The Best 10 Board Games of 2022 -

The Best 10 Board Games of 2022

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Looking back on 2022 so many good games came out this year…but which of those games were the best? This is the list of my top 10 games that came out in 2022!

0:00:00 – Overview
0:00:18 – WSBG
0:01:12 – Foundations of Rome
0:02:39 – Lacrimosa
0:03:41 – Framework
0:05:13 – Mosaic: A Story of Civilization
0:06:59 – Endless Winter: Paleoamericans
0:08:35 – Zombicide: Undead or Alive
0:10:56 – Mythic Mischief
0:12:29 – Frosthaven
0:13:51 – Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood
0:16:13 – Encyclopedia
0:18:27 – Wrapping Up

Foundations of Rome –
Lacrimosa –
Framework –
Mosaic: A Story of Civilization –
Endless Winter: Paleoamericans –
Zombicide: Undead or Alive –
Mythic Mischief –
Frosthaven –
Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood –
Encyclopedia –

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  1. Great list. Completely agree with comments about showing footage/pictures of the games while you talk about them, like other content producers do. I know it increases the edit time but would greatly enhance the video. Anyway, thanks for the list!

  2. Great top 10 reviews. do you review games launching on Gamefound on your channel?

  3. Love the videos!

    Just an idea, but for these "top xx games" vids if you have any footage of these games (or just of the board and internal components etc.) that you could show on screen whilst you talk, I think that'd be amazing! Saves people from having to YouTube each one to see what it looks like inside 🙂

    Keep up the great content, my list is ever growing 😁 (my bank balance isn't)

  4. Got about half of these games, so not too bad, ofcourse based on your advice and that of others 🐦😜
    And I never watch the video, only the timestamps;)

  5. hey Alex! Have you already played Ark Nova? I'm having a hard time not seeing it in any of your lists lol

  6. Is Unconscious Mind a prototype that will stay a part of your collection for you to play? Like Mythic Myschief, or are you going to wait for the full release?

  7. Thanks for your passion and sincerity. …although im not english speaking and your fast speek is hard for me….😅

  8. Thanks for sharing. Great list.
    Oathsworn is my #1. And, Mosaic and Encyclopedia are in my top 10 for 2022 too, along with Wayfarers, Hoplomachus, and Planet Unknown..
    I didn't know about Encyclopedia expansions. If you don't mind sharing – What are they? Are they available?
    Another question about Encyclopedia – I haven't "mathed it out", but it seems to me that – due to the high cost of putting a cube on a Climate category of cards during exploration you should instead put more cubes on lower cost categories. The main reason being – the way the game end collection points ramp up as the count increases. It looks like the sweet spot on the collection count is 11. It would be near impossible to get 11 cubes on a climate section. I mean, for our game plays, no one does Climate. I hope all of that made sense.

  9. Hi Alex, I'm a bit confused, Endless Winter is higher on your All Time list (21 there vs 6 here), but lower than Mythic Mischief on this list (which is 24 all time vs 4 here) 🤔

  10. Great list! Oathsworn is my #1. I love Foundations of Rome and Endless Winter. I would also add Dark Tower, Planet Unknown, Fall of the Mountain King, and Flamecraft.

  11. But… the box sizes… it's become too much (for me at least).

  12. Dude, talk slower please, so difficult to understand you sometimes…

  13. Nice to see Mosaic make the cut. A fantastic title that cracked my own top 100 all time.

  14. Love Zombicide DoA and Foundations. Definitely some of my favorites of 2022.

  15. Hi Alex! Where does Ark Nova rank for you? Curious to know your thoughts on it.

  16. So your no.1 anticipated game of 2023 is not on this list. it fails you I guess

  17. wheres wayfarer ? top 3 easily for 2022

  18. Encyclopedia is such a good game! Glad it made your list!! Great video 🙂

  19. Love your videos! Can't wait to get Oathsworn and Foundations of Rome out of the reprints for both this year 🙂

  20. Great list but sad not to see Carnegie and Tiletum on it.

  21. Great to see Mythic Mischief getting some love. It was my most played game of the year, and thus, my #1!
    Can't wait to play Foundations of Rome. I just went in on the 2nd printing. Also stoked on DoA, I pre-ordered it, so I'm getting it a little late.
    Have a good one, and thank you for another great year of awesome reviews and excellent content!

