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The THREE Best Board Games for Couples

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Best Board games for couples: These are two-player games, but they are not ONLY two player games. These are also not simply “less competitive games” (how many times have I seen Splendor on a list of games “for couples”?) Neither are these boxes of conversation starters. These are strategic, thematic board games that are FOR couples; as in: seemingly DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR couples. These are board games that one would want to play on Valentine’s Day, they might even be called “romantic”.

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I have searched far and wide to come up with this list and it’s not a very long list because, unfortunately, board games for couples are uncommon. All of these games have a sort of romantic, sweet, or sentimental theme. In any case, these are games that I would ONLY recommend for couples yet they are nevertheless strategic and interesting.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:52 – About these games

2:16 – Game #3
4:16 – How to Play Embers of Memory (mild spoilers)
6:05 – Final thoughts on Embers of Memory

7:48 – Game #2
8:04 – How to play Fog of Love
9:13 – Final Thoughts on Fog of Love

10:22 – My top favorite board game for couples:
11:02 – How to play …and then we held hands
15:02 – What’s the best game for YOU and YOUR significant other?
15:36 – Comparing all three
16:53 – Honorable Mentions
17:31 – Details on the shirt


  1. Me and my GF love to play an old abstract game called PENTE

  2. Wow, and then we held hands sounds like a really unique game!

  3. Thank you for all your videos! Love the variety of topics and games you cover

  4. After watching several of your shorts and review vids yesterday, I was telling my significant other about them, and I found myself wondering if there were games to play solo. Then thought "or for just two people? Like a bf/gf or married couple!"

    And here you are this morning. Awesome.

  5. Thanks for the upload, concur w/ the others…..good topic! We actually have a copy of the Ravens of Thri Sahashri around here somewhere. It never got played because one look at the rules & we were like, huh? Anyway, I may have to try & find it & give it another go although it seemed at the time to be the kind of game that is best learned by having someone who already knows the game teach it to you. Anyway, thumbs up & I think your channel is fairly unique & combined w/ your game rating system (which I have explored a little) makes for interesting content.

  6. Nice video, Ben! Just sent a link to it to my wife…

  7. Cool video! I'd been very curious about …and then we held hands.

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