The Best Board Games of the Year -

The Best Board Games of the Year

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These are my favourite board games of last year
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8. 7 Wonders Architects –
7. Cantaloop: Break Into Prison –
6. Bad Company –
5. Quest –
4. Stella –
3. Sobek: 2 Players –
2. Cascadia –
1. Vienna Connection –

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  1. On that list, Sobek's the one that catches my eye the most. Reminds me a lot of Hand of the King, a similar-style game with a Game of Thrones paint job, where players move a piece around the board trying to collect members of the great houses while also trying to prevent other players from doing the same either by maneuver or murder.

  2. Thanks for a great video ❤️❤️❤️ Nice Toto reference 😁👍

  3. Love the originality of your reviews. Here's to a year of happy gaming that needs a Top Twelve for 2022.

  4. Going to a new level with your script here

  5. Great list and nice to see some games you might not normally know about

  6. I bought Cascadia because of your review and I love it.

  7. Just reframing all my experience watching these videos through the context of you having an eyebrow piercing. It's not necessarily a bad thing…

  8. Your punchlines come out of nowhere and crack me up! I really like your thoughts on game philosophy before telling us your #1 game.

    The Resistance is my favorite game of all time for many reasons, but I know it's not for everyone. There are plenty of people who don't enjoy bluffing games and want something more strategic or just something a little more concrete that won't erode the trust from their closest friends. That's totally understandable. Your teenage girl metaphor is spot-on!

  9. Loved your quote in the Scandaloh KS "newspaper" Jon!

  10. 7 wonders arhitects…… my 9 and 10 YO kids are bored after a few games they played as game is to simple……. I can not imagine giving these to grown ups, total flop…..

  11. Have you played Blood on the Clocktower Actualol? I think it's the best hidden traitor game imo, but a lot bigger than Avalon.

  12. That list means some more games on my wishlist👍

  13. Half of Cantaloop Part 2 is a repeating annoying logic puzzle though

  14. Guuuh now I just want to play quest. I bought it for a friend of mine, we played it with 5 players and decided it needs a higher player count, but I haven't got a chance.

  15. Great stuff. I disagree with some of your tastes in boardgames. I think most of us disagree with most other humans nuanced opinions, that is the wonder of being human. But I love your delivery, comedy and as any halfway decent reviewer, you are clear enough on explanations of WHY you like things so I know when to know that we just dont see eye to eye on this particular thing.
    Like hidden traitor games. I don't really like them, and of them they ones you show in your Quest selling points are some of the least favorites I have played, resistance, secret hitler, one night werewolf. Ooof. About the only secret traitor games I like are shadows over camelot and deception murder in hong kong (and that mostly because our group come up with elaborate stories about how the murder CLEARLY went down, and that everyone, even the guilty party is playing the same game. EVERYONE innocent or not is trying to deflect blame to the other parties at the table.

  16. Sobek, interesting choice. Saw Zee Garcia review on that and have it on my two player shortlist. I like the spatial aspect of it a lot. For some reason it reminds me of Targi, but really has very little in common with it. /shrug.

  17. AAAAAAH my anxiety of the videos on cascadia being played on that table with those huge gaps! I can't take it!!!!! lol

  18. You're actualolly funny, my man. Keep it up!

  19. Loved the video! Small suggestion: would be cool to include the videos you mention in the "i" like rahdo always does, makes binging your videos easier

  20. The best 2 player game since Watergate? Well, you’ve got my attention on Sobek then! And great to see Vienna Connection getting a spot. I love what this game did with the Detective system.

  21. 14:42 😂 the best I had was teaching Codenames, “so it’s just like Battleship?!”… ummm in the fact you are using the concept of a grid then yes… but in every other way then no

  22. @Actualol Kudos for the Hendricks gin by the Cascadia box.

  23. ok, *sigh*, let me spell this out for you phonetically.
    i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say ‘Ibiza’ like the Vengaboys…

  24. Another well done video! I haven’t heard of Vienna Connection…can’t wait to check it out! Totally agree about Cascadia.

  25. I just finished Vienna Connection last week (to the background music of various James Bond soundtracks). I absolutely love how immersive those games are and excitement whenever a big reveal occurs!

  26. You’re back! Love it buddy. Keep up the good work.

  27. One of my best game of 2021 is "So Clover". 👍👍

    You should try these two 2 players game:
    "Rest in peace" and "Jekyll vs Hyde" 😉

    I agree with Vienna Connection 👍

  28. That sneaky reference to monkey island! The second best one I've seen 😉

  29. Ohh I'll be sure to check out sobek~ thanks for the recommendation! I look forward to your videos every year 🙂

  30. Yay! A new video! Love your humor. Added Sobek to my list.

  31. My first reaction: There are a lot of games of the last year I would recommend (and are not in this video):
    – Scout
    – Nightmare Horror Adventures: Welcome to Crafton Mansion
    – Seize the Bean
    – Voll verplant
    – Whirling Witchcraft
    – Canvas
    – So Clover!
    – The Adventures of Robin Hood
    – Witchstone
    – The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

    Now I'm quite interested which of these you haven't played…

  32. I love how you present yourself as a wholesome channel with the lighting and editing, but then your videos are scattered with dark (and very British) jokes. Actually, I don’t even know why I’m talking to you. You’re just the YouTuber with an eyebrow piercing!

  33. i have been following you for years glad to see your channel grow..hats off to you for keep making great content through difficult times

  34. Out of interest… who is your favourite member of 1 direction? 😁

  35. I mis the silly characters you did. That's why your video's stood out, among all the other boardgame video's on YouTube. Now you're just another boardgame reviewer, who's maybe a bit wittier than the other ones. Don't get me wrong, your video's are still good. But you did away with the one thing that made you stand out.

    Speaking of those silly characters, have you ever considered doing video's where you actually explain the rules and how to play a certain boardgame? Like that Dutch guy, Nox Spellenzolder.

    When reading through the rules of a new game, there are always certain rules that make no sense. Until you play the game and get yourself in a situation where it suddenly clicks and the rule makes total sense.

    You silly character sketches would be perfect to act out and explain those little details about a game.

    Also, your enactment of Sheriff of Nottingham was brilliant. It very clearly showed what the game was about. I've never seen a boardgame reviewer do that. Not only was it hilarious, it was also very helpful to get across what the game was about.

    The characters are your strongest weapon. I think you should use it.

  36. Great video dude! But I lost track after the toto/James blunt comment, trying to sing them in my head to see if you were right 🤣

  37. Love all the recon now how to find these games in Australia

  38. Tapas Analogy! Divorced Parents! Mistrusting Happiness! I feel seen! This video spoke to me on so many more levels than just board games! Amazing! <3

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