The best thing about 250 different games -

The best thing about 250 different games

3 Minute Board Games
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  1. So yes! 250 reviews, all the best bits here. Thanks for everyone on patreon for making this possible, and if you want independent reviews that don't just function as adverts for publishers, support an independent creator like 3MBG on patreon. Or buy a mug or a shirt or something. Here's to 250 more!

  2. That was just amazing.Ps. ”The Something” sorts as ”Something”, not ”The Something”

  3. The best thing about this video is how positive it sounds! I know some of these games weren't a hit, nor closer to that, for you. But you were still able to always say something positive for all of them (maybe sometimes a bit o a stretch). I did notive both raiders got the exact same positive comment xD

  4. :"Take that, Jar Jar"… it's worth it just for *that*…

  5. I looked up the Dead of Winter companion app because that was news to me from this video, but unfortunately the app is discontinued since 5-7 years ago. You can download an A P K from some sketchy website to get an outdated app. I'd recommend just playing it normal at that point. Thanks for making this video though, it was entertaining!

  6. brb making a game that has all these elements in it

  7. The best thing about this channel is how spot on you are with your 'best thing' comments 😀

    The 'feeling' comments in particular ring true (as in the Sagrada comment about completing your window near perfectly) or the panda in takenoko where you absolutely must say nom nom nom

    Love your work J! I'll be following along for another 250

  8. Congrats on the mile stone. Love your channel

  9. 3(0) Minute Board Games Video? Fantastic. Jokes aside thanks for everything you do mate and congrats on this milestone!!

  10. The best thing about this video is that you can check out new games once you hear something that interests you.

  11. Imagine, the best thing about your game is marbles… or a pretty dice….

  12. This shows how deep your passion for boardgames truly is.

  13. Man, winning as Lannister is the best. Lowkey one of my favorites to play as, because their central position gives them so many different strategic options, if you can survive the early game. It's like pulling off an Austria win in Diplomacy.

  14. But what's the best thing about HeroQuest tho?

  15. I"ve always thought the "best thing about this game" bit is one of, if not the best thing about your videos. It shows you're really trying to find positives and promote the game for others who may like it, even if it fell flat for you. This was fun to watch. Looking forward to 250 more reviews!

  16. Congrats on the hard work and amazing content, I appreciate what you do! I bought raiders of Scythia after watching your review and it’s a blast to play solo. Next on my list to buy is Circadians 😬

  17. I thought, 250, now that's too many… I was wrong.🤪

  18. when will we find out who the guy with the stopwatch is

  19. I really like this video! But if I may offer a suggestion.. instead of saying, "The best thing I like about this game," maybe instead say the name of the game, "The best thing about Unsettled." This would allow people to listen to your video like a podcast.. and maybe even for the visually impaired. Otherwise, great work and looking forward to more!

  20. The best thing about this video is hearing you talk about some game I have and thinking thats right, that was good, why dont we play it again?

  21. This is an interesting spin on the rapid-review format.
    I think you could just cut out the "best thing about this game is" part from every sentence though.

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