Thematic Board Game Previews: Galactic Renaissance, Starship Captains, Epic Alliances & more! -

Thematic Board Game Previews: Galactic Renaissance, Starship Captains, Epic Alliances & more!

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0:00 Deeply Thematic Board Games Intro
0:24 Galactic Renaissance
8:47 Starship Captains
16:10 Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances
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23:15 Sniper Elite: The Board Game
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29:51 Dead by Daylight: The Board Game
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36:05 Lands of Galzyr
41:52 Doctor Who: Nemesis
48:24 Vengeance: Roll & Fight
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  1. Doctor Who: Nemisis is like a variant of Disney: Villainous

  2. I'm sorry but I have never felt the age gap between these 2 more than Matt describing teenagers as children and Tom bursting out laughing

  3. Those all seem pretty interesting. Its too bad I can't go and play them.

  4. Who do I have to [redacted] to win a board game night with the SU&SD gang?

  5. Lands of Galzir looks so neat! Definitely looking forward to seeing that one in the future.

  6. I'm going to be honest, I'm getting a little bored of the Disney Multiverse angle. I'd be much more interested in something from a single franchise. Or maybe a system that the different franchises expand into. But this constant hodgepodge to get you to by more for the character you want is bland and frustrating.

  7. Tom's face at 8:56 . Is his mind blown? Is he trying in earnest to make sense of the gubberish that Matt is freely offering? Has he pood himself and is planning a stealthy escape? It is the best face faces ever faced.

  8. I don't hate this format, but it's a bit too loose for me. I'd personally like a more structured explanation.

  9. Starship Captains is very FTL and I really dig it

  10. "Fredelig" (Fray-Lee) is Danish for "Peaceful"

  11. Nice format! A deeply thematic game right at Matt's ballpark would be a game called 'Stars of Akarios'. Been reading that the game is a combination of Gloomhaven/7th Continent/X-wing… Would be nice to see a shux review!

  12. Apparently I’m not allowed in the Vancouver venue anymore- I’m sad

  13. Starship alliances piques my interest. There are so many titles, I kinda wish you'd do a lighting round of reviews of all the things mentioned when they're out.

  14. 1000% will be looking to try out Sniper Elite. I didn't back the game because it was a videogame boardgame, but everything I've seen since makes me want to try it.

  15. Sniper Elite looks like a decent about face of that Victorian "hunt the baddie in that there London" game.

  16. Inis in Space? That's an instant buy.

    Yes, I know it's not the same, just the same designer. Same difference. I'm buying it.

  17. Grammar question for you: Are you purposely confusing your indefinite articles for comedic effect or do you honestly not know when to use "a" versus "an"?

    I keep seeing this a lot around the internet and from what I can tell, the proper grammar is to use "an" for any words beginning with a vowel and "a" for any words beginning with a consonant.

    It's something that really grinds my gears so it would be good to know if you're doing it for a laugh or not.

    Not trying to criticize as I love the channel and content but just wanted to mention this.

  18. ground control to future tom you've really made the rolllll

  19. Love these videos! Honestly, I could listen to Ava explain games for hours. The perfect voice for it!!!

  20. Oooo… I really like this new format! It feels like I'm sitting across the table from you as you teach the games and make the dumb jokes my friends would make. Great way to hear about new releases, thank you!

  21. Hhmmmm….im not too keen on any of these. I might have some money saved for my gas bill!

  22. Never fly in a spaceship full of red shirts…

  23. "Fredelig" is a danish word. It means "Peaceful"

  24. "Excuse me Mat. My eyes are down here." *points at shirt

  25. I wish I had friends so I could play Lands of Galzyr.

  26. I always Wonder what These Videos are about. Mayen you shut a more catchy Name on the preview pictures.

  27. Dr Who Nemesis seems like a variation on Villainous. Has some significant differences, but is clearly related to it.

  28. Galactic Renaissance looks gorgeous–even in prototype form! Love the almost-Mobius art. I've tried Inis, Cyclades, very much wanted to try Kemet: Blood & Sand (got scared off due to criticism of its two player experience), and am hoping this is the Matagot game to really, uh, reel me in.

  29. Gosh darn it! I was looking forward to playing lots and lots and lots of different games at this wonderful return to in-person convention, but now I'm going to spend three whole days playing Galactic Renaissance…sigh. Also,I can't believe you took a dice into Sniper Elite and failed to mention it's co-designed by David "Undaunted" Thompson?!?!? I guess Galactic Renaissance and Sniper Elite…I've just doubled the number of games I'm going to get to play at SHUX this year.

  30. Within the universe there are many galaxies 😛

  31. Didn’t they review the Sniper Elite game on the podcast and absolutely hate it? Or am I totally misremembering?

  32. Everyone of those "operation"cards art work in Galactic Reconnaissance was a hundred times cooler looking than the cover art.

  33. Thanks for the previews. All I could hear was the 'Cider men', were your thoughts else where?

  34. "Red, Yellow, Green." "Yeah." Brings me joy.

  35. This video has given me a great respect for your script writing.

  36. I can't wait to discover Land of Galzir, feels like playing Vagabonds in Root with great stories ^^

  37. Can't wait for my copy of Lands of Galzyr to arrive

  38. the art on the maps in lands of galzyr look cool!

  39. Ah, Heroes… I hope some day someone makes an edited last episode of season 1 where Sylar lies dead at the end and we can pretend that they made no more seasons after the first.

  40. "Play again" is the same in Flesh and Blood, cool

  41. Disney Shrek was a blade that found its mark in my stomach.

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