The Higher you go, the Crazier you’ll get! 🤪😖😡😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cthulhu -

The Higher you go, the Crazier you’ll get! 🤪😖😡😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cthulhu

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  1. Ever played…futility!: the actual game of living!

  2. I love this game so much i want to get it so bad

  3. I played this game with my closest friends.
    Things became really hectic, real fast

  4. Dibs on playing Stuart Stampler!

    Oh, the mountains of madness

  5. seems like a dead of winter copy. or vice versa

  6. I really disliked this game when I played it because it advertises itself as a co-op puzzle like Arkham Horror, but it's just a weak party game for a small party of very specific people.

  7. They should remaster it and make it indiana Jones style

  8. This reminds me Arkham Horror the antartica expedition

  9. fun thing to do, take these madness cards… add them to any board game from your regular board game night(within reason on the cards in the pool)

  10. Is this a Lovecraft reference???? The story On The Mountains of Madness where 2 people go on an expedition to Antarctica and after a lot of horrifying things that drive them mad, leave after encountering a Shoggoth

  11. Disappointing that it has nothing to do with the book… Where the eldritch god shit at?

  12. ‘i keep my tongue on the roof of my mouth’ lol what? But I do that always.

  13. Bought it
    Loved it
    Thank you very much

  14. Keep tongue on the roof of mouth? The creator of the game must be a mouthbreather lol.

  15. I saw one of the cards coast cards say 9-11💀💀💀💀

  16. Ahhh cool! Mountain of Madness was my first Lovecraftian book in middle school

  17. Realy love this game, even if it is a little chaotic sometimes. Would certenly recomend playing it.

  18. Always remember that the book would have been adapted into a film by now, if Ridley Scott didn't steal the script from Guillermo del Toro, to make the very forgettable Prometheus with it.

  19. Why do you need to go to the top of the mountain to escape?

    Did someone park the plane perfectly at the tip or are you carrying that entire aircraft with you to the top?

  20. I've played this game before at a convention.
    Couldn't say much of anything thanks to my first sanity effect requiring me to ryhme and by the old ones I cannot ryhme of the fly!

  21. You have to climb the mountain to stay alive?….What a stupid idea

  22. "I keep my tongue at the roof of my mouth" bro was mewing

  23. Team? If they die, they die, but I’m going to use them to survive.

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