THE DUEL: Hottest Board Games of the Month -

THE DUEL: Hottest Board Games of the Month

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are gaining popularity this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Pathfinder: Level 20

Embrace your inner kobold with Pathfinder: Level 20 in stores and online NOW!


Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances

The ultimate PVP tabletop game that features an endless array of Disney & Pixar heroes and villains!

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  1. Back bacon!? Come on Rodney, I thought that I taught you better than that! Let Chaz have it, we'll go get some belly (real) bacon. That was a regular donnybrook. Rodney did Chaz dirty with that last one though.

  2. The eternal struggle between Momenten and The Climbers continue…

  3. That was SO laugh out loud funny, I think it should be a regular feature!

  4. Another tour de force from Watch It Played!

  5. Tons of titillating tongue twisters to tell of tabletop tactics split between two terrific talents. Tremendous tons of fun. Thanks!

  6. Wait… Dueling cannons need to be sharpened? I've been neglecting my tools again! panic noises

  7. Also, TWO Cole Wehrle games?! Glad to see my favorite designer getting some love

  8. I’m all for Canada Day puns!! I approve this message!! 🤪

  9. Rodney has never been more intensely Canadian. Great stuff.

  10. Chaz has gained at least 3 points towards his Bard mastery. Also, I just got my copy of Paint the Roses last week, so I found it interesting that another Wonderland themed game just released to backers.

  11. I hope you realize how high you’ve now set the bar for future episodes. 🤌

  12. Absolutely brilliant. 😂🤣😂🤣 Loved every minute but especially the El Dorado rhyming! You are both amazing 😊

  13. I hope that we'll see more duel videos in the future. Maybe Matthew and Paula should do a duel video with one of the "on the radar" videos later in time, and one of Rodney's tutorial could also be a duel video with Chaz and Rodney taking turns explaining the rules (through it might not be good for teaching games).

    I hope they settle their differences in a game of Unmatched soon, if possible.

  14. That was a classic! 👍👍👍 Great video!

  15. When when Rodney is mad, he still can't help but always smile.

  16. Next time a duel happens, I volunteer as a second (to write, I imagine the duelling cannons are just too sharp for me… possible patreon level?) nicely done, gents, honour restored?

    Also, New Years resolution?

  17. this was hilarious from start to finish, i'm canadian and that canada day stuff had me dying, thanks for the great content Rodney and Chaz

  18. One of the funniest videos I've seen in quite a while 😂 certainly cheered me up. Now we've had a Momenten Duel I'm waiting for ……Clash of the Climbers! 🙂

  19. Great video. The Bardsung section was especially hilarious.

  20. Real funny! You guys went all out!! The kids' song was real good!

  21. This was awesome 👏 I wonder how long it took to record or was it all in one shot for both.

  22. Absolutely fantastic video. You guys just keep bringing more and more to the table with every video. Thanks you so much for the laughs!

  23. You went with tooth brushing and not hair gel? For shame.

  24. Love your videos, but this one was next level good! Thanks for the laughs.

  25. Chaz it would seem you Tom Sawyar'ed your way through that episode. Next time maybe you can getting Rodney to paint the fence for you.

  26. The bardsung part definitely laugh -wrecked me so much hahahaha 🤣 That's gotta be a hit.

  27. 12:15. So this is the next Watch it Played/How to play. Looks like an elaborate game with the components going into your mouth.

  28. Is it me or is everyone on WIP wearing flannel shirts now. 🤣

  29. I hope to find “Wonderland’s War” sometime if it’s just a Kickstarter exclusive. Manny Trembley’s art is always top-notch!

  30. This has got to be my favorite episode yet! My laughter climbed with so much momenten, that I have to buy myself lunch tomorrow. … Worth it!

  31. I thought it was cruel that Rodney was forced to do the whole video hanging upside down only to have Chaz flip the video so he looked like he was standing upright!

    I've just been informed that Rodney WAS standing upright so, umm, congratulations on that hair height!

    PS – My favorite was the Wonderland bit. Someone might want to apply over at The Dragon's Tomb!

  32. Last Light earning over 14$ is just my kind of humor.

  33. I feel like this was a ploy by Chaz to reduce his work by half.

  34. You guys are creative geniuses! Thank you for the wholesome joy that you keep spreadin! Keep it up!

  35. This was absolutely hilarious 😂 thanks for the laughs 😂

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