The 20 Best Board Games of all Time (2022 Edition) -

The 20 Best Board Games of all Time (2022 Edition)

Sir Thecos
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In this video I’m presenting the 20 best board games of all time as of 2022 (in my opinion). Note that I’m only including games I have actually played. I plan to revisit this list annually – next year, this list could include other board games in my top list.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Honorable Mentions
01:53 Rank 20
02:27 Rank 19
03:00 Rank 18
03:32 Rank 17
04:09 Rank 16
04:43 Rank 15
05:13 Rank 14
05:42 Rank 13
06:22 Rank 12
07:07 Rank 11
07:48 Rank 10
08:36 Rank 09
09:22 Rank 08
10:00 Rank 07
10:42 Rank 06
11:12 Rank 05
11:50 Rank 04
12:29 Rank 03
13:13 Rank 02
14:13 Rank 01
14:49 What are your most favorite board games?
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  1. Awesome! Saved my day with another great video. Very curious to see how 2022 changed your views.

  2. Agreements, disagreements, and a handful of games brought to my attention to go check out! Great video. Love the transitions.

  3. Very decent list of games 🙂 Have you ever tried Great Western Trail? After so many years since the release date, it's still has a bunch of fans and it's a quite relaxing, well thought out game. Definitely worth a try.

  4. I like your transitions! I was just putting away the Parks game away with the expansion. The insert sadly does not work as nicely with the expansion in the base box. 😢

    I like the art current Castles of Burgundy! I don’t like the dice as much. Wingspan is my top game too 🙂

  5. I just bought Aeons End so I’m glad to know it’s a good one.

  6. Nice list. Personally I put Ares Expedition ahead of TM. I own and do enjoy both as they are a Tad different. I as well enjoyed Artemis Project, tight dice placement resource game. Have Aeon's End but haven't played much. Plan on putting to the table to complete all expansions. Thanks for sharing your list. Good to see what everyone enjoys no matter how different they maybe.

  7. 17 Games I have as well. Thanks for Your Video

  8. In my recent games purchase I picked up santa monica and taverns of Tiefenthal. Haven't cracked open taverns tho. Still looking for the group to play it with. Have you tried it solo yet? I think I saw a solo variant somewhere.

  9. Great list! I'll have to check a few of these out. 🙂

  10. My top 6 games are A Feast for Odin, Scythe, Architects of the west kingdom, Caverna, Fantastic Factories and Fantasy Realms

  11. Great list, but I especially like you actually show the game on the table with the components and not just put a box up to your face. Makes much more sense.

  12. Great video; well done for fitting in 20 games in under 20 minutes! Some other videos are too verbose, but you were able to give a good flavour of each game and a compelling reason for it's place on the list. Bravo!

  13. I love Castles of Burgundy too, I have the same edition you show in this video and for me it looks just right – much nicer than the first edition. I've seen the Gamefound edition too, but that one was just too much for me 🙂

  14. I am still waiting for my Lands of Galzyr to deliver!

  15. Great video, dissatisfied to see bullet is not in the top 20
    Will check bargain quest sound nice

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