The Top 100 Best Board Games Of All Time And The Stories They Tell -

The Top 100 Best Board Games Of All Time And The Stories They Tell

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This is my top 100 best board games of all time and the stories they tell, all shot in 100 different locations! To me, gaming is far more than cardboard and plastic. Gaming is the stories we tell the next day and the shared experience they facilitate with those that are important to us.

The video is a long one, but I didn’t want to do that YouTube creator thing where you split it up into dozens of videos to get more views. I feel it’s much better as one whole video.

Special thanks for Kim the camera woman and her immense patience!

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  1. Awesome video, I had the creeping feeling that it all felt very Canadian only to realize we're in the same city. This Ottawan is subbing.

  2. The most epic top 100 video I have ever seen! What an amazing life you live! 🤗

  3. Your channel will be huge one day! Keep it up! Every aspect of this was quality. Thank you

  4. I have to admit, I’m new to the channel and was excepting to jump to just see the picks and move on. But this video was so well done I stayed for the whole thing. Nice work!

  5. Oh my goodness gracious you just made the best top 100 video EVER . I feel like I got to know you through this video – and why you love the games you love ! I loved hearing your stories , feeling excited about your passion of gaming, and all the super cool shots around Ottawa/wherever you be !! Also shoutouts from Waterloo Ontario 🙂 <3

  6. This Video was really entertaining… I disagree with almost half of your picks … but still an entertaining video

  7. Fantastic video man…. truly. All best from Germany

  8. Wow. Thank you for this video. It’s amazing.

  9. Really amazing list, incredibly thoughtful and well implemented. Funny, heartfelt, touching, you really hit on all the reasons I love playing board games. Thank you ❤

  10. This is not just the best top 100 list of all time but also one of the greatest videos about board games. A lot of the times, I don't particularly care about themes or mechanics but rather the experiences I can expect when I play them and not since 'Shut Up and Sit Down' have I seen anyone capture those emotions in such a succinct and effective way. The best board games are the ones that give you stories you remember. Also, was fun seeing you visit my homeland of Singapore! Thank you for making this an hope your channel blows up.

  11. Holy cow! Following the crowd on this one lol. Been in this hobby over 10 plus years this my favorite top game list I’ve seen to date.

  12. Loved the video and all the local shots. I'm in farhaven, don't get into town too much plus the shots of history and war museums….my old workplace :). Keep up the great work!

  13. This is THE BEST top 100 list I've ever seen. Great games, but the story, the locations, the end… amazing.
    Thank you!

  14. This was so entertaining and I am interested in trying so many new titles thanks to you! That ending hit close to home and I love that board games mean more than just collecting to you. Please keep being you and don't be afraid to be vulnerable moving forward. Subscribed!

  15. Normally I just skip through these kind of videos but because of the nice video I watched through the whole thing! I have a very similair taste in boardgames :). The biggest difference was Obsession, I just could not get into that game. But I seem to be in the minority since it gets universal appraisal it seems. Maybe its the theme and/or that I only played it on BGA.

  16. Love the video! Makes me think abt to play each of your 100 because of the way you've presented them and the experience you share

  17. I'm not yet halfway through the video but had to chime in for VIKINGS. Why doesn't it get a reprint?! Marvelous game, criminally underrated. I love how it is so rules-simple and can get so complex. arrrrrgh <3

  18. Good job on making your list entertaining and giving overviews of the games without getting stuck in a tutorial.

    Thanks for sticking to your guns on your top games and the impact it can do bringing folks together.

    I almost died laughing with the Arnold pump cut

  19. An amazing list and an even better video. Entertaining, funny and heartwarming – just perfect. Subbing and anticipating great things in your future!

  20. Excellent video. Usually I skip games Ive played on lists like these, but the format made it impossible! Sometimes the least expected games are the best ones, and as soon as you said Risk, alllll sorts of childhood memories came flooding back.

    Fantastic video and I look forward to watching more of yours!

  21. Thanks for the list. I’ll admit I only watched the last 10 and fast forwarded a ton through it. I’ve never had a father but I’ve had fathers figures. This reminds me that I need to reach out to them.

