The WORST Board Game Themes - KamSandwich -

The WORST Board Game Themes – KamSandwich

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A game’s theme is vital to its success, which is why it’s so funny when they straight up botch it this bad.
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BoardGameGeek pages for each game covered:
Doggie Doo:
NBC TV News Game:
Power Lunch:
What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls:
Oy Vey:
Public Assistance:
Capital Punishment:
Pimp: The Backhanding:

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  1. Appreciate the fact the makers of Adultery knew that every good polygamous group of three or more friends of mixed genders has a token non-binary Asexual willing to mediate between their romantic escapades.

    Like they forgot about gay people but at least they managed to include a Homestuck reference in their game exactly 50 years before the webcomic started.
    Which honestly does feel like a plotpoint that would be in Homestuck, so good work there, boys!

  2. Awwwww man that mouse is amazing. Had the same one at my school’s computer lab.

  3. "What shall I be" was released in 1966. By which time women had gone to space, become flying aces, taught at aviation academies, with every rational expectation that by the time the target age demographic grows up around the late 70s, things were going to change even more… But yes, "airline hostess"

  4. "overweight" and "pretty" are personality traits?

  5. On the topic of games with UNHOLY theming. You could look into the most sbsurd ttrog, RaHoWa. That stands for "Racial Holy War". Its a game literally designed by neonazis where every character is a negative racial stereotype. On top of that, because these were nerdy skinheads, the game's also a needlessly complex mathematical mess ala FATAL. Yknow, FUN.

    Oh and btw RaHoWa and FATAL are also connected in that the internet knows them as 2 of the 3 games which together form the trinity of terrible rpgs. The 3rd part of this trio is HYBRID. A game so ludicrously complex that it needs a calculator with LOG10 for CHARACTER CREATION, where the rules are just dumped on you loosely organized with no narrative thread. And the enemy statblocks are broken because the author forgot to add the headings to the tables, so they're just massive piles of needlessly complez, seemingly random numbers with nothing to tell you what they even mean. Just… that game's a trip.

  6. The problem with S#### Tac Toe is that it uses the Tic Tac Toe foundation, Tic Tac Toe is garbage, they should've done Chess instead. Introducing Chexx, it's just like Chess, but with a twist. Everytime you take the opponents piece, the opponent takes removes an article, everytime you check a king, you do something with yourself, you know what, and whenever you get a checkmate, you are the one on top and do the activity with all the remaining articles still on. A perfect game to play with your love one.

  7. Adultery isn't a crime in the sense that it can realistically be punished nowadays as a standalone offense in any US state. You are free to have as much extramarital sex as you wish even in the states where it's theoretically criminalized with no legal repercussions for adultery in and of itself.

    Still, I think you're gonna have to find a rather adventurous group that doesn't care about mechanically interesting gameplay or who exactly they get paired with in order to even play this "game."

  8. Just found this channel yesterday, and have already watched most of the board games videos (still have yet to watch the tournament). Glad to be along for the ride!

  9. how do you talk so much like scott the woz

  10. Gosh! I can't wait to introduce my friends to some Strip Five-Finger-Fillet! Fun for the whole bloodletting family!

  11. When I was a kid, I saw an ad for Doggie Doo on TV and begged my mom for it. She said no and insisted that the doo would get stuck inside the dog. I asked my grandma for the game instead and she brought it over while babysitting me. First play-through, the doo got stuck. When my mom got home, she was furious. She had to use a chopstick to fish the doo out of the dog. She then confiscated the game.

  12. a lot of jokes feels like scott the woz jokes and i love it
    funny video

  13. Why do you have to use that 1-frame "trick"? It's not funny, it's just annoying for people who actually want to pause and read.

  14. This is your best video yet! I think the glasses and the hat are a cool calling card, and your jokes aren't disruptive to the presentation of content. Keep it up with the new format!

  15. Go back to the stick figure guy I hate IRL 👎

  16. Diplomat games definitely seem like a weird artifact of a certain sort of free love hippy culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It definitely gives me the same vibe as a TV show lile "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in"

  17. I wasn't a fan of the jokes in your previous vids, but this one's actually decently amusing – good to see you improving!

  18. Yu Gi Hoe is a great name for that game tbh

  19. Prolly not intended, but the "come here often?" referring to adultery players definitely isn't the correct choice of phrasing

  20. Considering how long a Campaign for North Africa lasts, your version will force multiple people to endure the winter months without heavy clothes on. So, all that is left to say is… welcome to the "Games that can kill people" Club!

