The 20 Games That Didn't Make It Into My Top 100 -

The 20 Games That Didn’t Make It Into My Top 100

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Taking a look at my top 100 games of 2023 and all the interesting little bits behind it all.

0:00:00 – Introduction & Context
0:03:00 – Ancient Realm
0:05:05 – Assassins Creed
0:06:35 – Barenpark
0:07:22 – Canvas
0:08:05 – Circle the Wagons
0:08:32 – Fall of the Mountain King
0:09:40 – Ghosts of Christmas
0:10:20 – Golem
0:11:42 – Junk Drawer
0:12:25 – Le Havre
0:13:12 – Lorenzo Il Magnifico
0:14:12 – Mage Knight
0:15:32 – Match of the Century
0:16:05 – Rajas of the Ganges
0:17:20 – Santorini
0:17:45 – Skytear Horde
0:18:50- Age of Atlantis
0:20:52 – Threetale
0:21:35 – Whistle Mountain
0:22:15 – Viticulture
0:23:50 – Wizards of the Grimoire
0:24:50 – Wrapping Up

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  1. Funny that you mention Bärenpark, because I just got it and played it ten times in two weeks😂

  2. Its funny because Canvas using your scoring, would be like a 2 for me. Every time I played I was dissatisfied even if I won. The scoring system doesn't match the art aspect of the game. If I go for cool art I tend to loose. If I go for scoring, I tend to make bad art. Just never have fun while playing it, however its still in my collection because some people in my group like it.

  3. I’m halfway through the video, but I’ve suddenly had the realisation that instead of “Top 100 Games of All Time as of 2023”, the list makes more sense to me as “Top 100 Games from All Time as of 2023”, since it’s a top 100 list consisting of games from any year.

    The “of” operator, while catchy here, does bring along so many unintended and unnecessary connotations to people who don’t completely understand what Alex is going for. Personally I’m still not 100% sure if my interpretation above is correct.

  4. Firmly agree about Mage Knight. I've played it a few times, but it's… not really intuitive to my brain. The rulebook is awful and I hate having to resort to YouTube tutorials in order to learn how to play something.

  5. I love Rajas of the Ganges and Whistle Mountain. I am glad you recognized them and perhaps we’ll see them in your Top 100 again. For me they would be in my Top 20 for sure. Thanks for your videos.

  6. Fall of the Mountain King is now on my want to play list

  7. You just have to commit on MK. Ignore other games, play it a bunch so it becomes natural. It is imo one of the best games out there.

  8. Thank you great video again and great help to get through those hundreds of board games there is. I really use that to do my shoppping lists. Your opinion as always is personnal and sincere. Never sounds like a marketing campaign done hoping just the developpers will continue to send you free stuff 🤣

  9. Every time Alex says "a drop more," take a drink! 😂

  10. I was certain you would put Tigris & Euphrates in there. You said it is a 5/5 for you and might come into your list next year.

  11. Fall of the mountain king is fantastic play it again it will rise!!!

  12. Age of Atlantis needs another play, and would be great to know if it gets bumped up or falls.
    Great game, but impossible to get.

  13. I’m in the middle of a co-op Oathsworn campaign and put two parallel solo Gloomhaven JOTL campaigns on the back burner, but still contemplating (eventually) getting a new solo game to scratch a certain itch my current library just isn’t scratching. I’m between Cthulu Death May Die as a simple dice chucker and Mage Knight for its puzzly thinkiness, but the latter always gave me pause because of its complexity and table presence. This video might just convince me to get Death May Die after I finish my current campaign games since MK seems a bear to learn and table.

    With all that said, I’m only on Chapter 9 in Oathsworn and Chapters 10/11 in JOTL, so I have a ways to go before I even purchase another game lol

  14. It's crazy these are outside the Top 100. That's just a sign of how many great games there are these days. The board game market has grown and advanced so much in the past decade.

  15. Barenpark was absent? Never would have guessed. That one seemed like it was the standard when other lighter polyomino games were discussed.

  16. I played Le Harve once and it didn't grab me. Gates Of Loyang is the one Rosenberg game that spoke to me, even if I've never played a physical copy of it.

    Mage Knight is one of those games I've always been interested in, but also have doubts I could table it on a regular basis.

  17. Games on my 2023 Top 250 List: Whistle Mountain (#171), Lorenzo il Magnifico (#162), Le Havre (#151), Barenpark (#145), Canvas (#105), Rajas of the Ganges (#66), and Viticulture (#6). Also, Santorini left my list in 2021 but had been as high as #29 back in 2018.

  18. so Sleeping Gods, 7th Continent / Citadel and Dead Reckoning is lower ranked as a 4.5?

  19. I guess my internal thought process reads "Top 100 games of all time" and equate that to something similarly as I would "Top 100 films of all time" where a movie like Star Wars (1977), Jaws, Lord of the Rings, Oppenheimer, Casablanca, etc don't lose their spots because something else came along and improved what they did. They earned those spots and those are (mostly) timeless. But then my brain is like "How do you account for improvements" and I think that's the key. There has to be an objective change, innovation, or something else that pushes the industry or art forward in a way that eclipses what's already there. In other words, the accomplishments cannot be ignored, even by those that disliked the product itself.

    In other words, to ME, "Of All Time" cannot equate to "What I like(d) this year). My brain simply cannot reconcile those as the same thing. But that is ME.

  20. Always interesting to see how peoples lists change over the course of 12 months. Mind you do play a lot of games so that does factor into that. Great video as always.
    I also recently watched your unboxing and ramblings of the new Kingdom Rush game. I'm really intrigued but would like to see a "newer" review on it just to find out if your opinion has changed at all.

  21. I also really enjoyed Assassin's Creed (retail edition), but at the time I was playing it I didn't have a dedicated gaming table and couldn't leave it out for more than a day or two. So when I had to break it down I just never set it back up again. I just bought legs for my table topper which arrived, so I'm hoping to get my official gaming table set up this weekend. Hopefully now I'll be able to set up campaign style games and get them played more regularly since I'm not having to tear them back down to eat. 😅

  22. I'm a bit surprised that there are seemingly no hidden roles games (e.g., One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Quest, Avalon) in your top 121. Have you rated all such games at 4.0 or lower?

  23. Viticulture with the Tuscany expansion adds so much and keeps the game fresh everytime – add the Apple orchards and the new main board for 4 seasons; it's a game i go back to all the time with new gamers, quick, fast, easy to learn, hard to master. I love playing with newer people as well because i can try abstract and weird ways to get VPs that i normally would never play. Viticulture is top 20 out of my 1200+ games i own.

  24. Mageknight is probably my favorite board game but, frankly, I wouldn't play it as much if there wasn't this brilliant, highly scripted mod for it on Tabletop Sim (it legit does ALL the heavy lifting for you, you just need to click a couple buttons and it takes care of everything else). I don't mind the set up and whatnot when it's Solo, but when playing with other people, it can get to be a bit of a slog.

  25. Ive been interested in Rajas of the Ganjes for a while now.

  26. Huh.. you labelled your time stamp as coimbra but you were talking about Lorenzo. I love lorenzo

  27. So if you rated Fall of the Mountain King a 5 out of 5 after playing it all the times during the prototype phase and haven’t played it since, why is it only a 4.5 now and not in the top 100 if you haven’t given it a “ding” for not tabling it?

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