The Fox Experiment Board Game Overview -

The Fox Experiment Board Game Overview

Tantrum House
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Jonah and Sara of Tantrum House take a deep dive into the new game from Pandasaurus.


  1. What a horrable theme. Cruelty to animals in the soviet union packed in peppy colors. The aim of the game is to breed sclappy ears and bushy tails. Absolut horrable. Whats wrong with the socity?

  2. Thank you for this overview. This game does look beautiful. However, I feel inclined to just wait until it reaches retail.

  3. Just backed the All-in pledge! We enjoy Mariposas but Wingspan is our favorite game of all time. We can't get enough of it and need some other board games to play in-between the expansion releases, lol.

  4. It looks like there's some good player interaction, ways to get points without just point salad, and good mitigation.

  5. this video only spent 2 minutes explaining what the game is actually about/how it plays
    pretty useless as an overview video

    explaining gameplay options/strategy is irrelevant if the viewers have no idea what you're talking about and there's no way anyone watched this video and actually got a better understanding of how the game plays

    EDIT: actually less than 2 minutes, around 1:252:32 so just a bit more than 1 minute

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