  21. Just remember there was a 2000's "ghetto monopoly" game called Ghettopoly that got the creator sued by Hasbro, was once sold at Urban Outfitters before being pulled for racism, and apparently made the creator $8.9 million if Wikipedia is correct.

  22. the diplomat games seem like harmless fun to me honestly (and i'm ace). Also 1969 is just the best year to release funny sexy games. i'd just houserule the candle out. no one's playing it competitively.

  23. guys i think diplomat may have been an alien social experiment to study human sexuality

  24. The Diplomat games are crazy to me because they also just dont consider outfit differences at all. Some outfits will total like 3 pieces of clothing at most, and others will have like 8 or more, depending on how players count it

  25. This topic reminds me of the Titanic board game I used to play as a kid, where you raced against your family and friends to make it into the lifeboats before them, leaving them on the sinking ship.

  26. We had a copy of Pimp: The Backhanding for a while. The art was good and and a lot of the cards were funny, but the game was unbalanced to the point of being broken. It was way, way too easy to backhand an opponent's hoe, with little to no counterplay (it's been a while, my memory isn't exact). So there were a ton of non-scoring rounds, which made games drag on way past being fun.

    On the upside, my (now) wife and I discovered that I excel at macking hoes, while she is better at backhanding a hoe, which we still occasionally reference.

  27. If my GOAT Gooey Louie isn't in here I will scream

  28. Kam was looking up the biggest news stories of 1962 on his phone when he got scared.

  29. 7:31 I mean, when you think about the horrible crimes most inmates commit, the innocent lives that are lost and the fact that most people who get out of jail continue to commit new crimes most of the time in worse ways than before, maybe capital punishment isn't so offensive as theme

  30. Those Diplomat board games were 100% made to be sold in sleazy sex shops to people too horny to apply some forethought. They'll see the cover, quickly browse over the box, briefly think to themselves "Hey, that sounds like a fun time!" without any further consideration, slap some bucks on the table, and by the time they've gotten home and cooled off they will realize it's stupid and predicates on situations that basically no one would subscribe to. By then, Diplomat would have made off with their money.

    Or at least, that's the idea. I get the feeling that, in the end, cooler heads prevailed and these games saw next to no success other than maybe as novelties or gag gifts. Which is probably why you can't find anything about them online. That, and nearly 60 years having passed since its release.

  31. Limiting Rules
    Lack of Activity
    Waiting your turn.

    Buddy, half of what you just described happens is a good chunk of peoples' kinks.

  32. I would play the pimp game only if I can name the pimp Hank Hill and his hoe's Peggy & Tammy

  33. Advertising as a theme works in games about fake products – Jackbox’s Patently Stupid comes to mind. Attaching real and currently running ad campaigns to a board game is just gauche.

  34. I gotta say, going through your history of videos, it's been really interesting seeing your evolution from depicting yourself as a simple cartoon man, to only having your arms and hands on camera to illustrate a physical board game, to being fully on camera to do more involved bits and jokes alongside your explanations. it feels like you've become a lot more confident with yourself as you make more videos, and I think it just makes each one better than the last. You're doing a great job and I appreciate all the work you put into the channel!

  35. Adultery is immoral sure but I don't think I've ever heard of it being an actual crime before o.o at least not in the US.

    Looked it up, it's actually a felony in three states and illegal and some others but not a crime at all in most of the US.

  36. "Pimp: The Backhanding" sounds like a World of Darkness TTRPG

  37. 6:20 Oy vey indeed! This game is quite the joke I tell y’a what! Oy vey affirmative!

  38. 8:41 wait a minute.

    2024-20=2004 so yeah you’re right…

    Because your calculations depend on Januarys, not a different month like let’s say October…

  39. Actually, going by what I've been by friends who have been to Orgies and swinger parties, Adultery would be a handy tool. It might just be that Said friends are huge Nerds and are invited to the kinds of orgies held by people who find Huge Nerds hot (which is to say; OTHER huge nerds), but I have heard Multiple Accounts from Multiple People of people getting to the Sex Party and getting distracted by the Host's collection of boardgames and the actual Fucking that they ostensibly Arrived For getting postponed by or even Canceled For an impromptu boardgame night instead. Having a game that says 'you and you, Go And Fuck' can, presumably, get the Party started in the way the hosts intend.

  40. "AKA the negromancer, funk lord of darkness" damn rush daddy is a crazy ass pimp

  41. There’s this really weird game me and my friends played last year called “redneck life”, which is basically the game of life if it hated (poor) southerners. The winner at the end is the person with the most teeth left and there’s spaces that give you… babies from hooking up with your cousin. If it’s not already on ur radar i’d love to see a video on it!

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