The Next BIG Board Game Trend & more questions answered! -

The Next BIG Board Game Trend & more questions answered!

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Matthew Answers YOUR questions about board games and tabletop gaming!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – What is the next big trend in board games?
04:13 – What board games appeal to players who like taking risk?
13:04 – What board games should be televised?

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  1. Surprised you didn't mention Lords of Vegas!!! You gotta show that to any casino fan. Also, really impressed by yor other choices, Coloretto and SS&P are perfect for the slight push your luck intro game.

  2. Machi Koro has a real gambling feeling to it. Since you buy cards with a number on them, you get resources when the number comes up. Do you hedge your bets? Do you put it all on 1 number? Do you get cards that trigger more if you have a certain number come up and go really big? When you do roll that number…… oh yeah it hits that gambley spot.

  3. Great video, as always. I remember Wil Wheaton's TableTop youtube episodes — these were done somewhat like a TV show. I don't know if it was quite what you imaged for TV shows, though…

  4. For your idea about a different game each round, try the German series Schlag Den Star or the Korean series The Genius.

  5. Camel Up is a great light gambling game. The higher the player count the less control you have of the outcome, but always a raucous good time.

  6. 1. I definitely agree with you that the sequel/franchise/reboot/reprint trend will continue to grow and I am sure there will be some complaints but I do love returning to a familiar world. Mechanism-wise, we had roll and writes get big during Covid, trick taking games are big now, I actually wonder if the next thing is gonna be some “old” mechanism from a classic game that gets new appreciation similar to trick taking. Who’s ready for the Roll and Move Rennaissance?!! (In seriousness I have no clue)

    2. I don’t care for betting, bidding, bluffing, or the “Vegas” aesthetic but I did enjoy the pirates movies so I’d probably choose some variation of Liar’s Dice. I also love Dead Man’s Draw as a simple push your luck which feels a little casino-y I think??

    3. You have a point about watching Magic, I think I’d enjoy watching a CCG more than actually trying to play one at anything more than a casual level. While a bit of a different corner of the tabletop space, it seems critical role has shown that watching people play an RPG has a lot of potential and I thoroughly enjoyed the DND movie as an outsider. Still waiting on a Battletech tv show or movie. The inner sphere politics really seems like it’d put Game of Thrones to shame.

  7. It's not exactly on point, but worth mentioning that Orphan Black is one of the few TV series to mention modern board gaming, including an early copy of Gloomhaven in one episode.

  8. When talking about TV shows, you talked about a show that had multiple smaller games included and I couldn't help thinking of stuff like Fort Boyard or Crystal Maze, where contestants do mini-games in order to get more time or something going into the final round.
    You could call it Games Master, and the better you do in all of the smaller games, you get to more time in the Games Master's massive Games Vault at the end and any games you can grab and get out of the Vault with you keep…. but now it sounds like Super Market Sweep with board games 😂

  9. I want an Arnak inspired game show. It has to be like The Crystal Maze, with thematic zones and an Indiana Jones aesthetic.

  10. Just take the British tv show 8 bit and use board games instead of video games. 👍🇨🇦

  11. Great questions! Great Answers! Great video!

  12. Valefisk recorded a lengthy Diplomacy playthrough, which could sort of serve as a proof of concept.

    Might be too many rules/mechanics for a show, though.

  13. I could see Terraforming Mars, but as a drama, not a game show.

  14. Lords of Vegas is another Casino building game that also has push your luck, and it's getting a new edition.

  15. For a game show idea, Decrypto, Codenames and Dixit could work because they may always be different each time.

  16. 15:46 Tom Scott did a little game show with essentially this "new boardgamey minigame each round" and one of the featured games WAS indeed Tumblin' Dice!

    Not all of them were this kind of "trademarked boardgame product" though

  17. It's funny how The Traitors came to TV the same year that Bodies Bodies Bodies hit cinemas. Mafia-derived games really had a cultural moment there.
    I remember that someone involved with Off The Page Games was helping develop a boardgame competition program in Canada last year… I think they made a pilot but i haven't heard anything since.

