The Longest Board Game You'll Never Play -

The Longest Board Game You’ll Never Play

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A look into the most bafflingly long board game I’ve laid my eyes on, and I know impart my knowledge on you because you need to know this stuff y’know?

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  1. Talk about the perfect game for a Sub-athon / charity stream.
    "We are gonna play this game all day, every day, until we beat it or go insane trying."

  2. This feels like something from that pne futuristic football arg

  3. If you wanted to do it in a year it's only 28 hours a week that's not even a full time job

  4. Sounds nearly as fun as "Attack!", but somehow even more complicated and just a bit longer

  5. I got recommended this minutes after watching Valefisk’s ChatGPT video.

  6. Not gonna lie. I kinda want to play it after seeing this video.

  7. A few months from now, Valefisk viewers will flock to this video and say that someone had actually played and finished this game (or at least a digital version of it)

    Until then, though, this comment will make everyone very very confused

  8. Someone should program a digital version of this game and have an AI algorithm play it and keep it streaming on Twitch

  9. The time for the game is over 3 times the time it takes for a batchlors degree

  10. We all might not, but Valefisk will…eventually

  11. I'm sorry but if I'm playing this game for the span of years and I lost, I will never be talking to those people again.

  12. Brilliant content. Let's get more pasta point mechanics in games.

  13. Someone needs to do a massive live stream of this game. A streamer crazy enough needs to do this

  14. We might be getting a video on this because youtube Valefisk is playing it with his friends

  15. For reference, it takes approximately 1000 hours of work to graduate college with an associates degree.

  16. My father was a history nerd and bought both this game AND Kursk -another classic Milsim game when we were in 4-5th grade

    I think we gave up after reading 20% of the rules and instructions. It was a like the Monty Python killing joke sketch.

  17. I think i would have a less stressful time if i somehow switched places with my great grandfather when he faught during the north Africa campaign and he was sent on a literal suicide mission

  18. I can see why vale is taking a while, but then again, we wont forget what he promised us

  19. It would be fun to get AI to play

  20. I participated in a setup of this game once. No actual play though.

  21. They better take a copy of this game to Mars or something so we can finally know at least someone might have the time to actually play it

  22. This sounds like if Hearts of Iron became a board game

  23. the pasta thing reminds me of dwarf fortress

  24. I just wish it were designed as a single player game

  25. I now understand why the campaign for north africa is such a meme among Valefisk fans. I didn't know the game was this insane

  26. I desperately want to play this, I just have no idea where to get it. Finding 9 other players is problem number 2

  27. I bought the board game Axis and Allies for $150. I owned it for years before I had the chance to break it out one fine day when several friends were over and bored. It took 1.5 hours just to set the board up. By that time we were pretty over it and played half assed bending rules just to get it over with. And it sat untouched since.

  28. Valefisk has been working on a campaign for north africa video

  29. I wonder how much of this game could be automated via a computer and how much it would speed up the game.

  30. Honestly, I thought the "pasta point" was going to refer to the rumors about Italian troops pouring leftover pasta water in the radiators of their vehicles and gunking them all up. Thought it would be a chance for their mechanized units to breakdown for a round.

  31. if nobodys ever finished it…. then how do we know it takes 1500 hours? what if it doesnt actually have an ending

  32. Gary Grigsby's games on PC are basically the digital version of this boardgame. down to the level of detail where you need special gas for your vehicles in the winter

  33. You’d bet that Valefisk and his friends will :>

  34. 2:14 Why is the Allied faction Commonwealth nations only? O_o Operation Torch, aka Patton's/the American's invasion of North Africa took place in 1942.

  35. How the f*ck do you play Talisman for just 6 hours? 🤔

  36. Funnily enough the actual campaign for north africa only lasted 1473 hours

  37. valefisk is here to save the day with the first recorded completion (whenever that finally releases)

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