The Unknown Rule of Monopoly 😶 -

The Unknown Rule of Monopoly 😶

Zack D. Films
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  1. Who the fok considers it as something else

  2. Then what’s the point of the money in the middle?

  3. Wait but then when do you get the jackpot😭😭😭


  5. I almost never have had a jackpott att the middle

  6. Wow ,you could make next video titled: how much is 2+2" and make a 30 sec video about it, please! We need it!
    Zack your channel is fucking clown show

  7. Aaaah you idiot in game I found in game wtf

  8. In the ds version of the game this is actually a defult rule

  9. Don’t get anything, but that’s disappointing

  10. is monoply game phone the same as board game?

  11. I new that even before watching this video

  12. I’m sure people you use it like that I’m just with your people play in their house so I pick up Orit at the like friends house or something so I think it’s a house rule unless you don’t wanna do it

  13. I tought id you landed there you can move your piece to wherever you want

  14. Yea whan i play monopolly i do this rule

  15. There's actually a version of regular monopoly that I have that says the jackpot rule is optional

  16. The free parking jackpot thing is why people think monopoly is such a long game. If you play it by the rules it doesn’t take very long

  17. how do people not know about this😭

  18. Isn’t free parking just fucking safe zone until pentagon hexagon octagon urmoneygon?

  19. “congratulations you landed on Free Parking! And you get: *NOTHING!*”

  20. Noooo really I thought it was to win a the real lottery

  21. My family has always played it where you get nothing

  22. I did not know about any jackpot, I knew nothing happens though!

  23. Didn’t even now what jackpot he was talking about

  24. I mean it's called free parking for some reason🤷‍♂️

  25. Nothing bruh i know that every one shoult know that

  26. I thought everyone thought that nothing happens during free parking 😅

  27. Free parking = kids and child support: if you dont pay up, draw a card in chance and if you pull a broken condom card, you land in court and have to sell property to pay the cost. Or you go to jail for 30 plays. By that time one of your family members would have tossed the board and start playing the game of LIFE with an automatic van full of kids that are NOT yours.

  28. We all know Hasbro don't know the damn rules of their own games. Even the iOS monopoly game knew what happened

  29. I play as the jackpot comes from Bills, Chance and Community Chest cards if they say to pay; otherwise you give directly to people.

  30. This is free parking,
    Not winning the jackpot parking.

  31. Womp womp, if you land on free parking you get the money in the middle

  32. Nothing happens

    I thought everyone knew

  33. I always play with it as a jackpot adds another component to the game. We start with 500 in the middle and then the taxes money spots go in as well

  34. Where did people get this from? didn't they read the rules?!

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