The Top 10 Small Box Board Games of All Time -

The Top 10 Small Box Board Games of All Time

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Solidified this list before getting to Regicide or Tiny Epic Dungeons which might have cracked this list…
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  1. I would swap Coup with Love Letter. Coup is much better that LL

  2. small games – arboretum gets played every day hereoh my goods is amazing for a small card game as wellalmost forgot innovation has a lot going for it as welland lastly fantasy realmssmall games can be amazing

  3. Bandido and spots are both great fun and small enough to bring anywhere!

  4. Hand down my two favorite packs small, play big games are Dungeon Mayhem, and Zombie Dice. Both can be taught in a few minutes, and are great ways to get folks involved.  From your list:The Jabba's Palace version of LoveLetter which has the best variant rules, player count and widely accessible theme of any of the LoveLetter games. (If I'm not playing the Archer version: Once You Go Blackmail).

  5. The mind, the crew, high society and splendor duel are great small box games as well.

  6. Plenty of games I didn't know on your list.One that I just love, but idk if you can still find it is Citadels Classic Edition.I've always preferred the original art style for this game, and I really didn't need the big expansion stuff, so having the classic version was perfect for me.A solid game for 4-7 players that can fit in a good sized pocket.

  7. Eminent Domakn: Microcosm Mint JulepMerchants of Muziris (SBG edition)VerraterBibliosLux AeternaBullfrogArea ZHerbaceous

  8. Thanks for including Cartographers! So glad to see it's still a hit for you.

  9. I love your reviews and your style, I just wish our tastes aligned 🙁 I sold Set A Watch and Fort which were huge misses. The decision space in SAW is really "soupy" and unfocused with the compulsory 4 player thing, and Fort is a deck builder where you don't get to feel any ownership or satisfaction over your deck because cards get stolen.

  10. radlands, air land and sea, and omen reign of war (the older version anyways) would be my picks for pocket games.

  11. Can't believe I've never heard of Light in the Mist! Great list. Glad Coup was on there, that game is just stupidly good. One that I've been coming back to for years is Welcome to the Dungeon. It works perfectly as a casual over conversation light game OR a tense odds calculating nail-biter depending on the crowd and the mood. It really does a lot with a little.

  12. Great list, Jack! As the go to supplier of Games for most of the groups I am associated with, I always appreciate chunky gaming experiences that fit in a small part of my backpack, or suitcase (but unfortunately no longer my JNCOs, haha). That said, with life as crazy as it can be, my wife and I do appreciate some of the smaller games in our collection because they are typically some of the fastest to set up, making them some of the easiest to fit into our evenings after the kiddos go to bed.I got to say, there were a lot of some of my favorites represented in this list, but I only just added dandelions to my forthcoming QE expansion rewards (after seeing some pictures from you and other folks of the gorgeous, tiny game) and I’m super looking forward to it! As for one I am most interested in finally checking out, Set A Watch seems super cool. You know you’re speaking my language with it being a solid solo game, sooooooo…

  13. Great list! Love Letter is one of our classics!

  14. Mottainai Mini, Dale of Merchants, Oriflamme, and Thief's Market are pretty solid

  15. I think the new Isle of Trains has a larger package than the original. Underrated game though, hope the new version brings it more attention.

  16. After reading through the comments, I'd suggest Similo since no one else has yet. It is my latest go-to for carrying around to events. It plays quickly, and doesn't force people into a game if they don't want to play (they can just give less input).

  17. Surprised not to see The Grizzled. Thanks for the ideas!

  18. I have a couple of travel favorites that you can play on any surface and just about any wind condition: Hive and Conica. Both abstract strategy games but chunky hard to lose pieces.

  19. Thanks for a few games never heard of. Agree that Jaipur is amazing!

  20. No a single oniverse game?
    What about micro city? Friday?

    A ton of other great games…

    From this list I agree with Jaipur and set a watch

  21. We like Skull as a quick pub game. One of our favorites though is Condottiere. Also if you like Jaipur I highly recommend Ankh Or by the same creators.

  22. Hugely intrigued by Light in the Mist, will be looking out for that one.
    First small games to go in my backpack are Skull, High Society, Schotten Totten, Ohanami, Insider, and Wordsy.

  23. Archaeology, the perfect set collection game imho.

  24. Great video! And great recommendations!
    I am a novice board gamer, so all of these sound exciting to me! Some of them I even own (love letter, cartographers).
    I would add Radlands to this list. That is a game I love! The theme, the art, the strategies, the gameplay…all of it! 😂😂

  25. Pax Renaissance, Meuterer, Arkham Noir, Decrypto, Shipwreck Arcana, High Society, Hera & Zeus

  26. Agreed, I can't believe how amazing Light of the Mist is!

  27. Hmm I really wonder if you'd include Spicy in this list after you give it a try. Very similar vibe to Coup but slightly more laid back

  28. Root!!

    (What? Some of those boxes are pretty small!)

  29. Solid list, and some weren’t very familiar to me. Always to discover new ones! (And thanks for the reminder about Light in the Mist. Thought about backing on KS, so may put that back on the wishlist if it comes out soon)

    Other small-box games I enjoy: Tin Helm, Onirim, Friday, Radlands, Mazescape, cribbage, Decktet

  30. Man, JNCO jeans packed with small box board games in every pocket is an image I’m so happy I took away from this.

  31. Man, JNCO jeans packed with small box board games in every pocket is an image I’m so happy I took away from this.

  32. great list. u convinced me to get some of them. thank you and subbed.

  33. Smallish box has to be 7 wonders duel. Perfect 2 player game for my and my wife. So much replayability. Love letter and skull are solid additions .

  34. Maybe to new and technically in a tiny bag not a box yet but Micro Dojo would be on my list 🙂

  35. I really like Under Falling Skies which packs a lot of gameplay in a small box. I also enjoy One Deck Dungeon which can be brutal if you don’t roll dice well. And my current favorite is Tiny Epic Dungeon, but I have the Stories expansion to play in Epic Dungeon Mode- the only way I will play it. Thanks for a fun list!

  36. My top would be:
    1. Pax Renaissance (1st edition)
    2. Innovation (3rd edition)
    3. Space Hulk: Death Angel
    4. Sprawlopolis / Agropolis (wallet edition)
    5. For Sale (travel edition)
    6. Puerto Rico: The Card Game (aka new edition of San Juan) ;).
    7. Air, Land & Sea
    8. Valley of the Kings (first edition)
    9. Bohnanza
    10. Cartographers

    Honorable mentions: Jaipur, Circle the Wagons, Iron Curtain, 300: Earth & Water

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