The Best 100 Board Games of All Time - 50 - 41 -

The Best 100 Board Games of All Time – 50 – 41

So Many Games, So Little Time SMGSLT
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The Best 100 Board Games of All Time – 50-41!

Evangelos and I have made our first top 100 board games list ever (not counting Instagram anyway). This list only has GAMES THAT WE OWN! Which naturally means some games who would have normally made it are missing. The reason for that is that if we don’t own it, it will inevitably fall off the list anyway sooooo why add it in the first place, am I right?

I would also like to shoutout all the people who helped me make the number transitions AND all the people on BGG and Instagram who allowed me to use their photos. I appreciate you all!

Now let’s go check out some games shall we?



0:00 Intro
1:06 50 Joachim
2:40 50 Evangelos
6:24 49 Evangelos
7:45 49 Joachim
10:48 48 Joachim
12:44 48 Evangelos
14:22 47 Evangelos
16:54 47 Joachim
20:04 46 Joachim
23:18 46 Evangelos
25:37 45 Evangelos
27:47 45 Joachim
30:00 44 Joachim
32:36 44 Evangelos
34:57 43 Evangelos
36:06 43 Joachim
40:21 42 Joachim
43:47 42 Evangelos
46:49 41 Evangelos
49:48 41 Joachim
55:00 Reflecting and Wrapping Up

So Many Games, So Little Time:

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  1. 28:00 – I came here after finishing the entire list and I must wonder out loud:What? You two like Champions of Midgard so much but haven't played Tidal Blades?Did it go under your radar, or something?You like dice? You like amazing art, unique theme, and asymmetrical powers? Then must must must try Tidal Blades… (Deluxe version)

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