These games are BACK, but NOT the same... Board Game News! -

These games are BACK, but NOT the same… Board Game News!

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This episode: all the latest board game news for August 2022.

Legendary: Black Panther
Lead Wakanda’s royal family and their incredible allies into the world of Legendary!

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00:00 Intro
00:12 This Minis Game From 2004 is BACK!
01:19 Legendary: Black Panther (sponsor)
02:24 Star Wars Has A New Deal
03:51 Board&Dice Serves More “T”
04:41 New AEG Game Shakes Things Up
05:32 A Killer New Game from Renegade
06:47 Feuerland’s Turf Battle
07:38 Wolves? Where? Where wolves? No, just wolves.
08:30 The Foxiest Game I’ve Ever Seen

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  1. I hope the Star Wars deck builder is a sinple one..somethibg like Dominion. Im tired of complex text cards. And its so good its not a living card game and all that jazz.

  2. Has any DBG ever done LCG-style monthly small expansions, rather than the typical larger boxes with hundreds of cards each 2-4 times a year? I hadn't considered it, but I could see them trying it with Star Wars.

  3. I can't wait for more Heroescape! My Bins want more! Also, Shake that City was a TON of fun. I got to demo the full game at GenCon and I will be a must get for me. I loved the puzzle nature of the game.

  4. I'm so intrigued by the American Psycho game. It looks so well done and Renegade don't usually disappoint. But again it's still a really weird choice of theme for a trick taking game.

  5. Excellent stuff as always Matthew but what I really want to know is when is The Mathew Jude Travel game coming out? 😉🙂

  6. So much news came out of GenCon, it was very hard to keep up!

  7. So much violence in today’s update! My favorite today was the Fox Experiment.

  8. We had so much Heroscape stuff back in the day, but stupidly sold off most of the expansions. Luckily we kept two base sets, and a couple of expansions, excited for this new release, and great to hear that it's backward compatible!

  9. I can’t believe I’ve watched a video on board games that references the Wolves 😂 still prefer Albion though but I do live in that area so makes sense.

  10. So hyped that Heroscape is coming back! Not hyped about UNPAINTED minis, though. Bummer, that.

  11. Chaz has not been right?? This implies that he was right prior to this news? Odd.

  12. Lol when I think of trick-taking, I think of bridge and I love Lucy.

    Now, when I think of American Psycho, I will think of bridge and I Love Lucy

  13. I have been fascinated by that fox experiment for years! That theme + Elizabeth Hargrave = Yes, please!

  14. "And all the other reasons I love my pathetic dog… Meow."

    What?? 🤣

  15. I'll wait for the Less Than Zero bag building game.

  16. I remember all the hullabaloo and hand wringing that went on in the media when the novel, American Psycho, was published, and now all these years later it’s being used to theme a card game. I guess in another 20 years time Disney will turn it into a musical.

  17. Lots to look forward to! I agree, Elizabeth Hargrave could sell Monopoly!

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