The Most Luxurious Board Game Table Ever! Rathskellers (The Phalanx) Review -

The Most Luxurious Board Game Table Ever! Rathskellers (The Phalanx) Review

Tim Chuon
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This is The Phalanx by Rathskellers, the most luxurious board game table I’ve legit ever seen. It’s a modern table with steel frames and beautiful wood. It’s insanely functional, sleek, and flat-out amazing.

Here’s my build for the table!
8 Players
Rustic Oak (No stain), with corrective marker
Metal Structure Color: Matte Dark Grey
Double Sided Velveteen, Teal/Black
8 Player Stations
Dice Tower Upgrade
Rathskellers Cleaning Brush
Widthwise Leaves
LED Lighting System
Rathskellers Gaming Lab Upgrade
Bluetooth Sound System
4 USB Charging Docks (8 USB Ports)
2 Wireless Charging Stations

Wheels I added on:

*I was not asked to make this review video, but I was provided this table for Fire & Ice and then for my channel afterwards*

*Regardless, it’s flat-out amazing (you can’t deny the quality), and I wanted to give a special thank you to Rathskellers for all the work that went into this very special table.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Build
1:59 Velveteen Board
3:00 Acrylic Mat
3:19 Player Stations
3:43 Charging Stations
3:52 Compartments
4:08 Dice Tower
4:28 Brush
4:39 DM Stations
5:35 Bluetooth Speakers
5:44 Sound Tests
7:05 LED Lights
7:30 Wheels
8:14 Table Leaves
9:15 Divider
9:45 Creator Perspective
11:16 Gamer Perspective

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  1. Im interested in checking out that DM station in more detail, cant find a link. Is that using a spring to hold enough tension on top of the table?

  2. Great review! When playing scythe, are you able to play using the extended board, plus everyone's player mats?

  3. How much a kind of that gaming table does cost ?

  4. Just buy a pool table and convert the pockets to drink holders 😊

  5. What is the packaging looking thing below the acrylic mat? Why is it there?

  6. What mic stand do you have for your tabletop mic? I really like it!

  7. Imagine having all of that and no friends to play

  8. Beautiful, but no way in this reality or the next could I ever justify 10 grand for a game table.

  9. The player at the end of the table is in another zip code

  10. Hey Tim. I will also get the Phalanx without any stain like you. Thanks for your video, that helped a lot in the deciding process!

    Maybe one question about the velveteen colors after using them for over a year: You said you would have also liked a lighter color. So if you could decide again, would you prefer to exchange one of your colors with a light grey? Do you get bored of the greenish or the black color more? I can also imagine that the different LED colors work better with neutral velveteen colors. Thanks for your opinion 🙂

  11. How much was the table though? I priced one recently and it was close to $17k US. with similar options as you.

  12. I checked the website and the table is VERY pricey. With all the upgrades mentioned in the video, it's over €10k.

  13. How do I build a set of friends to play with 😢

  14. Hi! new to the channel I love it! What's the name of the game of Dr Strange that you show in this video?

  15. Is it water resistant in between the table tops? Can water get in if you spill a glass of water for example?

  16. I'm so confused why you're saying the speakers are really good. Matt Colville says in his review that they're really muffled.

  17. Quick question: qhat is the width of each leg? 3 inches?

  18. Hi Tim. As always, thank you for the great content. Question. I have a gaming table but I’m debating a new one and obviously looked to Rathskellers. My issue with tables a lot of the time is the height. It just feels awkward to sit at and I feel I struggle to see the whole of the table because it’s so high up. I’m 5’8. Any thoughts? I know it’s a random question 😅

  19. This is a table I want but will never have lol 😅

  20. Die Game Master things? Where can I purchase these?

  21. Oh man, I should be asleep right now.. BUT A NEW VIDEO DROPPED 😎

  22. yooww ! Scythe and Expeditions back to back ! sooo good to see ! 😍

  23. Shipping is really high because they are in Greece, right?

  24. Welcome to the fold:) I love Rathskellers. They are have the perfect blend between craftmenship and customer satisfaction.

  25. I can't believe it's been 10 months. I remember when you got it. Dwellings of Eldervale for the win!🐺🐺🐺

  26. I’d love to have a table like that if I could afford it. Gotta stick to my Walmart table lol.

  27. Ever? Clearly you have never seen the Sultan

  28. Someday I hope to buy one of these tables. Thanks for the rundown!

  29. Looks like a super high quality game! 🙂 appreciate it a lot, can I send you a sample of our game when we finish it?

  30. "You can add 2 USB ports to your table for just 350€!"
    My sides. Those gaming table companies are always ridiculous.

  31. IDK what's going on, the algorythm dropped my sub.

  32. Wow, this table is absolutely amazing. I have been lusting after a game table for a while. This is the pinnacle.

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