The 7 Levels of Board Game Collecting -

The 7 Levels of Board Game Collecting

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We’ve been seriously collecting board games for more than a couple of years at this point here at Shelfside. Our current combined collection would be really quite shocking to our high school selves, and we wanted to depict the fun progression of how it’s like to start collecting board games.

There was a time where Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly dominated the conversation, and for quite some years at that. As we got older, like many others, Catan was one of the first games that just utterly gripped our attention, and down the rabbit hole we went. Like really, the Gamecube thing I talk about in this video hits home for our friend group. Target and Barnes and Noble were our go-to as we picked up games like Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and we’re sure that the party game Throw Throw Burrito would be a grab if it was around at the time. Of course, spending money on board games is way too tempting and has led to some unopened games. And some games are just expensive, like Food Chain Magnate, Frosthaven/Gloomhaven, and Caverna. This video wouldn’t be complete with the behemoth TI3 and the new TI4 as well, which come a little later down the line in the journey. We have yet ourselves to hit the highest level in this video, and that is for sure a personal goal of ours.

This video idea was suggested by Clifford H, one of our Chad tier Patrons!

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Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod
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Path To The Joy by MusicLFiles

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  1. I skipped step 2 to BUY BUY BUY phase after playing Brass.

  2. This isn’t collecting, it hoarding and it’s been proven the hoarders are mentally deficient. Get some therapy.

  3. i do the same on books. I have more than 4000 paper novels. Have read 1076 😛 i do almos of all these things – well except being homeless…

  4. you just bought this box of cardboard for $40.00. It's funny because it's true lol

  5. My steps:
    1. Friend – "Hey, here is a cool board game Arkham Horror, we could play it on TTS". Me – "Seems a little too complicated, let's try something else"
    2. Played Epic Wizard Spell Wars or whatever the name, Dragon Inn, some other very light on the rules games.
    3. "So, about that Arkham Horror thing…"
    4. Bought Arkham Horror and Eldritch horror, soon after expansions followed.
    5. Bought some big names like TI4, Gloomhaven, Western Legends, Nemesis.
    6. Some lesser known stuff followed like Eclipse, Cthulhu DMD.
    7. Discover kickstarter.
    8. Buy Bloodborne All-in, Dead Reckoning All-in etc
    9. Sitting here after watching 6:Siege gameplay, basically ready to pre-order another All-in.

    One guy I met at a board game store when I was picking up TI4 told me "Run now, this is a bottomless pit". I can't believe how right he was.

  6. One thing that kind of launched me right back into stage 4 after years was when a friend came over and exclaimed, wow you have more games than Minds Cafe (a local board game store/cafe with hundreds of games). I dunno why, but something in me clicked and I took that like a personal challenge to make a reality and not just an exaggerated exclamation (I don't actually have that many games in my flat … yet).

  7. I don’t lol in real life very often but BUY BUY BUY BUY wow that got a hearty laugh out of me

  8. One great perk for owners of TI:3 is that the box can double as shelter.

  9. My Levels of Gaming

    Level 1 – Chess, Parcheesi, and Monopoly.

    Level 2 – Expanding my collection: Stratego, The Game of Life, Yahtzee, Battleship, Scrabble…

    Level 3: Finding games no one else had: Advance to Boardwalk, Mystery Mansion, Balderdash, Millie Bornes…

    Level 4 – Discovering and collecting the Deluxe, Anniversary versions, and variants of the games I already owned. Simpsons Monopoly, Scrabble with a turntable, Franklin Mint Editions…

    Level 5: House ruling the Hell outta these games and hosting mini-tournaments with my friends.

    Level 6: What are these $50 Games I keep seeing on the shelves? BattleTech, Hero Quest, Catan, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride…

    Level 7: KICKSTARTER

  10. Collecting was not a problem until kickstarter AND when "expan$ion$" bacame a commercial gimmick.

  11. Currently on step 3, let's see how long before i give in to temptation and go to step 4

  12. Wait a minute… You have to have ti3 and ti4 to do that replacement gag 👀 (jk 🤣)

    I'm level 7: found out about Kickstarter!

  13. Level 7 is a lie.

    The true level 7 is your shelf of shame is getting too large and you start selling a bunch of them. You and your wife is also having your first baby so a little extra cash helps and you also have no time for games anymore for the next 5 or so years but you still watch boardgame related news and podcasts to keep up with the hobby in the hopes that one day you get to play again.