  22. I'm looking forward to playing Oathsworn this year. Hoping for a mini-less version of Foundations of Rome just cause I'm getting big box fatigue. Hoping your musing that Unconscious Mind may be better than Encyclopedia pans out. Glad you got your copy though.

  23. Great list! Only game I haven't heard of before is Framework. I need to play Encyclopedia more, I've been tabling Endless Winter over it. I'm surprised Heat and ISS Vanguard didn't make the list. ISS is easily my #1 this year

  24. We didn't love Endless Winter in our first play. Was rather disappointing after playing Mosaic and Wayfarers the previous two nights.
    Going to play Arnak tonight to see how we feel about it, if it's mechanics or Endless Winter.
    But it felt like it was trying to do too much, the cards you draft are not that unique, just give types, unlike Arnak.
    Will also have to try Endless Winter with the Ancestors and River expansions next time, see if those help.
    Wayfarers would probably be in your top ten if you played it, it's so good.
    Need to get Encyclopedia to the table.

  25. Any chance to have Solo best games (2022 and/or all time) ?

  26. I'm actually punching the tiles out of Mosaic as I watch this video. Also glad to see Mythic Mischief and Encyclopedia on the list but we both knew they were going to be on here before you sat down to make the list.

  27. What issues did some of your game group have that kept them from loving Encyclopedia? I've been on the fence with this one.

  28. So glad you pushed Encyclopedia as hard as you did. Really enjoyed it since I recently acquired it

  29. More matches for me out of what I played than misses:
    Loved: Lacrimosa, Mosaic, Mythic Mischief, and Encyclopedia
    Miss for me: Endless Winter
    Ordered and looking forward to: Oathsworn, Marvel Zombies (in place of Undead or Alive)
    Would like to try but don't want to pay for / commit to right now: Foundations of Rome, Frosthaven (would go in if JotL books are released or steam app)
    Interest now piqued: Framework

    My other top games for 2022: ISS Vanguard, Massive Darkness 2, Frostpunk, Resurgence, Return to Dark Tower

  30. Encyclopedia, really?? I think Nemesis Lockdown is my 2022 favourite 🙂

  31. Grat video! I'm surprised ISS Vanguard didn't make it to the list! I guess I also haven't heard much about it since your unboxing video. I know it must be hard…with constantly getting new games, everyday or 2-3 a week.

    Love your content!

  32. Foundations of Rome was my #1 most played game of 2022 with 32 plays

  33. I love that the little Euro underdog won it 🙂

  34. I love that you have started putting the next 10 on Patreon. Thanks!

  35. Fast talking without gameplay vid. Only reason why i keep clicking on your vids is just to view the list.
    Click video, view list and close vid.

  36. My top games of 2022: 1. Oathsworn 2. Nemesis Lockdown 3. 1815: Scum of The Earth

  37. Nice list… really surprise to see Encyclopedia as first place for me is an ok game… but is like videogame everyone likes different ones :).
    I just took from my parents Mythic Mischief… finally I will play it properly!!! (not steal it from a friend). I didn't see Aeon Trespass: Odyssey… no time to play it?

  38. One of these days you’re going to stop spoiling half your list in the thumbnail and I will be so happy

  39. Great video, please keep your format solo. It’s so much more enjoyable.

  40. You are very biased about Endless Winter. But I have watched other reviews that go into the fact that it is more a collection of mini games, and nothing to connect them.

  41. I really thought Massive Darkness 2 would show up 😀 Thanks for making all these video's!

  42. Great list. Of these ten, Mosaic and Endless Winter are probably the standouts. Wonderlands War, Autobahn and Resurgence would be up there for me. I love the variety we have in our hobby. 😊

  43. Do you use a boom mic? I’m curious about your setup!

  44. Never heard of encyclopedia. Added to my list of gsmes to try. Thanks!

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