The end is near!!! 🌍☄️ #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cardgames -

The end is near!!! 🌍☄️ #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cardgames

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  1. aren't those wooden colored men from some city building game?

  2. Bro I’m an ULTRAKILL player and I legit thought the title was “Thy end is now” and I almost lost it before I checked again 💀

  3. Reminds me a lot of Bears vs. Babies, made by the same people who made Exploding Kittens. I love Bears vs. Babies so I'll make sure to check this game out.

  4. Are those meples from Carcason
    (I spelt those both wrong)

  5. Can you do jumanji? Im really hoping to suprise my sister with the borad-game

  6. Welcome to your doom!A wise Merasmus once said

  7. I feel like there was another game that was just like this that you went over before

  8. Wow this is the first video I’ve been THIS early on lol (btw love your channel and I always send your vids to my mom and sister 🤣)

  9. I've learned so many games from you, and all of them are great suggestions

  10. I know theres like 3 other shorts about this game's expansion that was released before thid😂

  11. I just saw your short for this as an ad lol

  12. I love your content and finding out about great games to play! I was wondering if you could please mention somewhere how many people you need to play each game? Sometimes there's a shot where you can spot it on the box, but as I usually only play with my bf it's really helpful to know which games can work as two player. Thank you! And again I love your videos 🙂

  13. I have a question and a request for you
    The question is that Have you done Happy Little Dinosaurs?
    The request is If not, can you do it please?

  14. You should review Call to Adventure(the base, name of the wind, and Stormlight Archive versions. I’ve only done SA, but it’s so fun, especially making a story for your character you built afterwards)

  15. I played this game before it’s super fun👍🏻

  16. My wife just bought me the super deluxe version, im hype to play it

  17. I bought the normal version of this game and love it but i wish i bought the delexe with the of expansion packs. 100% recommend

  18. I played it once and we didn’t like it

  19. Either I'm going insane, or I've seen this game before on your channel. Great video eitheir way 👍

  20. Third time asking for a free board game

    Also im randomly searching for ur vids so its pretty rare

  21. One last Short before I go to bed
    The Short:

  22. This sounds just like the game happy little dinosaur smile it's almost over

  23. The Adorable Trait Card is basically either a Yorkie or a Brussels Griffon…

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