The Top 100 Board Games of All Time: Agricola -

The Top 100 Board Games of All Time: Agricola

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0:00 It’s happening, people! Top 100 Time. But what is this?
0:53 Episode 1: Agricola!
1:26 How to Play Agricola.
4:52 Let’s do this!
5:31 Does Agricola belong in our Top 100?
8:35 A game that is mean and important.
10:24 A game that is funny.
15:14 A game where you make something.
16:21 A game with character.
17:23 Every worker placement is meaningful.
20:39 We really like these cards.
23:09 Is it in our collections?
23:58 Replayability.
26:52 The most beloved board game component of all time?
28:13 Conclusion.

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  1. So 1 episode at a time including regular reviews and what have you. This list should be done by 2039

  2. Yesss, giving the Gric the rep it deserves. Still my favorite game. Should take some truly excellent games to displace it, hopefully.

  3. Agricola is on my cull list. Just not a fan. I’m sure it will go to a good home of someone who will truly enjoy it.

  4. I like the format, great video. I would like to have a link to the full playthrough (without heavy editing) if at all possible as well though.

  5. my body is ready for this series, and ready to question everything I have in my collection. let's go!

  6. It feels like a filmed podcast episode and I'm here for it!

  7. Great format. It could probably be trimmed to about half the length.

  8. I adore the flashback format to you all playing the game to highlight your points with actual footage. It is serene.

  9. Agricola is a great game, it has been Top 1 for me for a long time, now I think is still in Top 10, even if i haven't played it for ages.

  10. Looking forward to this series

  11. I can see my self in the distant future, seeing the last episode of this and thinking "I was there when this all started"
    Great job guys 👏🏻🥰

  12. One of the best things about Agricola is the way it gulls you into doing obviously stupid things, so before you know what's happened you're just feeding sheep directly into an oven. This is the *CORRECT* way to play Agricola, and Matt is the only one of you who isn't a filthy tryhard

  13. I love this series so much already. Wait, can we call it a series already?

  14. It would be entirely on brand if SUSD NEVER make another one of these videos and leave Agricola the only game in their Top 100

  15. I like the format. Interesting discussion points, it feels a bit like a TV chat show segment.
    …….in a good way!

    Also Agricola, just such a brilliant, funny, classic game.

  16. What a great series that–and I say this will all the love in my heart–they almost certainly will not finish.

  17. I’m so excited for all of this. We don’t get enough of these three in the same room

  18. can i just say, the colours on this set you've made are fucking delicious

  19. You need to do the board like Top Gear celebrity laps. Then you can move games around

  20. Of course my 'original' Agricola with animeeples plays so much more differently?! After all, 17th century farmers are just room-sized discs.

  21. So was Agricola in the first video because you think it'll be number 1, number 100, or just the first alphabetically? Is it now always in the top 100 or can it be booted out after the 101st video?!

    also, why is Quinns wearing the pink-screen material? Surely that's an editing nightmare?

  22. I’ll be fascinated to see how this series progresses, the ranking in particular. I assume that as you review each game you’ll decide whether its better (or worse?) than the games at the top and bottom of your list. I suppose that bit is easy. The harder bit is deciding where to rank a particular game that fits in the list between the best and worst ! 😳😳 Good Luck chaps……I look forward to following your deliberations 😃👍🏼

  23. Wow! A Top 100 Boardgame List with a video for each game and assuming every week comes one video there will be content for the next two years. O.O

  24. Love the format. Would i watch 100 of these? Yes. Yes i would.

  25. You need some magnetic strips so you can rearrange the games on the board Top Gear style

  26. Within 46 seconds I knew I was in for this entire journey. Godspeed

  27. This is an excellent idea. Just having the three of you interacting is always a highlight and an in-depth conversation on each game in a casual fashion is endearing.

  28. That was absolute chaos. And I’m totally here and on board for 99 more. 😂

  29. What's with all the rationale? All I need to hear is that you like game X "quite a bit", that it's a "blast to play", and "that's why game X is your number Y". That's how you do a useless list.

  30. I love Agricola. It's my favourite 17th century poverty simulator. And it is funny.

  31. But what if a new game comes out that makes its way into the top 100 in the meantime? Depending on the quality of games releases, this project could become infinitely protracted!

  32. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm so happy this series is starting, so exciting

  33. Love this format! I'm looking forward to the next episode!

  34. Great format! I think is a really good way to talk about games and feel more informative than a review.if you are asking yourself if the game actually belongs on the top 100 though, surely you would have to make more than 100 episodes if it's one game per episode. Also putting the first game at 50 on the list must have been a rage bait move, obviously you start at one and push it down if something is better 😛

  35. About the occupations and minor investments: best way to play (which you should try) is drafting them at the start of the game. It is almost the best part of Agricola! Also: Farmers of the Moor is making this game even wilder!

  36. This is exactly the kind of SUSD content I've been longing for: all-star cast discussing classic games. Not that I don't really enjoy the reviews you've been putting out, but it's always enjoyable hearing your thoughts on games that have stood the test of time. Looking forward to the next 99 videos!

  37. Ooooo the next 100 days is going to be enjoyable! Really hope to see Moon make the list!

  38. Love this! Can’t wait for the next 99 or so of these!!

  39. I do think Agricola is in the top 100 board games. Although I prefer it without the occupations expansions. (I like tighter rules.)

  40. I really liked this video, but I'm not sure if I would've been able to follow it if I hadn't already played Agricola

  41. I thought this was going to be a full playthrough. Will that ever be released?

  42. I think this is a great format, really liked the discussion between the three of you on whether the game deserves to be in the top 100.

    Also I loved that moment where Matt brought up drafting and the other two both simultaneously reached for a rulebook to skim while listening to him. That's a classic board gaming maneuver, done that myself countless times.

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