The Higher you go, the Crazier you’ll get! 🤪😖😡😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cthulhu -

The Higher you go, the Crazier you’ll get! 🤪😖😡😱 #boardgames #gamenight #tabletopgames #cthulhu

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  1. Any penalties for having too much injuries?

  2. Based on a HP Lovecraft story by the same name

  3. Man, I love that book, glad to see they made a card game out of it

  4. This looking good, like Edge of Nowhere

  5. Ngl these board games could be an idea for a full fledged video game for someone who aren't interested in board games

  6. And it's also a game seemingly based on H.P. Lovecraft's story 'At The Mountains of Madness.'

  7. shouldnt it the be opposite? last i check, there isnt anywhere to go when you reach the top of a mountain.

    it would make far more sense if the team is trapped at the top of the mountain instead.

  8. Fr the sequel part of the thing board game… it makes sense trust me…

  9. peanut butter one is the mewing card lol

  10. What do they mean by only talking when some one looking in our eyes?

  11. What is of the essence, well that it time. Yet, now, I can only speak in rhyme!
    We must escape quick, lest our minds fade. And plus, its hard to keep up this charade!

  12. Keeping the tongue on the roof of your mouth is called mewing tho

  13. As a dm I’m now going to use these in my next campaign

  14. You could have said „if you loose the only thing you’ll be climbing is the stairway to heaven“

  15. I will eat a sock if you pin this comment

  16. I always wonder, where do you find this game, all your videos are interesting. I do want to play them with friend sometimes

  17. if someone is cheting the other people cant tell him to stop whitout cheating themselfs

  18. now i have some fear and somehow hunger

  19. I know a board game that I think that you should highlight because I wonder how many people have forgotten about it:

    There is an actual board game that was made around the time of the first movie.
    And it’s unique with the fact that all of the cards that you draw have a red tint obscuring the text that you need to place under a red lens that is on a little thing that you place in the center of the board and it allows you to actually read what dangers You and the other players are going through.

    There’s an hourglass timer that basically count down how long you have to try and roll the correct resource on a special die to see if you escape the dangers or not.

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