The Best Board Games of 2021 -

The Best Board Games of 2021

Nerds of the West
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The end of the year, How do you compare all the games you played? You dont! You get all the Board Game Nerds you know to tell you their favorites! So this is it, our favorite Board Games we played in 2021. Party Games, Euro’s, Mid-weight, Heavy, its all here! Even something for the couples! Let us know what you think below!

0:00 Intro
1:08 Who Goes There from Kye
4:23 Land vs Sea from Lachlan
8:24 Lost Ruins of Arnak from Bec
11:17 Khroa: Rise of an Empire from Chris
16:27 Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid from Rhys
20:00 Red Rising from Billy
24:31 Phantom Ink from Tom
27:32 Outro and Thanks

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  1. Great video! Some really cool recommendations and different feelings and perspectives. Audio feedback: Kye's part is pretty aggressive in the midrange. Mix is kind of noisy there.Video feedback: The sideways panning shots look really cool, but stutter. Some kind of framerate issue? Not sure.

  2. Great list for 2021. Thanks 👍

  3. Beautifully shot and edited and it was wonderful to hear each of the Nerd’s opinions in depth
    Loved it! ❤️

  4. Super proud of you guys, especially my brother Chris! Looking forward to an awesome 2022!

  5. Khora sounds really interesting will definitely keep an eye out for it

  6. What a great year! Congrats! I definitely need to check some of these games out

  7. Great video guys, Who Goes There and Khora look a lot of fun. Thanks for introducing them to me.

    Right now we're obsessed with the game Destinies, if you haven't played you should check it out.

  8. The game we like the most is "Blood Rage – The Tavern Edition".

  9. Power Rangers is great as well as Lost Ruins of Arnak. For me, The Initiative flew under the radar but is a unique experience.

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