The Saints Play A Board Game And Then Break Into A Prison, What?- Saints Row Reboot Part 9 -

The Saints Play A Board Game And Then Break Into A Prison, What?- Saints Row Reboot Part 9

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This is the new Saints Row Reboot set in the city of Santo Illeso. The Boss starts out as a member of the Marshalls before moving on to make the Saints. On this part the Saints actually play a board game and then break the Nahualli out of prison.
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  1. Stop acting like saints row was always serious saints row 2 was the most goofiest game I’ve ever played look at the hair styles also Johnny Gat was the most goofy character ever made I never took that game seriously cause it’s not a serious game it’s meant for FUN

  2. You saying cringe is more cringe then the game. Theres one scene that is truly fucking stupid.

  3. I’m getting pulp fiction meets John wick in terms of the donut mission.

    Like, remember when Marcellus was getting donuts and then butch runs them over?

    The John wick part is just the bounty part, nothing else

  4. You made me like "destroy all humans" franchise. You are really a professional. Keep up the good work

  5. I managed to get an Xbox Emulator and Im now testing out Saints Row 1 for the first time.. I cannot believe how epic this game is. It really 'feels' like a gangsta game. The setting, the map, the dialogues, the clothes, the mannerisms, the music, the cars, the gangs, the characters, the atmosphere..etc
    I am absolutely shocked and confused why the devs decided to leave the actual gangsta atmosphere behind and go forward with this woke hipster garbage. To me, after playing all the saints row, the boss of SR1 is definitely the most intimidating, he has this cold look in his eyes, speaks only when necessary, makes proper threats, acts like a gangsta.

  6. The boardgame scene was cringe, the prison escape mission reminded me of busting out that drug expert on SR2 and both are good, Kevin is still the cringiest character in the Saints, & the gathering knives mission was alright. Agreed with Professional with the wanted app and so far, the game is starting to get back in order from the down turn that was part 8. Also, nothing has stand out yet for this reboot to try to stand with the OG

  7. What I find with this Saints gang is that they don't act like a serious gang, only when the mission calls for it. Professional is right. They are college kids & not gangsters. Too much PC when gangsters don't give a damn about PC. And their cringe of dialogue does make me see them as legit friends, but it's just so embarrassing when I know it's just the writers are trying to sound "hip" & "with it". The only other person I legit like besides the Boss is Neenah, & that’s it

  8. Professional will you do a Syphon Filter Lore video? Pretty please

  9. I mean in the first part Marshall calls itself a Private Military Contractor (PMC). So yeah, they're mercenaries. Who needs illegal arms deals when you have government contracts?

  10. Hey don't you have a challenge to blow up enemy vehicles with the Tommy gun? Seems like those sections where you're being chased are the perfect opportunity.

  11. It's so weird seeing people complain about the game but then continue to keep playing it… Like why bother if you don't like it?

  12. I knew Kevin wouldn’t have gravel rash seeing as he was dragged by his feet, college kids playing board games because they’re broke, no problem, trying to be gang bangers is retarded as fuck when they should be focused on you know running a gang

  13. Anyone with that moustache are always the type that ends up betraying folks.
    Niwali is gonna betray you.

  14. Who cares what gangsters do in their down time, it's really nitpicking. But they should mock their cringe, but also go for a dark humor/India Jones fighting style and keep the friendship/characters,but dig deeper.

  15. man although the new saints row sounds like a flop, but i always watch your videos on it because it's just so fun, keep it up!

  16. I read these little "Get up" pop-ups during the insurance fraud in Johnny Gat's voice, it reminds me of him beating up Shogo in the cemetery in SR2

    Edit: imagine telling the insurance company, you got hit by a parking car 🙂

  17. Does anybody else knows that he's using the black guy voice instead of the western voice.

  18. Yo Professional, cant wait for that mission where your OC go against Gwen, that woman needs to be put in her place

  19. The assassin guy is voiced by the same actor who voiced Jetstream Sam

  20. The part where u do stealth the start of it is a Just cause 3 thing where u fast travel u riding a heli and jump down with wingsuit

  21. Most of this game is cringe but the board game night felt less cringy than other parts.

  22. that insurance fraud mission thing reminded me of the showtime thing from burnout paradise

  23. The prison missions is probably of the best in this game, and Nahualli might be working for the some cartel from south america.
    The only downside for his character is one stupid development for him at the end of this game.

  24. I love the look of Nahualli. He reminds me of a mix of Danny Trejo (Navajas) and Antonio Banderas's (El Mariachi) characters from Desparado.

  25. I thought that saints row would return to its gangster roots with all the old original characters and not with new college kids who pay student loans and rent

  26. for the board game , if it was a parody of wahammer 40k i would totally undertsand it but the one we saw was a parody of monopoly i think which felt out of place

  27. Why did the developers think these characters would appeal to us . Trevor from gta would eat them for breakfast.

  28. I hope you get to play Go Fish before the last boss battle.

  29. Kevin: yeah they're cool

    car explodes into oblivion

    Pro's reaction: "Yeah, they're cool" boom

    I died at that reaction

  30. Claude and Hank sound like they're voiced by the same guy who voiced Ron from GTA 5

  31. It’s so much better with that onyx song playing with the prison break.. it’s sucks u can’t play the real music

  32. The fact that you were joking about them playing board games makes this priceless

  33. i cant wait to see pros reaction to the cut scene after the final mission

  34. The Wanted app reminds me of John Wick 2 a lot

  35. Pro I love your content bro but your understanding of what gangstas do is bogus. Gangsta have regular fun and laugh too. One summer my whole hood was coming on my block to play Monopoly 😆 we did this for like 2-3 weeks then we brought out the chutes & ladders.

  36. I just finished the story fully today and ya know one of the biggest problems i have with this game has to be that all the villian have next to no character i mean fuck one of them goes after you in a couple missions and littiraly the very next mission os taking him out ONE MISSION TO COMPLETELY TAKE ONE OF THE MAIN VILLIANS OUT

  37. at the beginning why dose that bridge looks like something from Hot Wheels

  38. 15:38 that is not the smartest idea after they've escape they've go to a resturant where people can reconize their faces

  39. I hate how theres hardly cutscenes and more of the camera zoom in when you interact with the Saints or other contacts.

  40. The episode got better later but still, there is way too much cringe for me to ever play this.

  41. No I disagree with your critisisms here. The infinite ammo RPG is fine as long as its just when youre mounting the car. I saw later its infinite on missions, which is only when it sucks and takes away the purpose of other guns. And the donuts wasnt cringy but the wanted app is. The contracts should be at police stations. Crimminals buy donut boxes, tbf the phone calls are super cringe, but the mission of getting donuts is something I could even see in San Andreas, where a rival gang (in SA, the Ballas) would attack you, shouldve had that here and i would be so happy! The Panteros or whatever theyvare called, attacking the boss as he is ordering donuts, thats a great mission! Instead of the wanted app and whatever happens with the CEOs.

  42. Hey Patrick, your reaction to the goofy srupid things that these dollar store saints do is just too funny. I wonder what they'll do next, a coloring book competition.

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