  18. Super deluxe games seem to be a growing trend lately. Terraforming Mars, Castles of Burgundy, La Granja. All getting some super reprint versions in the last decade, which is kinda nuts.
    I reckon that will be something major for a few years before sustainability kicks in and we see plastic slowly get faded out

  19. I never thought I'd come across Jasper Carrot mentioned in a gaming video.

  20. I think “Betrayal at House on the Hill” would make an amazing anthology series, like “Tales from the Crypt” or “Creepshow”. Thunder Road would be fun to watch with commentaries 😂

  21. The Catan World Championships get A LOT of viewers. It really is a great game to stream, due to the negotiation.

  22. Lords of Vegas just had a reprint KS and should be out again by EOY.

  23. It's funny you bring that multi-game concept up because we already did that in America. Back before Hasbro sold the channel to Universal which renamed it Universal Kids, they had a game that mixed a bunch of those staple MB/Hasbro board games. It was on probably a decade ago, but since it was on such a niche channel, I doubt anyone saw it. Considering how network TV and advertising pay rates not covering nearly enough of the costs of said shows, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have a full-on primetime game show network on network TV (vs GSN now on cable). Hell, I keep thinking that if they dressed up Critical Role like what they did with that Wil Wheaton short-run role-playing series he did on Geek & Sundry where they had artist drawings that fleshed the world out a ton, that it'd get better-than-average Nielsen ratings. I mean the full-blown animated series of CR is on Netflix.

  24. never mind tv shows, some games have film potential. if clue n battleship can be made into films, what's stopping gloomhaven?

  25. Brilliant assessment of the state of board gaming and the things to come. Your televised talk gave me an idea. I'll PM you and we'll work it out and make a mint. 🤑🤑🤑

  26. The most casino like games that I have played lately are Pairs and bag of chips. The first one was a gift, and the second one I bought in a toy store. It looks like a bag of potato chips and the theme is potato chips, but there is absolutely bedding based on the cards and the chips.

  27. A TV show I’d like to see based on a boardgame is giant versions of games. I had seen a picture from a convention that had a giant playable copy of Falling Skies, and that just looked like the coolest thing.

    Other giant versions that would be hilarious and fun to watch might be: Draftosaurus, Horrified, Paint the Roses, Fossilis, Blueprints,

  28. It was legacy, then roll & writes, then trick taking games, with a general shift toward lighter-weight versions & nature themes, the next one….? Idk!

    But I totally agree that the last 20 years, we just published anything & everything. Now that we have a bit of hindsight, we’re gaining an idea of which of those have staying power (most games with a deluxe edition). I think branding is going to dominate the next 20 years… just like movie franchises. I fully expect more games set in the world of Scythe, Twilight Imperium, Clank, Ticket to Ride, Spirit Island, etc.

  29. Micro Macro might make for a good crime TV show.

  30. “Hold’em High: A Deck-Building Game of Texas Hold’em”

    It’s in mid development, no publisher yet… but I’ve turned Hold’em into a strategy board game with cheating 🤩

  31. Holy cow, Sea Salt & Paper looks stunning. Yeah basically just photos of origami but neat.

  32. Q/A: YINSH is a fun word (board game name) to say, what’s a top (5, 10, 20 😜) list of board game names that are fun to say? Hey That’s My Fish!. Schotten Totten. Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town. Sheep Thief. Space Base. Tichu. Camel Up.

  33. Q/A: There is a smart(er) question than the words I’ll type, but it seems a chunk of games in one’s collection could be categorized as, “purchased because I wanted to play them” but I don’t really need to keep owning it. In my mind we may buy a game just so we know we will get access to it to play it sometime but couldn’t we just wait or use our money in a “better” way? Not a concise idea or question but maybe something is there.

  34. Above and Below would make a good show/movie. Studio Ghibli-level animation.

  35. Viticulture could be an interesting show about competing wine families.

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