The BEST 10 Board Games of 2023 -

The BEST 10 Board Games of 2023

Chairman of the Board
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I talk through my favourite 10 board games released in 2023.




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Rankings correct at time of recording.

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  1. Great list. Good to see Knarr and Footprints on your list (doesn't get the love it deserves IMO). I would add Redwood, Spellbook, and The White Castle.

  2. Now you now got me onto Marabunta, which unfortunately is another 2-player game! Watched the review by one of my other favorite reviewers (Macroomnigamer) after seeing it this high on your list which finally convinced me that I will not get around it. Thanks for that! 🙂

  3. Really find it weird that you don't have more subscribers. But to each their own.

  4. First video I've seen of yours but I had to comment quickly to say I love your channel name! Subscribed immediately 🙂

  5. Yooooo this list is crazy different! I need to play Patterns! Top class as always Dan!

  6. The game that I want to play most on the list is match of the century. I love chess and this game looks great.

  7. Solid list, Dan! Thanks for some new ones to keep an eye out for.

  8. Probably, you could do a top twenty list of Reiner Knizia games!

  9. Thanks for the list, Mr Chairman! I could see doing a category of video series along the lines of "5 Late Bloomers from 5 Years Ago." If I had 5 top games from each the last 5 years, I'd have a stellar collection.

  10. love the artwork for dragonkeepers thanks for sharing!

  11. Excellent list! At first I was missing Joraku, then reminded myself that this is a 2023 list.
    Liked Dragonkeepers mechanically, but so far it felt way to light with choices seeming to obvious, but maybe I’ll try it some more now.
    I know I would like Match of the Century and Patterns, but I am in phase of avoiding 2-player games because I already have to many (though I am looking forward to The Battle of Versailles).
    Knarr is excellent. Forest Shuffle is fantastic. The Vale of Eternity is ingenious.
    Lots of really really good compact card or card driven games this year.
    Great list!

  12. Wow, no Darwin's Journey?? I am shocked

  13. Nice. I bought Patterns after seeing your review of it and love it so much that I re-acquired Mandala. Have a much better appreciation of it having seen your review.

  14. Very happy to see Match of the Century on the list! I recently acquired it because it’s a Paolo Mori game but haven’t seen much on it. Your endorsement means a lot!

  15. I have 10, 8, and 1 but have only played #8 do far. Glad it sounds like I made some good picks.

  16. Great to see Knarr on your list. It deserves the love. And yours is the second list I've seen in just as many days that praises The Vale of Eternity. Will most definitely check that one out!

  17. Man I really wanna try patterns. Mandala surprised me at how good it is.

  18. I've played forest shuffle a couple of times and felt there were cards that were too OP. Can just swoop in with the bear and take loads of points, i did this in both the games i played.
    Will give it a few more goes

  19. What happened to your lists?
    Nearly no dry, dusty euro anymore?

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