The Top 10 Most Overrated Board Games? Community Vote -

The Top 10 Most Overrated Board Games? Community Vote

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We asked, you answered. The Top 10 Most Overrated Board Games!

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  1. I hate ROOT and sold it back! Yaaaark! And Terraforming Mars is the #1 for me for sure! And anybody can say anything about their own taste > I don't care at all! I won't prefer a game becaue other prefer it LOOOL never ever! So what's the use of those subjective lists? LOL

  2. I think root was a targeted attack! They are coming after the games y’all love!

  3. The hate for Lost Ruins of Arnak almost makes me want to unsubscribe. I guess it's a good thing that you guys produce good content because it allows me to forgive you all this great offense. Seriously thought, it's really interesting to see this list. I disagree with some inclusions and celebrated with others. Fun to see what this particular community of gamers finds is overrated.

  4. If you think Root is overrated you suck at playing the game.
    Hot dang talk about shooting from the hit!

  5. I think Dune Imperium should have been number 1!

  6. I agree with The Crew being on here. That was one of the first games I got getting into the hobby and was not really here for it.
    I really need someone to teach me Root.

  7. I agree with all the game that i got to play on this list (Vilainous, The crew, code name, arnak and 7wonders duel). I don't agree for Cascadia and akropolis, mainly because of the theme, i don't care for Akropolis. Cascadia is easier to read and simpler to teach too. At least in cascadia, objective change a bit at every games so i see a better replayability too. I do prefer Verdant to both, because of the theme and art.

  8. Dominion is the best deck builder and everyone who denies that is a theme-addict.

  9. Agree on this list…but yet, I love all these games

  10. Cubitos isn't overrated. No one talks about it!

  11. Final Girl for me… that game had had so many rave reviews and I found it just “OK” too fiddly to setup for the amount of play time, and way too punishing

  12. Haha this list is utter rubbish! I have only heard people say they like Dune: Imperium over Arnak so how can it be overrated? Also, Code Names and Dominion are amazing at getting people into the hobby or introducing mechanics they had never tried. How does that make them overrated?

    I love the humor and tongue in cheek responses, but vehemently disagree with this list. All of these games have a place in the hobby and are well-regarded for good reasons.

  13. The Crew is absolutely overrated. But I need to give it another try. I just recently played Arnak for the first time and it was fun, but not a game I have any interest in owning.

  14. I agreed with most of this list. I wish I remember what I had on my list when I voted 🤣 ark nova is my favorite game on this list but I get why people think it rose too quickly. The elitist hate the nouveau riche haha

  15. Haha! Arnak is one of my favorite games. Nostalgia certainly plays a part, considering some of my favorite franchises are Indiana Jones (only the first three), Tomb Raider, and Uncharted. It's also one of the first Euro style games that clicked with my brain so it'll always be pretty high.

  16. this is rubbish! Joke
    Villainous and The Crew definitely are a niche game.
    But its not overrated.

    TM is overrated though 🤣

  17. “We’ve only been hating on Cascadia for a couple of months” LOL y’all really be sippin on that hatorade! Fun watch.

    P.S. love the podcast, as a movie and Board Game nerd it’s like It was made for me.

  18. So basically Arnak deserves to be on this list because you guys like Dune?? How are they still being compared when in fact they are very different, especially with their respective expansions. Arnak is excellent 🙂

  19. Agree with Cascadia. It’s fine. I just never want to play it, but would if asked.

    I think Santorini is overrated. I feel like people rave about it and it’s another I find to be just okay.

  20. Overrated is so subjective…especially for a list that includes games that are both older & new-ish. I almost feel like there should be 2 lists, 1 for older games & 1 for newer games. Some of the newer games on the list might fit better as "over-hyped" than overrated. Good games that everyone is just tired of hearing about🤷‍♀️

  21. For the record, this is the first video of yours I've watched.
    This is the weirdest overrated list I've ever seen. Cubitos? I mean, shouldn't a game be popular in order to be Overrated?
    7 Wonders Duel? It's an okay game, but overrated? I guess I think of games with bloat, Maybe highly rated on BGG or something. I can understand Arc Nova and Arnak, The Crew… I guess it had it's 15 minutes.
    Oh well, opinions are like Love Letter, everyone's got it.

  22. Sorry Kenny it’s not a lifestyle game but it’s hars (your just dumb 😂 Dulin! )

  23. I am not a huge fan of Dominion but it did create the mechanism ish hehe. Ya I will have to many comments on this video sorry

  24. My wife and I don’t like codenames at all lol 😂

  25. Totally agree with Ark Nova! So overrated

  26. Yes! TM can’t wait to tell Toph! 😂😂😂

  27. Great list! A few others to consider: Gloomhaven, Azul, Robinson Crusoe.

  28. Arnak kicks Dune's ass a hundred times. 🤣

  29. Trash content. The only redeeming thing is the person in the hat.i really dislike the comments fome the purple sweater guy. Nothing worth listening to. Won't be watching again

  30. Got codenames Duet and me and the Mrs played 3 games, we didn't get a single one wrong. We found it far to easy so will probably never play again

  31. The issue with Root for me is that I think things like the COIN games (which I get will put a lot of people off) do asymmetry better. Doesn't mean Root isn't excellent but it's so highly rated. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of Terraforming Mars or Dead of Winter, both extremely highly rated when they came out. Neither are bad games of course.

  32. Lost Ruins of Arnak, the third best FAMILY game? 😂

  33. Ark Nova is an amazing game but it takes some work. The more I play it, the more I like it. Definitely in my top 5 these days.

  34. I think Ark Nova got it’s hype from so many people saying it was Terraforming Mars but a Zoo. Sort of what you were describing, and since Terraforming Mars is well received it was natural that people were going to jump on Ark Nova. I however, did not like Terraforming Mars and neither did my husband, so when people kept hyping Ark Nova as very similar to it, we said it was a hard pass for us. So I don’t know that Tom Vasel’s 10 rating was the full reason it gained so much popularity so quickly.

  35. Awesome video dudes, I'm with Max on this I suck at Root and I believed it was overrated. What it turned out to be was mostly a hard teach, long time between plays and a generally surly gaming group. I teach board games to retired folks at a FLGS weekday afternoons, we call our selves "The Geezer Gamers" ….BTW, Dominion is one of the games the geezers are ALWAYS wanting to play.

  36. Arnak and Cubitos are too 10 games for me …😢

  37. Root is a COIN game and those aren't for everyone. It's a very fighty game, and I think most Euro game enthusiasts who don't like games where the player interaction is so in-your-face like Root aren't going to be fans of Root.

  38. Arnak is so much better than Dune Imperium. So. Much

  39. la la land is very good! casting my vote.

  40. Your community are fools.
    The most over-rated game of all-time is Gloomhaven.

  41. I completely agree with 7 wonders duel- it blows my mind it is as popular as it is. My number one would be Wingspan – I think that game is very over-rated.

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