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The Castle of Board Games

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We attended the Castle event in Breuberg Castle in Germany organized by HeidelBÄR Games and CGE, and we share with you this extraordinary experience! You’ll get a first look into prototypes by various publishers of some of the newest board games that are coming out soon, and all the medieval atmosphere that the castle has to offer!

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  1. In other news, I just added an item to my bucket list.

  2. I was there 🙂 🎉😊❤ I suggested the candle light for Deal with the Devil ❤

  3. I thought you meant climbing the tower from the outside 😅

  4. what a wonderful atmosphere. Fantastic!

  5. So cool. Beautiful location. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I came here to watch one of Eleni's videos. Why? Why not? Fascinating topics and an entertaining, intelligent, articulate, thoroughly enchanting host. What more could one ask for? Seems like it was a fun event. Looking forward to the next video!

  7. Nice Intro, nice Cut! Nice music! We will come next time as well :)❤

  8. Ah man I so sad that I missed this! Looks epic, hope you had a good time! 🎉❤

  9. Greek mythology AND steampunk??? Wait, how? When??

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