The Board Game Quiz Show [Couples Edition] - S3 E4: Red Raven Games -

The Board Game Quiz Show [Couples Edition] – S3 E4: Red Raven Games

Going Analog
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Ryan and Malorie Laukat of Red Raven Games (Above and Below, Sleeping Gods) are here to challenge all the board game content creators we’ve had the Board Game Quiz Show lately. The Laukats sure know to make games…but can they answer our inane trivia about them? Let’s see.

Each team of two can score up to 20 points through three rounds (multiple choice , picture, and tag team). Can anyone get a perfect 20 out of 20?

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  1. Very smart look there Shoe. I like that you were giving Ryan and Malorie a hard time over logo placement – they can't win! I have Above & Below, Near & Far and Now or Never on the shelf and they make a good looking shelf! Haven't played Now or Never yet but looking forward to doing so!

  2. Another fun one thanks! Definitely the hardest picture round yet for me too!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting the Laukats at GenCon a couple years ago and they are absolutely lovely. Definitely grateful for them and the awesome games they create!

  4. Yay, I got all of them right in the first two rounds! Had to guess a couple times in multiple choice but they were educated guesses.

  5. Do the couple that are Board Gaming Ramblings!

  6. 11 out of 10? That's actually amazing! lol 😉

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