The Longest Board Game You'll Never Play -

The Longest Board Game You’ll Never Play

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A look into the most bafflingly long board game I’ve laid my eyes on, and I know impart my knowledge on you because you need to know this stuff y’know?

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  1. >me hoping Italy would be represented here
    Oh. Sweet!

  2. As a wargamer this game is the one game i just go nope not doing it.

  3. Listen… I will play it if you can document it or someone else, and I will play italy

  4. My HoI4 player friend’s ass when I drag them to play the REAL game:

  5. Makes sense why valefisk is taking so long

  6. The thing. You can actually play CNA on tabletop simulator.

  7. And I thought that Axis and Allies Global 1940 was insane…

  8. You vastly underestimate the power of people with way too much time on their hands

  9. Here rn I will set out to conquer North African campaign

  10. The game map would honestly be perfect for a hex crawl ttrpg.

  11. Imagine the level of skill of you gain by winning this against pro players

  12. Doing some quick math, assuming you played this game as if it were your job – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – it comes out to 37.5 weeks of playing time, not accounting for public holidays. So if you started at the beginning of January you wouldn't finish until sometime in thr second half of September.

  13. Pretty sure I knew somebody who tried to play this. They played every weekend and dedicated one room to preserving the set up (no idea if they finished it, but I'm guessing not).

  14. Knights of the Dinner Table spoofed this game in Bundle of Trouble Vol 3, except there it was a WW1 game. It started with 20 guys and the game was still going on 4 years later with the last two players still going.

  15. I saw you were a channel that talked about crazy board games, and i was like: “Ok, but does he have a video on The Campaign for North Africa?” And you did. Good job!

  16. To understand just how long 1500 hours is I will give you this example:
    My total Warthunder playtime is 1600 hours

  17. I only know this from that one the big bang theory episode where sheldon tries to get everyone else to play with him

  18. Wonder if a house of streamers could finish it. Have them stream while playing, I'm sure it could get people who would throw some money their way. Make it a big thing like "First time recorded ever finishing this board game," I'm sure would bring in a crowd that might stay for the novelty.

  19. With roughly 1100 episodes at the time of this comment, one person could theoretically watch the entirety of one piece three times before ever finishing one game of The Campaign of North America.

  20. Really you could probably run a real military campaign in north Africa quicker than you could play this absolute three-ring dumpster fire of a game.

  21. Can’t wait for the Valefisk video to be the first documented case of completion

  22. Can’t wait for valfisks play through he’s dropping

  23. On a more recent news, still waiting for the vid, Valefisk.

  24. Still waiting for the valefisk video of this

  25. I legit thought you were going to say its bad to be Italy because there is a rule that Italy isn't allowed to win, because you know, they the bad guys.

  26. lol I have this game (i think), found it some years ago, its not complete because I dont have any pieces. It is possible its a variant but the board looks similar

  27. What’s There to Learn from This?

    CFNA Is a Beautiful work of Broken Art that doesn’t Work

    Amazing Concept though

    If You’re Interested in Actually having Fun with These Concepts:

    Play HOI4 Black Ice

    Or just Normal HOI4

    A Streamlined Arcade Realism Game about Everything Here but Actually Capable of Being Fun for Average People

  28. I am amazed this actually exists and wasn't a joke game for the Big Bang Theory.

  29. I need a full length YouTube Let's Play of this game.

  30. At the game club at the college one of my friends went to, there were some guys playing this game. They met once a week (since it was a club, they kinda had to), played it the entire club meeting, and met every single week the club did. They were playing it when my friend started college there and were still playing the same game of it when he graduated with his bachelors degree.

  31. I know what I’m doing when I get to the nursing home…

  32. This is technically Hearts of Iron but board game version

  33. I feel like hoi4 players would love this

  34. O now want One Page Rules to make their take on this.

  35. No one has ever finished the game, so they made up the 1500 hour average

  36. You know the interesting thing
    This would actually make a good computer game, something that would simulate all the minor things under the hood but still allow the player to interact with them

  37. This board game perfectly sums up the “Boys with autism meme” and I’m all for it

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