The Top 5 HOTTEST Board Game Reviewers! -

The Top 5 HOTTEST Board Game Reviewers!

Jon Del Arroz
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  1. Jenna Rose and Persephone C should be on this list.

  2. Can't believe you left out Cardboard Rhino.

  3. Did you ask permission from any of these people before featuring them?

  4. This is some next level creepy incel shit lol

    Also, did he photoshop a bigger cleavage on Gnarly Carley (left side of cleavage is pixalated) or did she do that herself? O_o

  5. Speaking as an unabashed pervert, this is a weird fucking video to make. Touch some grace and get some maidens, posthaste.

  6. Dude actually says "you shouldn' t creep on girls like that " while listing down his incel top-5. Way to lower the bar for bg content man…

  7. I don’t know man. I know you call yourself a Christian. At very least, this video doesn’t seem like a wise decision. We are called to be above reproach and this seems like something that should have been avoided.

  8. I don’t speed up my videos!! That’s how fast I speak when I record those videos!! Maybe someday I should put a clock behind me so you guys can see that… 🤔

  9. GAMA considers this video to be hate speech.🤣

  10. 5k subs and you make this kind of video. yikes!

  11. Simp? Haven’t finished the video yet lol.

  12. What no Ava Foxfort from Shut up & Sit Down?

  13. Cardboard rhino should at least be in the top 3 imo.

  14. 5:05 what vid is Gnarley Carley wearing that top in? Asking for a friend.

  15. It’s frustrating and pathetic for you to diminish these girls to their looks. They are so much more than that and trying to do what they love. But I’m guessing this is the type of content your subscribers expect from your lame ass.

  16. You missed Angela from Hobby Knight and WarGamerGirl.

  17. i feel like this list was made exclusively for me

  18. As a board gamer myself (and working on one) I appreciate this video.

  19. 1. Cardboard Rhino
    2. Gnarly Carley
    3. Liz from Might I Suggest a Game
    4. Frances from Boardgame Nexus
    5. CaMILFa

    Special mention to Crissa from Mikey's Board Room

  20. Question do you know shoeonhead, Chris Ray Gun, Hunter Avallone, someblackguy,and TJ Kirk?

  21. "Some very good reasons to be on this list"


  22. Something tells me you will be a hot topic on BGG forums soon if not already. Lmao

  23. Another great video would be Non-woke board game reviewers, not conservative or "rightwing" reviewers but just reviewers who a not all about woke crap!!

  24. #1 Ava Foxfort – Shut up & Sit Down

  25. Yes, Cardboard Rhino should be up there, preferably on the No. 1 spot.

  26. Jon, you and I have very similar taste in women however the omission of Becca Scott is borderline egregious!

  27. You maybe are number one voice and award winning author, but this video simply objectifies women, especially speaking about "two very good reasons to be on this list"
    Even in joking you should develop skills like taste.

  28. WoW, hope your subs like the content, kind of fucking creepy if you ask me.

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