  22. Une des plus belles vidéos de jeux.
    Greetings from France 😊

  23. Great video and definitely an original way to do a top 100!

    There's so many games in your list that are in mine too and then there's a bunch that are on my shelf of shame ^^.

    Great job!

  24. Thank you for your story. I have to admit: the end hit hard! But you nailed to capture the essence of boardgaming. My number 1 would be a small dutch cardgame, just bc I wish I could relive the dreary Dutch sunday afternoons, where my Dad and me would get as competitive as always, in forementioned game. All the best from the Netherlands!

  25. Well done! Of all the games I've played in my life, some of my coolest memories are of playing Risk with kids I babysat and college students in S Korea when I lived there for four years. I was really touched by the joy you had while playing Risk with your dad before he passed! Losing a dad absolutely sucks — I would have loved to have had that type of memory before mine died suddenly and unexpectedly. Treasure those memories! And keep making great videos! Nice that you have a wife who is also learning to enjoy your hobby and be a cohort behind the scenes!

  26. Dude I feel you on Risk. We played the shit out of that game. I played that game so many times with my father as well. Almost completed Risk Legacy with him as well.

    It truly is a special game because of all those memories. I however patiently taught him Dwellings of Eldervale.. and we play that fairly regularly now a days. This made me feel like I need to get over there more than once a month however.

  27. Great Video! One of the best top 100 board game videos!
    Also: thank you for sharing this wonderful, vulnerable story at the end of the video. ❤

  28. Why not? Risk is great, it is a classic and the classic are the greatest because of the memories sticked to it. All people start with Stratego, Monopoly or Risk. The other board games all come later. May your father rest in peace.

  29. What a video! I just started to search for the games (never played anything before). You are one of the first top board games videos I watched, and it was good)

  30. Great video, obviously a lot of work.

    It put a few games on my ‘list’ for the upcoming UK Games Expo and a few reminders to get some of my games to the table (and BGA) and a few more plays.

    I wondered as you appear to be a big fan of multi use cards what your thoughts were on La Granja, especially with the relatively recent Deluxe Master Set?

    You also appear to be a big Civilization Theme Fan (as am I) so wondered what your thoughts were on Clash of Cultures, similarly as above it has also had a Monumental Edition relatively recently (with miniatures 😊)?

    Your thoughts at the end of the video resonated with me as I also played a lot of Risk growing up with a lot of memorable games, although not a game I really play now. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Amazing quality! I can only imagine the insane work that went behind!

  32. This was brilliant and wonderfully unique! Not only did I hear about quite a few new games, we got to travel with you, laugh (and cry)with you, and got to know you and why you are doing this! Kudos for all the work you put into this and thank you for the journey!

  33. Great Concept for a top 100. You cannot just listen this, you need to watch!

  34. Wow, I've always loved to watch other peoples top 10s, 50s, and 100s, but never have I come away from them like I've been on such an emotional rollercoaster. Singlehandedly THE greatest video about boardgames I've ever seen.

  35. I loved all your choices and I played most of them too! I want to play the other ones, that's how much I've enjoyed this video! 😊 Loved the ending too! Our connection to our loved ones is what's important in the end! Cheers!

  36. i feel you, my dad passed away when i was a teenager, we often played board games, and one we very often played was inkognito, great fun game, not too complex but nice interactions (atleast back then). sadly he never experienced the board game collection i have now, and how complex and interesting they can be. im sure he would be amazed and eager to try every game out, same with you id guess. awesome top 100 and someone who puts argent and archipelago in top 5 is always a friend of mine 😀

  37. Risk is forever. I used to design maps on conquer club back in the day. Siege was the first one I designed. I hope you and your dad got to play it.

  38. I feel like I just walked around Canada* (then travelling to Thailand*) talking about boardgames with a mate. Well, he talked, I listened.
    Amazing video.
    Been to both countries. If you arrange for Canda to have Thailand's weather, I'll come back.
    Also, really lovely story about your dad.

  39. Just wow! I accidentally stumbled across your video and needed a video to play to kill some time… and was pleasantly surprised. This is a fantastic top 100 list and video!! Really dig the real talk without all the hype words. Will definitely be burning through all your other content!! And yes, if I am honest and think of the game I played to most growing up and had the best and worse memories of… it is Risk!! ❤

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