The best board games EVER!! 不不不 #shorts -

The best board games EVER!! 不不不 #shorts

Woody & Kleiny
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  1. 苤郕郋郅郕郋 郇迮 郇迠郇 郇訄赲郕郋赲 赲 郋迡郇郋邾 赲邽迡迮郋)

  2. wait what are those last three letters 尹

  3. You are guys Such a littlel kid bro

  4. Notice of the tie and the guy in the white shirt with the three letters next to each other

  5. Is it just me who recognise the KKK at the end

  6. Mn se algu矇m poder medar uma buda mn eu tinha uma at矇 a irm瓊 do meu primo pequena entra na minha conta e comer uma bomb a穩 meu Nick 矇 goku387280helio

  7. The scoreboard looked like the web address for a white supremacist group at the end!

  8. U both are headache
    Dude get done real money instead of stupidity

  9. Wait how did woody get 3 wins when he won 2 games

  10. The way he got scared with the shark toy不不不不

  11. Woody wantedly lost 4th game for balancing it's business techniques

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