The Top 100 Board Games of All Time: The Quest for El Dorado -

The Top 100 Board Games of All Time: The Quest for El Dorado

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Our adventure through the Top 100 Board Games of All Time continues, with El Dorado! And unfortunately, these boys have been CURSED.

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  1. I always hoped there would be an expansion to play at higher player counts.

  2. El Dorado is soo good. It's a modern yet approachable boardgame. You can teach it to 5 year olds and 85 year olds, but it's still very entertaining for seasoned players. It manages to be at the exact transition point where everybody has a great time. It's also a great introduction to deck building.

  3. Is there a ranking of these 100 anywhere, I'm kinda confused

  4. I would say the only downside is the tiebreaker system. If you have a deck that is slow to start, and the new burst at the end, if someone else finishes at the same time as you then you will lose.

  5. FYI those rode lavalier microphones can be set to record on the pack. If you plug it into a computer and use the rode software you can configure it to work like a dashcam that records 30 hours of audio and then overwrites the oldest audio. This way if you ever have an issue recording on the camera you will likely have the audio on the internal memory of the lavalier mic pack.

  6. Surely there are some trained lip readers in the SUASD universe who could create a transcript and then you could use AI voices of your favorite cartoon characters to redo the voices of the commentary? I mean, how hard could it be?🙂

  7. This is all well and good, but when are you doing Oath?

  8. That box is huge. Does it need to be that big?

  9. These episodes are great. Looking forward to the next 98!

  10. I am entirely convinced that the audio was borked on purpose xD
    It feels like such a good bit😅

  11. Sadly, by the time this came out, "The Quest for El Dorado" is 121 on the BGG.

  12. I will need access to a cryogenic sleep chamber to have any chance of viewing the hundredth episode.

  13. Oh that was quite nice of Quinns to let Matt have the game like that. I wonder why he—

    jump to footage of Matt cramming the tiebreaker token under his nose


  14. Is it bad that I really don't like this series/format? I get that it's trying hard not to be a super polished top 100, and to highlight games without bejng too clinical and comparative, but it's just too much forced shennanigan to be fun? Dunno – I just miss the more thoughtful stuff / analysis and I feel like a big retrospective series like this from the best boardgame channel on the internet should be engaging with that analysis/history more? (This absolutely comes from a place of susd love)

  15. Deck builders and engine builder games, just without any skill or effort. They are the absolute worst. Zero stars!!!!

  16. Glad you found a way to put this together. Still turned out really well despite your difficulties!

  17. February 1st. March 29th.
    /counts on fingers…
    I look forward to watching these videos over the next sixteen years to see the final outcome.

  18. Surprised there was no talk about the expansions

  19. Thank you so much for covering 😀 this seems really fun 🙂 and the review is always fun 🙂

  20. The only ranking for the top 100 should be if it’s above or below Agricola.

  21. The Quest for El Dorado may be great, but the production is overwhelmingly meh. 😞

  22. I love this game. The experience feels fairly straightforward, but it also makes you decipher the board and construct a deck that has multiple solutions to the same problem. It is clever without feeling overwhelming, just wonderful game design.

  23. I've played this game over a dozen times now and it's one of the rare games that's exciting every time. The ending is always incredibly tense, there's always someone trying a new strategy, it's just consistently fantastic!

  24. Matt’s porn ‘stache is the best thing ever. Not the cardboard one.

  25. Can we take a moment to marvel that Matt is one of the few human beings who can actually pull off a moustache?

  26. When I moved overseas I had to roughly thin my collection by 30%.
    El dorado didn't make the cut. But that was for on stupid little detail. The cards being too small.
    I am still annoyed at myself that this bothered me so much when the game is just great but lost enough of my love on material. 😅

  27. I think it gets old pretty fast, blocking one space -the game, is not much offering for the setup and game play time. I played base game only tho.

  28. I love and respect you guys and really appreciate the effort that you put into this, getting the motivation and energy to re-record a whole discussion about this game. But I have to politely protest. Allthough El Dorado is a lot of fun, each game of it can feel incredibly similar and the skill ceiling is not very high. I agree that Agricola is (somewhat) harder to get into and just enjoy, but I would say it has a lot more potential for endless replays and developing strategy. I just want to raise a hand for trying to bump Agricola up 😛 (I know you probably don't want to open the can of worms of allowing games to be swapped in subsequent videos, but I have to try)

  29. Love it – great video for capturing the fun at many levels that is El Dorado. One of my regular playing chums is obsessed by the Prop Plane – no-one knows why….. I think he just likes having a plane in the jungle.

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