BIG TIME but still a while…
    2) Nexus Unsanctioned Expansion
    3) Worms Armageddon (nostalgia)

  24. They confirmed on Facebook that DC United is cross portable

  25. I'm a bit fixed on one game and one genre for the last 1.5 year, and it looks like it will stay that way for the next months (years?) to come. My plan for now is to complete ATO cycle 2 this week. Next – soon after to be started (or more likely in 3 months): ATO cycle 3. And Hexploreit (meta league) & Unsettled in between of ATO to get a short pause from boss batters. Then at the end of the year Kingdoms Forlorn and ATO cycle4/5. And I'm looking toward selling out 90% of my collection – what's the purpose of having all of them on the shelves if I play only one game… 😀

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