The Best Board Games of 2021 - Dicebreaker staff picks -

The Best Board Games of 2021 – Dicebreaker staff picks

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What were the best board games of 2021? As the year comes to a close it’s time for the Dicebreaker team to lay out their picks for tabletop game of the year! The Dicebreaker staff discuss their favourite board games of the year to help you grab some top recommendations for late Christmas gifts!

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Liv’s Pick
04:47 – Wheels’ Pick
07:28 – Alex Meehan’s Pick
12:23 – Matt Jarvis’ Pick

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  1. I pick up summoner wars and look at it every time I’m in the FLGS, but can never pull the trigger. I didn’t know there was an online version, maybe I’ll try that first! And you’re right pretty sure 2021 started in March 2020.

  2. nice spoiler on dead of winter first reviewer..

  3. Great vid team! Just curious. Does the Dice Tower have a Patent on group top 10 lists? I understand you have your own unique style but I can't help to wonder how great it would be to have you all around a table discussing all your pics

  4. Hullo, new to tabletop games would like a list of tabletop games for solo and multiplayer. Keep up the good work. I love how ppl come together and bond over games.

  5. Thanks for the great video! Got some new games to check out now 😀 Got especially interested in Oath.

  6. Im just starting to get into board games. Your opinions are valuable! Thanks!

  7. Just like 2021, the end of this video just snuck up on me 😂

  8. Thanks guys! Gonna check some of these out. I'm kinda old fashioned and just have to say the add on the right corner was tacky also not telling me much about the product. Cheers😁

  9. You and me both Wheels, it feels like we are all caught in some weird time limbo.

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