  14. Thank you for your fortune telling. No way this can be me someday… o.O

  15. 2:13 I laughed so hard at this, bwahhahahaha!!!! Truth!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Me who started with axis and allies 1940 edition: 👁👄👁

  17. Had mine for 2 YEARS…PANDEMIC PROOF!! Only bought the GAMES I ENJOYED PERSONALLY!!!

    Deluxe Backgammon, Trivia Pursuit Millennium, Dominos, UNO, Mindjob, Cards Against Humanity, Electric Battleship, Trouble, Taboo, Po-Ke-No, Pick Your Poison, Confessions, 5 Second Rule Uncensored, Say Anything, Scrabble, Connect 4, Risk Junior, Checkers, Clue, Sorry, Operation, and Monopoly. To entertain so NOBODY can’t get on or work my NERVES!!! My parents kept telling me the OLDER YOU GET the grumpier & grouchier I get. I’m SORRY I can’t help it……

  18. Im missing level – Im painting my figures and buying Warhammer 40.000 😁

  19. Too funny. But hey, what you going to spend your time with when you retired or out of the slavery… eh, workforce. Yeah we all had to be corporate slaves for xx years to make enough money to live and perhaps save up for a rainy day. But most my jobs I ended up disliking. Same shit every day, dealing with inferior beings that only talk about gossip or the weather. We artists or creative people die in such environments. That's why collecting something can help you out: You meet other people with similar interest + if you collect old stuff its a time machine back to those times it was new. But yes, collecting is a disease. One that I am proud to admit I got. What else is there to do? Drugs? Crime? Sexual addict? Social media addiction? Betting cash on whatever; online games or machines placed at malls or gas-stations? You end up having to rob a bank to cover your losses, because all such games are made so the HOUSE always win – in the end.

    Pick your disease

  20. At last you end up in the street as a happy hobo with TI4 !!! Your best video so far, I'm at 4 or 5, Car trade with Gloohaven is so funny ! best to spend 50 bucks on a game lasting 40 years for my grand grand kids than stupid things like fuel for the car or other short living things… but next week won't have enough to buy food… great strategy you wargamer lord nerdy stupid !

  21. I may not be a Board games Geek
    But I have 2k hours in Europa universalis 4 (The video game)
    And now i am intrigued by The boardgame
    See you in 2 years

  22. I play… Catan (C&K is the only expansion we do, though we have 2 others), Stratego, Chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble. Yup, that's all my board gaming.

  23. Very accurate. I'm at #4 and #6 at the same time since I can control myself. I'm not buying Gloomhaven just because BGG says it's good lol.

  24. Once I've reached stage 4 my friends aren't too interested to play/talk about board games anymore, so I bought a fuckton of solo board games instead. Friends come and go but solo board games are forever. BUY BUY BUY.

  25. Im on Level 2.5. Any recommendations for board games as fun as Catan? 😭

  26. Started this hobby this spring and now im somewhere between 4-5. Atleast i borrow mostly games at library instead of buying because of broken ass student

  27. I have around 50 ish games now…only played about 3 of them 😂

  28. My wife doesn't even ask me any more how much I've spent on Kingdom Death. Honestly, I'm afraid to look and find out as well. 😅

  29. Wait you missed a level when you buy etsy products that cost more than the original game itself. Just spent $120 on rock terrain and jumps for Thunder Road Vedetta. Painting it as we speak.

  30. You discovered Kickstarter

    You bought a Kallax

    You watched 50 videos on how to build a board game table, but decided to spend all your money on more games instead.

    You discovered miniature painting

    Your miniature painting pile of shame now has over 1000 unpainted minis

    You’ve decided to focus on solo board games, because none of your friends are as committed as you.

  31. I am currently transitioning from level 4 to level 5.

  32. Honestly surprised at how many peoples first non-Monopoly/chess board game was catan. I played board games for 10 years without playing catan and a friend urged me to play it with them, and i also played it with my parents twice. I didn't really enjoy those experiences but i enjoyed playing with AIs. After those 3 games though we never played catan again

  33. I'm level 6 because i havent played with my board games enough

  34. Spot on! I have a bunch of sealed games that I admire on my shelf.😅

  35. love love the video. currently on stage 4.5 : selling games and buying more games.

  36. We are in the 4-7 stage. Just passed 150 games on our shelf 😂 definitely have a problem haha.

    I’m really interested in TI4, and I heard it’s going to BGA soon – Michael

  37. Umbrella: I only buy board games when I'm having a bad day

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