The Top 50 Board Games Of All Time (10-1) -

The Top 50 Board Games Of All Time (10-1)

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  1. Great video thank you! I agree with the points on TI4 – love the game, probably my top 1 still, but hard to get to the table. What games could scratch the same itch, apart from Axis and Allies?

  2. I like both DI and DI:UI prefer DI because it feels more swingy, I know that sounds bad but let me explain.I find it more fun when I thought I won the battle but someone plays a high combat and somebody plays even a higher value combat card. I feel DI:U too waterdown/balanced

  3. I'm an "Ameritrash" guy, but I absolutely love Dune Uprising. Most of the deck/tile/worker Eurogames lack an extra element or two to make it great. But DIU somehow hits all the mark. It's up there with Twilight Imperium in my book!

  4. Some great picks on this list. Twilight Imperium, Marvel Champions and Blood on the Clocktower would also make my all-time top 10. Thank you for sharing!

  5. In endless winter you can swap out different villager types from the added module as long as you keep one in each category. The animal decks, however, do need to be separated.

  6. A lot of people have Dune Imperium Uprising replacing Dune Imperium, saying its the better of the two. Personally I have Lost Ruins of Arnak over Base Dune Imperium, but I haven't touched expansions of ether of them.

    From experience every game has very top experiences and very low experiences, and its entirely based on personal burn out, and player group. I had this happen with Scythe, played it so many times because my group wanted too, group enjoyed the games more then I was, waited like 6 months before playing again, came back to the original felling I had with it.

    My friends kind of burned me out of magic, got into it before their were certain rules, and their into it so much. I bring out my decks, and they completely just took out ever card that was illegal, that the decks weren't even viable to play with. Oh you can replace this with this, which is in this pack, and the reason this card is gone now is because it combo's with this one which forms a stalemate type game. All I want to do it play a game with my decks. They won't play unless is tournament official rules. So I was like forget it, just play against each other and leave me out.

  7. Hard to keep listening when in a row you say nemesis is 70 and oathsworn is 5… oathsworn is such a bretzel game mechanically speaking, I can’t imagine anyone put it so high in a top 10 of all time.
    Nice discussion about dune though.

  8. I'm so confused about Dune Imperium. I love Imperium with all the expansions added and do not see enough with Uprising to justify buying it yet. Annoyed is a good word 😅.

  9. I really wanted to like Endless Winter, but I just didn't. Too much going on without the mechanisms meshing together smoothly. Played CoB Special Edition at Level Up and I thought all of the terrain and extras on that level just dragged the game time out and really watered down the experience. Just sold all of our Marvel Champs stuff after 20-25 plays. Got into the rabbit hole of too much content and just became something I collected more than played. Enjoyed our plays of it though.

  10. Ugh on MTG. Some of us just have 10 feet poles when it comes touching TCGs. That said one can make a pretty strong argument that the cost of non TCGs are getting to be quite formidable as well. The all-in fully painted Awaken Realms campaigns for example… But my main issue would be the pay to play aspect of TCGs, I would just prefer to leave them out so I really appreciate you moving it into the Zero spot. Even if I hit multi-million equity I will try to keep my 10 foot pole sharpened. I'll fall for a few similar loot box situations with World of Tanks online but for the most part I really strive to limit my exposure to randomness. Altered TCG though is so darn pretty its been a real pain to avoid it. Anyway I've been avoiding MTG since Alpha (Ames, IA comic book store Mayhem Collectibles distribution) so its been an ongoing "mistake" I've had to live with. I suspect that Mayhem's involvement in MTG has helped it thrive for all these years so hats off to them for offering it up in the beginning and participating in the ENTIRE history of MTG.

  11. I have a love-hate relationship with MTG. Its a game that my friends and I have built numerous decks for and it was the only real game we played with each other for a long time. But Hasbro really knows how to test my love for Magic and I am not sure what the future is going to look like if things continue the way they are.

  12. I would love to see a top 10 where if all outside variables were removed and you only ranked based on the game itself, How they would rank. If every player knew what they were doing and accessibility, duration, complexity etc wasn’t an issue, how would the list fall.
    That to me would be a true ranking of a game and what it actually brings to the table.

    Can’t disagree with the MTG rank. Just way too many things that make it the best. Inside and outside the game.

  13. Having trouble with dune imperium vs uprising also 😂. Love both, though mixing everything makes the game convoluted for us, kinda.

  14. Mtg is my number one as well and also is what brought me in to the hobby. Thanks for sharing your top games!

  15. Eh I know what you mean with Dune and Dune Uprising. I feel that way about the Zombicides, Nemesis games, and the various Arkham horror and eldritch horror variants. I’ll occasionally delineate between them but often just mash them all together into one entry in my lists.

    Thanks for this series!

  16. I use to love Magic but it was too expensive to keep up with it. You are right the mechanics are amazing here but i had my fun and have moved on to actual board games.

  17. Great list! Thanks!!. I only miss Ark Nova, A feast for Odin, Kanban EV and Lost Ruins of Arnak.

  18. Thank you for this final episode. In my understanding MTG is not a board game. But I am just not into TCGs. For myself a boardgame is described as a one time buy.

    Nonetheless again thank you for the series 🎉

  19. One of the better top 10s ive seen, I agree with many, hell this list is nearly identical to what mine would be, except 3 things.

    Oathsworn, that one threw me, I didn't even put that in my top 50.
    Blood on the clocktower which I didn't like at all, I just found that to be a more complex werewolf.
    Finally MTG, though I love magic and have many many decks and have played it thousands of times, I don't actually consider it a board game what so ever.

  20. Thank you about DI vs DI:U. I know everybody says "Oh it has the worms and oh spys, and oh this…" I can agree the Landsraad spaces were a good change that could have been a new small overlay board, but the game had spies from Ix and had worms in the game (via cards) and the tight knife fight of the game has become instead a needling and then an overhead bash of points. I like that the original system didn't hinge on the combats being so center, but that you had a lot of avenues to persue points. I want to play more Uprising to see what if has on its own merits, but I do agree with you.

    "Is it really better?"

    In my opinion, not really just a different flavor that I do not care for at the moment.

  21. I remember you talking about the Nemesis snub, but it still is one of my (if not THE) top games. The highs are so much higher than the lows. In fact, even the lows are exciting because even when I'm getting my butt handed to me, I'm going out guns ablazin', running for dear life.

  22. For a moment, I was ready to invalidate your list for have dune imperium twice (joking to each their own) but magic number #1 was a home run. Your list is valid 😂

  23. Since you enjoy card based games and boss battlers so much, Primal The Awakening sounds right up your alley! Are you getting it?

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