The Board Game Quiz Show [Couples Edition] - S3 E8: Plaid Hat Games -

The Board Game Quiz Show [Couples Edition] – S3 E8: Plaid Hat Games

Going Analog
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We’re big fans of Niki and Donald Shults, two hilarious alums of the absolutely fantastic (an unfortunately, no longer around) Board With Life board game skit show. Nowadays, they’re doing marketing and multimedia stuff for Plaid Hat (Summoner Wars, Forgotten Waters, Abomination).

They do serious work for the publisher. But they still make us giggle when they get in front of a camera, so we had to get these two on The Board Game Quiz Show. See how they performed!

Each team of two can score up to 20 points through three rounds (multiple choice , picture, and tag team). Can anyone get a perfect 20 out of 20?

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  1. Hey gang. I just wanted to let you know that I’m still v angry you made me look foolish in front of my fans.

  2. "…wearing a beret but not ironically." lmao!

  3. Niki and Donald were great! Another reason to love Plaid Hat Games!

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