The Very Best Board Games? RA! (Top 100) -

The Very Best Board Games? RA! (Top 100)

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01:05 – The Teach
03:44 – Discussion
27:47 – Ranking Time
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  1. This is hilarious! 😅 Great video. Looking forward to more of the top 100.

  2. Just a suggestion: Position the games based on how many of the top 100 games you like better than it.

    So if you like 2 out of the 3 other games better than it, you position it third of 4, regardless of the order of the other games.

    This way your top 1 game will be a game that has the least number of other games you like better than it.

    You could even tally this across the hosts, Pip likes 2 games better than Ra, the other 2 of you like 1 game better than Ra, so it has -4 points. Eldorado, maybe each of you likes 1 game better than it, it gets -3. Agricola, maybe Pip doesn't prefer any game over it, and the other 2 of you like 2 games better than it, so it also gets -4 points, it ties with Ra. Galaxy Trucker, you each like 3 games better than it, it has -9 points.

    To avoid having to re-tally every episode and needing the different members to be there every time, you make a guess based on an imagined top 100: "I think I like 20 games more than Agricola", you then tally those points and then divide by the number of guests on the episode. -(20+30+16) / 3 = -22

    The games don't even have to be directly in comparison to each other they can just be vibe checks, however as you go, you'll have more data to go off of (you know more of the games in the list), and at the end you could retally them if you want to finalise the list.

  3. Pip is cool. We like Pip. Can we have more Pip?

  4. quinn would put ra above agricola. ra is in his personal collection, agricola is not.

  5. I seem to remember Matt liked Cyclades too which is an auction game with knobs on.

  6. I learned a little bit about voting theory, and it helped me understand WHY a strictly ranked list is just so, so much harder to generate than a tier list

  7. Note for American audiences: "Blind Date" was a popular… do you know what? Don't worry about it

  8. Wow, RA is getting a lot of love! It's always been on my list but recently it's been featured by you guys, No Pun Included and No Rolls Barred – I think it might be a sign 😀
    Woe is me, another great game I won't be able to stop myself adding to my collection now 😀

  9. this episode felt a bit too off the cuff, it was basically a poorly prepared podcast, which feels like a bit of a step down in quality compared to what i expect from susd

  10. This is great, loving the carnage when it comes to try and sort of the relative positions. I think I'd like the ranking to change to a rock, paper, scissors format; just to make it harder to manage 😝


  12. Pip is the best SU&SD character; whenever Pip is not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Pip?"

  13. I love this video series Tom, well done! Also nice to see pip

  14. Fucking christ, do NOT put 'ra' in 'el dorado'. Just put it in a numbered list. I'm begging you. I never ask much from folks on the internet, but never felt so strongly about anything before. Just keep the format of the list consistent.

  15. Is someone paying reviewers to cover Ra at the moment?!

  16. oh nice full play vods now 😮 oh wait nvm xD

  17. I'd actually opt for you to create something like "tier lists" and have the option for seveRAl games to be on the same level. It can still be a top 100, there's just not a clear hieRArchy of 100 RAnks so to speak.

  18. lmao "how much do ya think the pyramids would go for at li' an option?"

  19. I would probably put Agricola as my #3 favorite board/tabletop game of all time, so to see these other games be put above it, just hurts my soul! 🙁 Or maybe it means I really need to play these games… I have not yet played neither El Dorado nor Ra, but I want to

  20. I truly prefer Egyptian auction based game "Amon Ra" over this game. So for me Tom is kind of wrong at 25:16. 😀

  21. Hot Take: Every 10 games ranked, y'all should be allowed to swap 2 games on the list. Makes the "this game is better than El Dorado, but worse than Agricola" all talk all the more interesting, especially if it keeps coming up. But keeping the swaps limited makes them all the more precious and contested

  22. I was waiting for the obvious ”Today we are playing Ra… Horrraaah!” but nope…

  23. 'it's in el dorado' made me laugh more than it had any right to

  24. How long will the videos be when there is a debate over the 90 games on the board, and how small will the font be?

  25. Four games into the format and it's already exploding

  26. Certainly not an ill omen for future discussions that they have trouble ranking and organizing the four games on there already.

  27. I'm not so much a fan of auction games either, but "Ra" would be somewhere on the top of my favorite games if I made a lit. Way above the ones covered so far (Galaxy Truckers would not be there). The only other auction game, where auctioning is the primary thing in the game would be "For Sale" for me. But I do like "Ra" better.

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