There's A New Number 1 Board Game!! -

There’s A New Number 1 Board Game!!

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  1. Brass comes off as just another board game that should be lost to obscurity. I have zero idea what the appeal is.

  2. Yeah the numbers didn't really make sense to me. Old reviews must not count as much or something?
    Gloomhaven has almost double, and higher 🤔

  3. Haven’t played any of these are they fun? 🙂

  4. I've heard they keep the scoring obscured to keep people from gaming the system, but what's the point of having a ranking system if no one knows what its actually ranking?

  5. Already changed positions. This aged well 😀

  6. I don't put much stock in BGG rankings honestly.

    Gloomhaven is a good game but it is overrated, Spirit Island and Terraforming Mars are confusingly well rated for mediocre games, and recent news about a game tends to keep it on the list for a LONG time as opposed to actual ratings.

  7. Like your content. Keep it up man 👍

  8. It looks like some game playing has been going on. Lots of high rating for Brass and low ratings for Gloomhaven in February 2023 for some reason. There's no logical reason Brass should suddenly be more popular after five years.

  9. Too bad neither of them are very tableable

  10. Gloomhaven is the number 1 for what? Selling unused because no one got past game 3 before they found it too much to table?

  11. Personally, I just think they are the top strategy game and thematic game. Its just a matter of preference, but when it comes to thematic games, I don't want to think hard like strategy games but rather want to enjoy the atmosphere and role playing. On top of that I like strategy games over thematic, so Gloomhaven is not the good in either of my criteria.

  12. The disappointing thing is idiot fanboys of both games seems to be giving the games 1/10 to tank the scores. Both games have received multiple 1s for February compared to previous months.

  13. Gloomhaven, Brass: Birg, Frosthaven, Thainted Grail, Mage Knight are my TOP games 🙂 …Shame BGG become more and more with review bombers.

  14. Does it matter? No. Because the way things are ranked is not really fair. It is not a perfect system. I dont get the hype of a game being nr 1 for like a day and suddenly it's all people talk about.

  15. U really need some basic notions of how the mean works

  16. Gloomhaven is a better on pc cause you don't need to set it up 😅

  17. Gloomhaven is #3 as of June 8th. Pandemic Legacy Season One is #2

  18. I think it's just because ppl mad at gloomhavens team

  19. Finally…though its all relative and in this case, 'just vote a game a 1 to turn the tables'??? Neither one is a 1, so…

  20. I know I’m in the minority here, but I just don’t find Bass enjoyable.

  21. How brass even got in to the top 100 still surprises me. I think this just goes to show bgg ranks are subjective. Cannot understand the appeal of Brass.

  22. I learnt a lot! Thanks for the play guys!

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