The Most DANGEROUS Board Game On Cartoon Network -

The Most DANGEROUS Board Game On Cartoon Network

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The Game from The Amazing World of Gumball features a game so dangerous that I’d bet it is the most dangerous board game to ever be featured in an animated show on Cartoon Network: Dodj or Daar. It’s a game that can control reality, curse the people who play it indefinitely, and tear families apart, all in the name of some mindless fun. In today’s episode of the Search for the Best Gumball episode, we are rounding out the 8th edition by speaking about The Game from season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


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  1. “I’ll have the lamb”
    “I meant the chicken!”

  2. One way you can think of that cards is that if the game can change the world around you, the cards change depending on who’s playing, explaining why in the episode the cards are different

  3. Christopher-Paul San Nicholas Sablan says:

    I only read the manual when I want some really cool attack or combo in the game

  4. Wait so if dead bodys are a common thing under beds,then what is my cat doing under my bed?

  5. Honestly, I'm more surprised that they didn't get this boardgame from THE AWESOME STORE!!

  6. Yup, the episode seems to be an homage of Jumanji, am I right?

  7. 420 grove street is the gta san andreas protaginists house

  8. Didn’t they sell that card game from adventure time?

  9. My favorite thing about The Game is that it's one big reference to Jumanji. One of my favorite movies.
    (The original not the remakes with Dwayne)

  10. You do realize that in most game cases the instruction manual is on how to play the game

  11. 3:36 Let’s not forget that everyone ignores the terms of agreements that comes up on games, they just press accept and go on their way

  12. This episode is one of my personal favorites. The kaos comedy is timed perfectly, and even sometimes the normal jokes are halarious. The glass of stone, LOL, spider pizza, OMG WHAT 🤣. Get the picture, very halarious episode.

    Edit: I'll probably write an episode of my series that brings up this board game…

  13. This was always one of my favorite episodes. It's incredibly creative.

  14. Forget Ouija boards, we got Dodj or Daar

  15. It's not as dangerous as Patrick's board game (I know gumball isn't nickelodeon I just wanted to say it)

  16. My sister and I are huge fans of this show, and we’ve created our own dodj or daar, (with an expansion pack)

  17. Could you please do the top tier list for the most powerful items in Elmore since you suggested it earlier in the video well later in the video you know what I mean please

  18. The only instruction manual for a game I've read and love to see is from lost Odyssey

  19. 2:54 FINALLY, SOMEONE ELSE (Who coincidentally has the same name as me) NOTICED

  20. i went to google earth and searched 420 grove street and i found this weird hous in Pennsylvania that kinda looks like that one rich version of the watterson's house

  21. As game collector screw you bruh them manuals he fire sometimes 🖕🎃🍞
    Edit: brodie got my ass as soon as i unpaused

  22. I just realized that at 5:00 the cards say “dooj or daar” and at 5:07 it says “dodge or dare”

  23. Would love a tier list video of the most powerful objects in this show.

  24. dang i remember when i tried this before

  25. Gumball and darwin use they power to make the board game. It like the TV remort that shift the reality, but the board game shift the player who play it

  26. This whole thing was
    just there mother fault 👁👄👁

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