The Pandemic is Killing Board Games - A Tabletop Extinction Level Event - Extra Credits -

The Pandemic is Killing Board Games – A Tabletop Extinction Level Event – Extra Credits

Extra Credits
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Did you know the tabletop game industry is having an extinction-level event? With small and even large publishers like IDW Games stepping out of the industry due to the paperpocolypse, the rising cost of shipping, containers left sitting at the port, and the pandemic eating into convention sales. It’s shaken the industry to the core and who will make it out of the fray?

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  1. Major supply chain problems seem to be the only part of this that have gone wrong. Previous years saw drastic growth in tabletop gaming, and board games have only returned to previous levels – actually distinctly above previous levels but no longer at peak – and the changes have largely been in which type of games are in-demand, with smaller player-count games more popular and ongoing games less obscure. The will to create board games is higher than ever, thanks to the residual effects of the explosive boom in indie board games from crowdfunding, and the demand for board games is high. There are major logistical hurdles that existed before Current Events and have been made drastically moreso recently, and there will have to be a major change in the logistics of the industry – but it's not going to fail, even if it gets very strange for a while and the industry no doubt finds a way to dump as much of the consequences as possible onto designers.

    It's pretty telling for late capitalism that it can't even coherently organise basic logistics, when the one thing capitalism is meant to be good at is the self-organising efficient allocation of resources.

  2. This, and also throw all those politicians that insisted on business killing practices these last two years out of office.

  3. One option would be to create digital versions of your board game to help weather this time. My wife has a genetic condition that is extremely isolating, but she uses services like board game arena in order to play with friends that she doesn't have that many options to interact with.

  4. Just participated in the ATLA Kickstarter. Even with additional hurdles, because I don't pocess a credit card. It's not common where I live. Then the shipping got delayed for at least a couple of months. Pretty much helps being general more on the chill side and living the positive hype without getting sour.

  5. I backed many games on Kickstarter, in early 2019. Three years later 2022, I only got couple of them. Still waiting for the others, which at this point the hype for them is gone. So once they do arrive I'm just gonna sell them unopened. So if their is someone who missed their chance. They will have a chance to get some.

    (Edit:) I still do support them with positive messages.

  6. Idk i been playing a lot of tabletop simulator with friends and lots of boardgames with my gf and family

  7. Love y’all. I just realized “killing” is an odd choice of word considering the pandemic is quite literally killing people though 🙃 🤔

  8. 3:10 – wrong, from a first person perspective. I've seen the cost of a 20ft container go from $1200-1500 (Shenzhen to Felixstowe) in 2019, to over $16000 (and as much as $25000) in 2020/2021/2022. It doesn't take very good maths to know that's just wrong information (1200 x 522% = 1200 x 5.22 = $6264, or less than half of the actual cost… Disappointed, NGL. I used to trust this channel's research…. Now I'm gonna have to take their crap with a pinch of salt

  9. I am playing more than ever. We don't go out anymore. We order in and play board games in our extended friend group. Exposing 4 vaccinated (now boosted) people seems like a good risk compared to, say, Going to a restaurant or bar.

  10. Hilariously I'm playing more board games than ever before.
    Use the internet. Larger potential player base and new connections from across the globe.

  11. Government response to the pandemic is killing tabletop *

  12. I don't have anything coherent to say about the board game problem that hasn't already been mentioned, but it's cool to see Eddie doing other stuff (as an Onyx Path RPG fan, Eddie does a lot of stuff over there too).

  13. I think a lot of the problem is our dependency on China. Shipping stuff over half the globe is bad for the environment (as is the Chinese production) and it is slow as well- That is not just about games but everything, buying Chinese cheap crap also hurt the local economy.
    And yeah, you might save a couple of bucks to get something with lower production cost from China but you are also taking jobs from people in the west, it is not worth it.

    I do like places like Drivethrurpg that prints my order on demand, when I bought Infinity's Edge from them I could splash some extra bucks to get a hardback and to get full colors while someone with a lower budget could get a softback in black and white or a .PDF.

    Paper shouldn't really be a problem, Canada and the Dakotas are full of the stuff and so is Sweden and Finland (who does exist).

    Yeah, it is hard for someone who barely scrapes by to pay a couple of extra bucks for a game (or anything else made in China such as clothes, electronics, toys and so on) but it isn't for the rest of us so we should try to buy as much locally produced goods as we can. If we do that, more local jobs will be created which in turn would make poverty less rampant in the west. It sucks for China of course but they are a dictatorship so I can live with that.

    It might be that we need a different tax system where things get taxed based on how far it is shipped so local stuff gets cheaper and things shipped from half the world away gets expensive, as a bonus it also would help fight global warming. We certainly need a sticker for Produced in (insert your country here) to put on wares.

