The Highest-Scoring Move in Scrabble -

The Highest-Scoring Move in Scrabble

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  1. "Ye", "Eds", and "Oot" are words too then?

    Oh and "Ke", "Et", and "Em"?

  2. The fact that Zonetime and Ejaculating are both required for this word can’t be a coincidence…

  3. VSauce: “Create Xis which means more than one Xi.”
    Me: Well wtf is a Xi

  4. The fact that four of those seven letters are letters in "Exodia" makes this move extra funny, because once you place all seven down, you practically OBLITERATED your opponents in terms of points.

  5. Thanks man I was wondering what I should do.

  6. "Let's pay respect to the person that he played with and trying so hard but just got outplayed"

  7. everyones talking about "ejaculating"

    but what about "zo e time"

  8. In order to play a move that strong it has to end with ejaculating…

  9. I have been DIGGING for THIRTY MINUTES
    -Grian: Ragnarok

  10. Bro if I get the word Jaculating and I have an E. I will not be invited to family dinner.

  11. Ok, real talk tho.. tf is jackulating??

  12. They really like YE slide😂😂😂😂

  13. dude when he was about to say ejacualting i turned my volume down so quick lol cuz i was sittin with my family

  14. I haye it when i have less than one xi

  15. It would have been even more points if the N in "zonetime" was a real N and not blank

  16. Damn! And I thought I was a hero because I used the word the whizzers on a triple word and the Z on a triple letter score while the S connected to the end of another word, which I forget what it was.

  17. If you see your opponent got 100+ points words just surrender theres nothing you can do

  18. Ok I think whoever made that move should just
    Win scrabble for life

  19. Ain't nobody playing that word at grandma's house though.

  20. How bro plays after saying he's bad at the game :

  21. Imagine losing from someone spelling shit like oxyphenbutazone, xiz, and ejaculating 😂😂😂

  22. If I was playing scrabble and my opponent played that shit I would legit flip the board.

  23. Oxyphenbutazone is a discontinued NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that was removed from the shelves in the 1980s when it was discovered that oxyphenbutazone suppresses bone marrow and carries the risk of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which is an allergic skin reaction.

  24. do it in german and make the bord like 10x bigger wel be gettin a looooooooooooooot of point

  25. what vare "ke" "et" em" "woo" "ut" "um" els" "ye" "eds"…….

  26. Imagine being him seeing the opponent staring at him like “if you finish that last word your gay”

  27. And now by ejaculating i shall win this
    Game of scrabble

  28. People really be labbing out Scrabble just like people lab fighting games. And just like that TOD the fighting game guy set up and post clips for, these Scrabble guys be putting up the most nonsense scenarios and acting like its not BS. "Its TOTALLY viable in a real match!" 😂

  29. As usual ejaculating finished the game.

  30. And here I am thinking I'm a big shot cause I just managed to drop down Zebra

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