The BEST Board Games I've Been Playing - Game Brigade -

The BEST Board Games I’ve Been Playing – Game Brigade

Game Brigade
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  1. After watching several of your videos, I wanted to share (if you don't mind) my observations.I like your videos when you speak about games. Games you like, games you want to cull, gaming experiences with your group and so on. Although I like your candor and the way you speak about gaming, I dislike talk of KS and BGG hotlists. I feel there is a literal ocean of games and it's best to speak about games that are readily available, games you have experience with. I find it difficult to get excited about untested games. I feel if a KS game is good it will see a reprint or newer editions. I understand you have a channel to run, so please take this with a grain of salt. Not sure you do playthroughs, if you do I'd like to see one of a game I own. Thanks for listening to my 2 cents.

  2. My gaming group tried MGMT Mind based on all the hype, but we were bored out of our wits,we did not like it …. but on the other hand, we loved Vindication, one of the best games we played in a long time … it was an absolute blast! The witcher was ok but nothing special … Oatshworn due to being a long campaign we did not want to start till our gaming table arrived we backed from Crown … packing every time and resetting everything is a nightmare and kills campaign games for us … want to be able just to cover it up and easily come back to it again ….

  3. Your storage solution for Ra didn't do anything, there is a very small number of components there haha. You just showed the game doesn't need that

  4. This was a great video. Of all the video formats you have done on the channel, this is probably my favorite. Thanks!

  5. Great list! I was surprised to see INIS! Its older game, but still amazing to play.

  6. Oathsworn continues to impress we just finished chapter 12 and keeps being awesome, and agree every chapter seems to come down to the wire, I am sure one time we will end up on the wrong side of that wire but have been able to pull out the win each round….. ( our poor allies have suffered though)

  7. Yo! Are you playing D&D in person or online? If online, you looking for an extra player or even a DM. Might be able to help you out 🙂

  8. Oathsworn is amazing! Completed the quest and loved the experience. Vindication is awesome, and I too would like to get it to the table more. I have RA, Inis, and Mind MGMT and they are great. I am waiting for my Lords of Ragnarok.

  9. Great list of games B, just finished chapter 17 of Oathsworn. Just got The Witcher and looking forward to that. Nice work today!

  10. I’m with you on Ra’s storage. In fact, I was going to buy the insert you have but wasn’t sure if it would hold the components in the vertical position but apparently it does! Thanks for the video.

  11. Inis still my favorite overall game. Easy teach, fast turns, very strategic thinking required in each draft.

  12. I like this "I've been playing". Kinda sucks when someone's like "YO GUYS THIS IS MY NUMBER 3 GAME OF ALL TIME. I HAVENT PLAYED IT IN 8 YEARS BUT IT'S DOPE!"

  13. Nice video!! Always cool to see what you've enjoyed in one video. You said Oathsworn is a boss battler, is there a dungeon crawler element to the game at all?

  14. On Vindication – some distributors sort of burned Orange Neb by selling the big box "Archive of the Ancients" at less than the crowdfunding price. It's a great solution so if those still exist, I'd suggest hunting it down.

    Highly agree with Dune Imperium, Mind MGMT, and Viticulture

    For Ares Expedition – I wasn't much of a fan of the competitive game, but the Crisis mode is incredible

    So looking forward to Oathsworn

  15. What expansions do you recommend for dune imperium

  16. Thanks for video. We really are enjoying undead or alive

  17. I always look forward to this video series.

  18. So from my experience I feel like Awakened Realms does these thematic rule books over just doing the rules. The reason I think this is because in games like The Great Wall, ISS Vanguard and the War of Mine have very good rule books that are clear on what your doing. However both Etherfields and Tainted Grail, are a mess with the rules. Clearly this is like this as well.
    In Etherfields, I understand the rules but then cards show up that change or stack on more rules in the game, to a point were that original rule is obsolete. I remember watching an interview were Awakend Realms said, yeah well because your in the dream world you shouldn't really know all the rules. Also for Tainted Grail they stated something similar. So I feel like they try to incorporate the theme of their game into the rule book. So in The Great Wall, their is structure, and discipline, so the rule book is very streamlined. However Tainted Grail is a Mystery so even some of the rules are a mystery. Maybe gods work in mysterious ways so you don't need to know all the rules in Lords of Ragnorock lol.

  19. So honestly having mixed feelings on Oathsworne, just finished chapter 11, and It honestly had the worst boss mechanically. It just was a chore to take down, while also not being particularly hard, nor did it even have a mini which might be part of it. My group was so dissatisfied with that chapter, that we decided to go over the other path in the chapter, and found that not only was the story was more interesting but the boss was different. So you can literally have a better experience depending on the paths you chose. So far with my group, its been really great chapters, while then also having these bland chapters mixed in. It just felt like they spent time on one Path of each chapter making it great, and then the other path they didn't spend time on.

    Also mechanically people in my group are hating the battle flow system. They feel its unnecessarily over complicated, when its not really achieving much strategy. Not to mention people are just forgetting to do it. My friend got hard locked in the battle yesterday and couldn't get back his cool down 3 cards, and I realized he shouldn't have 2 level 3 cards locked, because 1 card would have battle flowed the other card into the 2 slot when he played it. I just told him to place one in cool down 2, because I had no idea when he messed that up. Its gotten to a point were my friends are calling it battle stalling and not battle flow lol. Personally not having any trouble with the system myself, but don't really think its really that great.

    Their are other things that are keeping the game away from my Top 10, and when I got this game I thought it would beat Gloomhaven at the #1 spot. Not saying the game is bad, cause we are enjoying it, but its defiantly not best game of all time contender.

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