The 30 Best Board Games in my Collection (2023 Edition) -

The 30 Best Board Games in my Collection (2023 Edition)

Sir Thecos
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In this video I’m presenting the 20 best solo board games of all time as of 2023 (in my opinion). Note that I’m only including games I have actually played. I plan to revisit this list annually – next year, this list could include other board games in my top list.

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Honorable Mentions
01:14 #30
01:40 #29
02:00 #28
02:20 #27
02:41 #26
03:04 #25
03:25 #24
03:41 #23
04:02 #22
04:20 #21
04:42 #20
05:01 #19
05:18 #18
05:36 #17
05:57 #16
06:15 #15
06:39 #14
07:00 #13
07:22 #12
07:41 #11
08:01 #10
08:26 #9
08:48 #8
09:11 #7
09:35 #6
09:59 #5
10:22 #4
10:38 #3
10:59 #2
11:16 #1
11:39 What are YOUR most favorite board games?
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  1. Thanks for talking about Earth and I'm glad you like it!

  2. Great video! Games I think you should try if you haven’t already: Burgle Bros, Robinson Crusoe, Dune Imperium

  3. My 2 new games that we've been enjoying is Bonsai and Shake That City

  4. New to having boardgaming as a hobby! 🙂

    My Top 4:

    1. Blackout Hong Kong: Such a great mix of mechanics, I find this by far the best Alexander Pfister game!! (So far I have played Great Western Trails, Maracaibo and Port Royal) Just awesome and very unique mechanics, this combination of mechanics is just SOOOO good!! It`s a GREAT expert game and it´s very sad, that there haven`t been any expansions, because with expansions this game would be PHENOMENAL (sorry for the captions, but I really like this game)

    2. Beyond The Sun: Again, like the one above, a board game, that mixes different mechanics so well together. The best way to introduce worker placement into a game in my opinion. A mix of Worker Placement / Engine Builder / Area Control, so original!!

    3. Concordia: Perfectly balanced game, I would enjoy it even more, if it would be even more complex, with more different cards/actions and resources and if it would have modular maps and more ways to upgrade!! But in terms of mechanics this game is great!!

    4. Rattus (with expansions): Such a fun game, perfect to play with a group and it`s so mean!! 😂 Perfect to play with people who like mean games, that aren`t too complex! I`d say this is a perfect game for a fun night! I hope this game will become more popular in the future, because it can rival Small World ANY DAY!!

    I love original and unique mechanics!! Maybe there`s a game that you could recommend to me, knowing my Top 4?? 🙂

    Thank You for that great list, I am very inspired by your list and will check some of those out!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the fun video. I never tire of viewing top boardgame lists. Artemis Project is a game I badly want to try. I know it would be an instant favourite.

  6. One game that never seems to make these lists but is always a crowd favourite is Diamant. I love Aeons End amd just about to get stuck into the expansions

  7. Thanx for the video mate,made me want to grab games that never got my attention before or even worse i never wanted to play before

  8. Great choices – except for lands of glazyr. Really wanted to like it as great theme and I love choose your own adventures like sleeping gods etc. but it felt like nothing we did really mattered at all. Mostly just reading stories and no consequences whatsoever.

  9. Great list of games! I really enjoy Roam, Everdell, Artemis Project, Keep The Heroes Out, and Castles of Burgundy. There’s several other games you mentioned that I’ve heard great things about but have never played, like Roll Player and Dale of Merchants.

  10. My favourites are Ark Nova – Heat – Revive – Space Empires 4x at the time
    Wingspan: 3 randomness. randomness with the cards, the food, the goals. Can make you king. Can get you mad. Good for passing time, but so many better games there. But as you said… if you like it 🙂 Keep playing it 🙂
    Lands of Galzyr is interesting…

  11. Awesome list with a lot of games I have to take a closer look for sure.Thanks!

  12. Mansions of Madness, Betrayal of the House on the Hill, Arkham Horror 3

  13. 4:01 You know – Five Tribes is a game which I thought I would enjoy, but didn't work for me. I believe this is because it is an overly tactical game – in which the board state changes COMPLETELY each turn – and therefore, you cannot plan for your turn until right before/ when your next turn comes around… This and also the fact that if you are playing a multi-player (more than 2 player) game, you may have to wait a long time before your next turn – so you could think about the perfect move, but someone else takes it before your turn and that's what forces you to re-think your entire turn, since you have no choice…
    tldr; Five Tribes is just WAY too tactical for me. I prefer games which are more strategic and kind of hold your hand – and guide you, based on X, Y, Z factors, etc. – and these games which are overly tactical have way too many options/choices to choose from.

