The Best Board Games to Buy as Holiday Gifts in 2021 -

The Best Board Games to Buy as Holiday Gifts in 2021

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This year, it might be a challenge to find board game gifts for your friends and loved ones – but it doesn’t have to be a challenge to decide what to search for! We’re here with suggestions for board game gifts, whether the recipient is a gaming veteran or new to the hobby.

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  1. I like that this is just a Target board game shopping guide. lol

  2. Bullet and Burgle Bros. (1 or 2) would be great gifts to give.

  3. Give them any expansion box for a wargame if you want to ruin their finances

  4. The <blank> Initiative is a great suggestion! Also RFC merch is always appreciated.

  5. Great service to the community guys. 👍🏻

  6. Hey! You made it sound like there wasn't an official Jurassic Park game – and there is

  7. Where are you finding war craft for 29.99 is around 60 everywhere

  8. Some Dice Throne is a good reccomend too, lots of couples in their 20's/30's with no kids who wa to play games but can't hit that 3+ count!

  9. Really looking forward to trying Unfathomable soon… looks awesome. Dinosaur World I need to find!!

  10. Haven't seen too many people make a parallel between Hanabi and The Crew but it was exactly what I thought when I heard about the Crew for the first time. Both games are in my top 10, amazing games!

  11. The Crew is hard to get people to play. You think it should be easy with a simple basic number card setup with a thinky twist. But that's what puts people off. People who like plain card games usually dislike fully co-op and this 'mission structure theme'. They want simple rules and no twists. My board game nerd group thinks the numbered card looks boring as fuck.

    And people hate the idea of missions with progressive difficulty cause mission1 is so simple and dull people go "was that it? meh" then it quickly gets hard – and there's often one player who feels dumb for fucking it up for everyone.

    Usually there's 1-2 players who suck and they feel bad because they mess stuff up for everyone. That happens less in competetive games where you just mess stuff up for yourself.

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