The Ultimate Gateway Board Games Guide -

The Ultimate Gateway Board Games Guide

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New to board games? These are the best gateway games to start you off.
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00:00 Intro
00:27 Categories
01:57 Cooperative Games:

Pandemic –
Mysterium –
Sherlock Consulting Detective –
Magic Maze –
Chronicles of Crime –
Forbidden Desert –
Burgle Bros –
Detective Season 1 –
MicroMacro Crime City –
Chronicles of Crime 1400 –
Magic Maze On Mars –

19:49 Personal Puzzles:

Sagrada –
Cascadia –
My Farm Shop –
Spring Meadow –
Cartographers –
On Tour –
Dice Forge –
Dream Home –
Bad Company –
Railroad Ink –
Copenhagen –

38:27 Friendly Competition:

Ticket To Ride –
Carcassonne –
Parks –
Sushi Roll –
Luxor –
Trekking The World –
Azul –
7 Wonders Architects –
Clank –
Diamant (aka Incan Gold) –
Quest for El Dorado –
Blue Lagoon –
Get On Board (formerly known as Let’s Make A Bus Route) –
Las Vegas Royale –

01:00:30 Feisty Games:

Sheriff of Nottingham –
Colt Express –
K2 –
The Resistance –
Survive: Escape from Atlantis –
QE –
Bohnanza –
Celestia –

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  1. The meta plot with the family here is…maybe more asking for a marriage counselor than board games

  2. I came to this video for the SNAKES AND LADDERS! 🙁 None to be found here. am I to old for this channel?

  3. Greetings from Aus' Very comprehensive, thank you so much. I laughed out loud more than once. Choosing Christmas games made easy.

  4. "I've never been to Duluth"

    It's pretty clear that the designers of TTR have never been to Duluth either, since they put it in Minneapolis. (Duluth and Minneapolis are farther apart than London and Birmingham, btw.)

  5. I love this so much, your scripts are hilarious!

    Mooooo! Moooooo! Moooooooooooooo! … Mlik

  6. "adorable throat slitting" now there is a phrase not often heard!

  7. Sorry. Great editing etc. But those skit interruptions are just meh.

  8. Sometimes I wish I was 23 again. Lying in bed with manflu with no kids and binge watching your videos. But life gets in the way too much these days (sigh). Love your content. You truly are an amazing entertainer and explainer plus you list the games in the description which many YouTubers deliberately omit and you have an Epiphone guitar which guarantees you're a good lad.

  9. I'd probably put Burglebros at 1-3 players to be perfectly honest. 4 players is a lot more luck driven in that having 4 players on one floor at the start means the guard will be moving around much more and if you can't find the stairs early then you will take a lot of hits. 4 players can work but I wouldn't recommend it unless everyone is a seasoned player and definitely not as a gateway game for 4.

  10. Dude you easily create the best content in the YouTube board game space. Love it, many thanks for the entertainment and information.

  11. You insult Duluth as if you are from Superior. What are they paying you? I'll double it!

  12. Are the cases in Detective resettable once you've played them?

  13. The categories are a really good distinction. Selecting the right level of competition for yourself and the other players is really important to avoid the mood souring.

  14. Awesome guide. Would love a guide that looks at feisty classics like Bohnanza that are cheap and widely available.

  15. This is a fantastic video. Great list of games and categories and really funny.

  16. aw the queens corgi's can no longer be sent after you 🙁 also…thanks for adding many new games to my to buy list! Love this!

  17. I would love to see a video just on co-op games as I know some people who prefer those over competitive games.

  18. Incredible content. Humor, amazing games, and quality footage. Sagrada, Cascadia, Parks, Carcassonne, Blue Lagoon, Sheriff of Nottingham are all in my gateway game catalog. Keep up the great content,

  19. Really good list and brilliantly put together. Appreciate reviews from independent folk who aren't being paid in some way by the industry.

  20. “a passion-filled trip to Wyoming” has never happened.

  21. One player board game recommendations please

  22. I appreciate this list! Even as someone who’s been in the hobby for a decade, I still find it so important to value games that will connect with newer or skeptical players. Yet, they are still fun and complex in their own right.

    My top games might always have an element of “does it hit the table?” Or how well it welcomes people.

  23. 00:00:00 Intro
    00:00:27 Categories

    00:01:58 Cooperative Games:
    00:02:04 Pandemic
    00:04:15 Mysterium
    00:06:00 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
    00:07:02 Magic Maze
    00:08:40 Chronicles of Crime
    00:10:47 Forbidden Desert
    00:11:11 Burgle Bros
    00:12:40 Detective Season 1
    00:14:22 MicroMacro Crime City
    00:16:21 Chronicles of Crime 1400
    00:18:18 Magic Maze On Mars

    00:19:49 Personal Puzzles:
    00:19:56 Sagrada
    00:21:17 Cascadia
    00:23:50 My Farm Shop
    00:26:05 Spring Meadow
    00:27:37 Cartographers
    00:28:57 On Tour
    00:31:01 Dice Forge
    00:33:17 Dream Home
    00:33:52 Bad Company
    00:35:56 Railroad Ink
    00:36:22 Copenhagen

    00:38:27 Friendly Competition:
    00:38:35 Ticket To Ride
    00:40:20 Carcassonne
    00:42:29 Parks
    00:43:55 Sushi Roll
    00:44:50 Luxor
    00:46:15 Trekking The World
    00:47:45 Azul
    00:48:59 7 Wonders Architects
    00:51:00 Clank
    00:53:36 Diamant (aka Incan Gold)
    00:55:13 Quest for El Dorado
    00:55:40 Blue Lagoon
    00:57:08 Get On Board (formerly known as Let’s Make A Bus Route)
    00:58:32 Las Vegas Royale

    01:00:30 Feisty Games:
    01:00:38 Sheriff of Nottingham
    01:02:29 Colt Express
    01:04:17 K2
    01:06:18 The Resistance
    01:08:11 Survive: Escape from Atlantis
    01:10:18 QE
    01:12:48 Bohnanza
    01:13:22 Celestia

  24. I love Carcassonne and have been playing it every weekend with my mom, easy to pick up for sure (i got the big box with all expansions). Definitely going to look at getting dice forge now. I think it may have been you who convinced me to buy that too 😛 . You were also the one who previously informed me of Sushi Roll which is yet another one I want.

  25. I am currently on a board-game-buy-ban because I purchased Quacks of Quedlinburg, Azul and MicroMacro: Crime City all within a 3 week period. These videos do not help with my adherence to the ban O.O

  26. Dragoon and Diplomacy are two of my favorite intro games!

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