The Most Luxurious Board Game Table Ever! Rathskellers (The Phalanx) Review -

The Most Luxurious Board Game Table Ever! Rathskellers (The Phalanx) Review

Tim Chuon
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This is The Phalanx by Rathskellers, the most luxurious board game table I’ve legit ever seen. It’s a modern table with steel frames and beautiful wood. It’s insanely functional, sleek, and flat-out amazing.

Here’s my build for the table!
8 Players
Rustic Oak (No stain), with corrective marker
Metal Structure Color: Matte Dark Grey
Double Sided Velveteen, Teal/Black
8 Player Stations
Dice Tower Upgrade
Rathskellers Cleaning Brush
Widthwise Leaves
LED Lighting System
Rathskellers Gaming Lab Upgrade
Bluetooth Sound System
4 USB Charging Docks (8 USB Ports)
2 Wireless Charging Stations

Wheels I added on:

*I was not asked to make this review video, but I was provided this table for Fire & Ice and then for my channel afterwards*

*Regardless, it’s flat-out amazing (you can’t deny the quality), and I wanted to give a special thank you to Rathskellers for all the work that went into this very special table.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Build
1:59 Velveteen Board
3:00 Acrylic Mat
3:19 Player Stations
3:43 Charging Stations
3:52 Compartments
4:08 Dice Tower
4:28 Brush
4:39 DM Stations
5:35 Bluetooth Speakers
5:44 Sound Tests
7:05 LED Lights
7:30 Wheels
8:14 Table Leaves
9:15 Divider
9:45 Creator Perspective
11:16 Gamer Perspective

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  1. Is it water resistant in between the table tops? Can water get in if you spill a glass of water for example?

  2. I'm so confused why you're saying the speakers are really good. Matt Colville says in his review that they're really muffled.

  3. Quick question: qhat is the width of each leg? 3 inches?

  4. Hi Tim. As always, thank you for the great content. Question. I have a gaming table but I’m debating a new one and obviously looked to Rathskellers. My issue with tables a lot of the time is the height. It just feels awkward to sit at and I feel I struggle to see the whole of the table because it’s so high up. I’m 5’8. Any thoughts? I know it’s a random question 😅

  5. This is a table I want but will never have lol 😅

  6. Die Game Master things? Where can I purchase these?

  7. Oh man, I should be asleep right now.. BUT A NEW VIDEO DROPPED 😎

  8. yooww ! Scythe and Expeditions back to back ! sooo good to see ! 😍

  9. Shipping is really high because they are in Greece, right?

  10. Welcome to the fold:) I love Rathskellers. They are have the perfect blend between craftmenship and customer satisfaction.

  11. I can't believe it's been 10 months. I remember when you got it. Dwellings of Eldervale for the win!🐺🐺🐺

  12. I’d love to have a table like that if I could afford it. Gotta stick to my Walmart table lol.

  13. Ever? Clearly you have never seen the Sultan

  14. Someday I hope to buy one of these tables. Thanks for the rundown!

  15. Looks like a super high quality game! 🙂 appreciate it a lot, can I send you a sample of our game when we finish it?

  16. "You can add 2 USB ports to your table for just 350€!"
    My sides. Those gaming table companies are always ridiculous.

  17. IDK what's going on, the algorythm dropped my sub.

  18. Wow, this table is absolutely amazing. I have been lusting after a game table for a while. This is the pinnacle.

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