    Another game which this happened for me – i.e, way too tactical – is Red Rising.
    Both of these games are my 2 most disappointing games – comparing my level of expectation coming into the experience of the play to the actual play itself.

  14. 5:00 I really liked my one (1) play of Parks. I like how tight and constraining the game is. I prefer a game which is constraining, but helps guide you on what to do – as opposed to an open sandbox type of game, in which we can do anything we want – but how do we know what the best thing, from a game perspective, is to do?

    For this reason, I also like Calico over Cascadia. Calico is constraining with its board, but you know exactly what you need to do to score – with those scoring tiles. In Cascadia, you need to figure out which pair of a tile and animal you want, and what is going to score best for you.

  15. 9:10 Yes, I really like It's A Wonderful World, too! I prefer it so much more than 7 Wonders (I know quite a lot of people compare the games)!

  16. I would agree with most but I can not really understand how one can call Wingspan's gameplay engaging. I tried playing it twice and haven't finished once, because the whole group (including me) said they're bored to death. Really liked heat, even though I hated Flamme Rouge, big thumbs up for that one!

  17. Played Terraforming Mars last night. I love that game😊

  18. My favorites: Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition, Castles of Burgundy, Meadow, Azul Queens Garden, Targi, Splendor Duel. Have Ark Nova, but yet to try!

  19. I haven’t been into board games that long, only about a year so haven’t been exposed to many but my top 5 so far are:

    Pandemic Legacy Season 1
    Lost Cities The Card Game
    Sky Team

    Great Video! I’ll have to check some of these out

  20. Amazing video! Most people make a video like this last 3 hours.

  21. Pax Pamir
    Puerto Rico
    Heroquest (sorry)
    Foodchain Magnate

  22. Great List and I would have to say my are
    1. Barrage
    2. Rallyman / Rallyman GT / Rallyman Dirt
    3.Brass Lancashire
    4. Carson City (Big Box)
    5.Castles of Burgundy
    6. Ginkgopolis
    7. Mystery of the Abbey
    8. Deception Murder in Hong Kong
    9. Woodcraft
    10. Cat in the Box

  23. Great games, every one. Thanks for sharing.

  24. The Artemis Project is such a great game! Glad you showcase it and have it so high in your list – it definitely deserves more recognition – pure GEM of a game!!!! 🙂

  25. Thank you for this video. You have listed many of my favorites, and many that I want to try now.

  26. An excellent list! I recently scored a copy of Mechs vs. Minions. Really excited to dive in. Some of my favorite games from the last year or so that you didnt have are Thunder Road: Vendetta, just a really fun chaotic dice chucker. Also Planet Unknown, a great polyomino drafting game that plays so smooth with simultaneous drafting thanks to the lazy susan component.

  27. I love your videos! Always so inviting!
    My top 10
    1. Gloomhaven
    2. Everdell
    4. Rising sun
    5. Nemesis
    6. Colt express
    7. Smash up
    8. Boss monster
    9. Mysterium
    10. Citadels

  28. Great video! My favorite games atm are Ark Nova, Terraforming Mars, On Mars, The Gallerist, Eldritch Horror, Root, Dune Imperium, Cascadia, War of the Ring and Spirit Island.

  29. Must admit I got bored with Wingspan, despite loving the theme. I learned the tactics after a few games and now it plays the same every time.

    Heat looks excellent and I keep almost buying it. My favourite racing game is Thunder Alley, which takes some beating.

  30. Based on that how much you like solo and dice games Im surprised you dont have Too Many Bones on your list.

  31. i still can't understand how people can say that sleeping gods has a good artwaork, seems like a child drawed them on paint..

  32. You have great taste! I own 9 of these and a few are on my wishlist.

  33. Great Video! Looking forward to play Lands of Galzyr in the future.

  34. nice games! some look tempting is just i mostly play solo! cascadia is one i have on my list though cause its easy enough to play with someone also! and wingspan is the one i play the most! i just dont like the dice/food system i made a house rule for that.. and i also feel that u barely get to play few of the cards per game! like u could play with a much smaller deck and maybe would be nicer!

  35. I like your videos and I agree to your list. I love land of galzyr, because it is not punishing. Keep up your good work!

  36. great list! had a lot of games that other content creators never mention as well as the hotness (of course) thanks for putting this together.

  37. Lost Ruins of Arnak has been my favorite since I first fell in love with it on BGA. Not only does it contain two of my favorite mechanisms: deck building and exploration; but it also has the right amount of weight, as in the cognitive load.

  38. Great list! Many of my favourites. Subscribed!

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