    And support your local gaming store as well. Amazon might be cheaper but it is nice to have a physical store where you might be able to sit down a try a game and talk to some other gamers, you might find a new Paladin for your group or someone to play that new boardgame you bought with.

    We also might need to buy a few new games to support the producers. 🙂

  14. AS a driver for Amazon I can 10000000% agree we are delivering so much more crap

  15. short and sweet way to help the mental health of everyone in the industry?
    don't be dicks to them. plain and simple.

  16. 1: as a factory worker: no it's REALLY easy to keep social distancing rules. it's laughably easy tbh.
    > and i see dozens of experts who all disagree on the causes of factories not finding enough workers. they all disagree, unless they're all in agreement and propose something THE WORKERS can confirm is not the issue… >.>
    my theory (for the west) is: min pay, min benefits, max hours, max pressure, "a family, not a company" mentality and a laundry list of other issues that we are getting SICK and TIRED of. hell, half the guys i knew that quit have gone back to get degrees and find better jobs. taking the financial hit.
    2: look, i KNOW why our batteries/electr need to come from asia/china. i know the economic factors at play that force their hand.
    but you're telling me the majority board games are made by glorified modern slavery?
    and… we're supposed to take that as okay?! also why the fk do they still cost so much for CARDBOARD and PLASTIC?! i want to know the breakdown of the price; what % is shipping for example?!
    thanks i guess i'm never buying another board game unless i can see proof it wasn't made by slaves / oppressed people
    3 @ 1:50 i've worked in several EU based factories that included paper & plastic works, and OUR stocks come from eastern EU.
    git. gud. "ugh china taking our jobs, taking our stuff" y'all cry, while your CEO's & leaders keep upping trade deals with the 'People Fkking autocracy of ChAiNa'
    "yeah but if we don't use china the price would be too high and nobody would buy"
    "supply and demand lessons imply the demand would DROP by a value roughly equal to your price increase, it should not affect your revenue all that much. PLUS slap a big sticker on the box: 'this is NOT made in China. we do not support labor camps, murdering random religions or locking up freedom of speech advocates' and fcking watch sales SKYROCKET."
    -> or ykno, be hypocritical american "pig-dogs" that shout Libtard ideals in politics, but support China as their biggest financial influx (as a nation).

    all in all i'd wanna point to your systems collapse video's & suggest broken economic, social and other systems that are just bodged together are in dire need of fixing before full collapse occurs.
    exhales smoke taking all bets, i say 90-10 odds of it failing

  17. The problem does not seem to affect Games workshop, there products were expensive before C19, now it is just out right unaffordable.

  18. Shasn handled everything well in spite of the delays.

  19. No mention to Gamefound but showing Kickstarter and Fig and Indiegogo? Oh well.

  20. I started my own tabletop game company in the start of 2020. Oops. Hopefully this clears up in the near future. We're doing digital physical hybrid tabletop games. Right now we're working on an engine building / tableau building game based on the auto-battler genre. Just hope it can be eventually published without it costing like hundreds and hundreds of dollars… ><

  21. I have a friend that had a Kickstarter last year. Over the course of the Kickstarter, he saw the shipping price for a container almost double. This is while he's watching orders come in for a game. Backers saw his new shipping cost estimates and got ANGRY, accusing him of trying to scam them with a bait and switch, when if he didn't change his initial estimates for shipping the game would basically make him nothing due to the container costs eating up the entire profit margin of his initial estimate.

  22. Hi extra credit team! Could You talk about tabletop simulator and how it affects games?

  23. Every problem you mentioned could be solved by offering app (like the Root Board Game) or print and play (like Secret Hitler) versions of the games.

    Board games are struggling like newspapers because they refuse to adapt.

  24. This reminds me of a situation when I was playing the game "Capitalism 2", and I was trying to expand my business to sell Snack Bars in addition to Cakes. I was trying to break into new markets, spending money on advertising and low prices to encourage demand, and just breaking even (the profits would come later when sales rose), when suddenly disaster struck.

    The Flour Mills supplying the Cake factory was drawing its wheat from the same large farm that the Snack Bars were getting their wheat grain from, and although it had a large supply of wheat, I had stimulated enough demand for Snack Bars that I burned through last year's wheat harvest quicker than expected. Instead of having a 12 month supply of wheat, I had a 9 month supply, and so I suddenly ran out, and had no wheat for 3 months. Given that every good I produced used Wheat, I quickly saw my revenue drop to ZERO. There was enough slack in the supply chains to keep sales going for a month, but by the time I noticed something was wrong, I was entering a 2 month dry spell.

    My cash reserves were already low, having spent a lot on the Marketing campaign, and so my funds quickly ran out and then went negative. My only choices to stay solvent were to sell critical business assets like shops and factories, or to take out emergency loans whose interest I could barely afford. Because my income was so low then, I also couldn't get enough Credit to buy a new farm to ensure more wheat for next year.

    I eventually entered into a spiral of debt leading to bankruptcy and lost the game. Ironically, if I had been more chill about launching my new product, I would have survived, since I would have spent less on marketing, and the Snack Bar factory would have cause less competition with the Flour Mills for my Wheat supply, allowing my income to remain stable. I hadn't realized that my increased Revenue was only temporary, and so allowed my expenses to rise along with it.

    Supply shocks are no joke.

  25. My god who would think putting a majority of the world’s manufacturing in a single country would create a problem at some point… raises hand

  26. Add to all that the nonsensical woke monoculture in the mainstream tabletop industry, and this economic inflation, and you do see a downward spiral with people buying less.

  27. Speaking of backing Kickstarters for board games, one I backed was the one for the Power Rangers Deck Building Game made by Renegade Game Studios. It was the first time I backed a board game Kickstarter.

  28. " Rightly afraid " ? Are you sure about that ?! They're missing out

  29. Board games are selling really well based on the numbers we're seeing. The biggest problem has been supply chain issues, but that doesn't equate to "extinction". If anything, scarcity seems to just drive more demand. When supply chains recover I think we'll see a lot of growth in this market.

  30. Americans complaining about waiting weeks for stock fuels my Australian soul.

  31. Nobody literally Nobody : “Oh no how do we save the hobby?! 😱”

    Games workshop : “Raises Prices”

    Everybody literally Everybody : “What why? How will that help the hobby? 🤷‍♀️”

    Games workshop : “ 💰 “

  32. I see a lot of comments mentioning that this applies only for TTRPGs and…I don't get it? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

    I expected that at least for TTRPGs, there would be more people buying PDFs than physical books. Since those purchases aren't being affected by global printing & shipping, wouldn't they just lean on that?

    For board games I do get that how it would be a rough time, though.

  33. China are still locking down as part of zero Covid policy. Expect further production delays.

  34. I think part of this is also a correction after years of the market overhearing. Nearly every boardgamer I know had a large stack of unplayed games even at the start of the pandemic and for those that preorder or kickstart games more and more games kept coming and this really highlighted just how many unplayed games they already had so a lot of people started looking at their collections and saying 'do I really need more games?' And looking at your games and seeing how many unplayed game you have really hits boardgamers harder than someone looking at all their unplayed steam games because board games take up so much space, so even when we see everything get back to normal you might see boardgames think a little bit longer about if they really need a 9th game with their 3rd favorite game mechanic or if they should just play the games they have.

  35. Wargaming such as Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War etc. Are still booming and growing.

  36. I would not have played DnD if there was no pandemic. It always struck me as a bridge too far into the nerd kingdom, a perspective I really regret since I found out how fun it is. We play digitally, which helped me ease into it, and now I look forward to trying it irl.

  37. [SSRB] Gangimari Botan [6th of the twelve] says:

    the pandemic also has shown how bad the global logistics system is. when the port in america opened up all the west coast's ports are crowded with ships and containers that the port and roads can't handle which lead to many goods held up outside of ports in america (including containers) for weeks or even months. therefore further limiting the supply of the containers available world wide. it shows that infrastructure in america is actually not enough to handle the sudden surge of demand. the global supply system is so bad that it will make fluctuations in demands with just a single disruption like the pandemic or trade war.

    heck the difference of cost of transport from china to america to the opposite is like heaven and earth thanks to all the demand in america for chinese made products but china doesnt have that much of demands of goods from america, which lead to many transport companies have to lose money just to transport back empty containers to china so it can contain more goods that can be sent back to america or elsewhere, which rise the price of containers further so they can recoup the lost of not containing anything on the way to china.

    this brittle system of logistics and global supply chain lead to many things problems we have to review and fix because of the shitty system we all used today. like now we have to stockpile certain emergency materials that can't be manufactured immediately (like computer chips), or how insufficient global infrastructure (congestions) can make things even worse (like the suez canal or ports or roads or rails of major hub/country like america or singapore or other important trade hubs), and how international conflicts (like us-china trade war) can make things even fuckin worse than it already is. we need an international consensus on how to fix this flawed system but no one seems to bother and kept on fighting each other again when everything is calming down a bit, but not even over yet. even though if this kind of emergency happened again it will cause another crisis like this again, which will just make everyone loses out and no one can profit other than blaming each other for the problem occurred (just like what happened every time an international crisis happened).

  38. Hey can you do a war of the roses topic pls

  39. To be honest, if you ask me, board games where on borrowed time to begin with. Video games can do what board games do, and much much more, without the high cost, storage space requirements and necessity of face-to-face (or webcam-to-webcam) interaction. Hell, if you REALLY want all the little details from board gaming, seeing the other players physically in front of you, and seeing their body language, VR board games already have that covered. It's not too surprising that things went pear-shaped so quickly for such a niche hobby.

  40. Idk I’ve been playing monopoly a lot with my family.

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