These Old Games RETURN to TOP Our List Of Monthly Board Game Picks! -

These Old Games RETURN to TOP Our List Of Monthly Board Game Picks!

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

Sagrada Artisans

Gain powerful new abilities, and unlock wondrous new tools that you’ll carry through this Sagrada legacy campaign… and beyond!


Marvel Dice Throne

Join the fast-playing, dice-rolling combat game that lets players battle as their favorite Marvel heroes in one-on-one duels, team battles, and free-for-alls!

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  1. If I say that I always enjoy you folks' videos, would that be considered fore shadowing? Great video as always!

  2. Need Paula to be in Scream or house on haunted hill like horror movies ♡

  3. Gah! Mini Rodney Child is super adorbs!!! I hope he follows in his Dad's legacy

  4. Gah!!!!!! Naked face Teen Chaz! No glasses! No beard! And a tie?! Like a window into a multiverse 😬

  5. Great picks! These videos are always so funny.

  6. Really well done episode! How much did Paula have to pay to get the plane to fly over at just the right time? Hint for future watchers – the manic pacing and jump cuts are enhanced by playing this at 1.5 speed! 😀

  7. The brace (or embrace) for the space ripple had me chortling. 🤣🤣

  8. Nothing like a Monday morning laughing with you guys and learning about games outside my radar! Keep the great work!

  9. Great production and scripting. Really well done!

  10. Heroscape i so happy it coming out

  11. Inspired work team. I was duped very early on by raccoon mentions which I was sure was going to run with us all through the episode.

  12. Thank for the LOLs. And games to keep an eye on. 😄

  13. Mathew – "That's not what we call him!" ROFL. Great work with this one. Waiting for Terracotta Army next month. ( hopefully )

  14. 1. Tidal Blades Banner Festival – I WANTS IT …
    2. VEEBUG!

  15. Not sure why, but that raccoon popping up in the corner got me good. I was laughing for a while after that!

  16. I'm surprised Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks wasn't a sponsor of this video considering some of the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey shenanigans going on…including Chaz's near destruction of the universe by messing with the timeline through his verbal trickery.

  17. This reminded me I need to get my Geiger counter repaired as well. Thanks Paula! It wears out so quickly when you live over an old uranium mine.

  18. Aww, for a second I thought you were going to talk about the Titan board game from 1980. Now THAT was a good game!

  19. we seriously love your videos, you are all so entertaining! would love to see how you make these videos behind the scenes, it must be a lot of work bringing all of this together. after watching this one, we are going to need a bigger board game budget, so many awesome games we want! 😍

  20. RIP, raccoon B-plot … or was it FORESHADOWING?

  21. I still look at my heroscape collection, wishing I actually finished collecting them before they went out of print.

  22. Cleverly written and edited per usual, but a massive "thank you" for those tldr graphics under each game that gives the year, player count, complexity, length, and msrp – really helps streamline the basics of each pick and makes the video that much more (for lack of a better word) accessible.

    10/10 would foreshadow/callback/self-referential verbal incongruity again

  23. Okay but I NEED to know. Did Paula already have the Racoon Puppet/Plushie in her possession or was it a souvenir from the PARKS expansion how to play videos?

  24. Excellent and funny, always cheers me up 🙂

  25. Oh gods, this must have been a nightmare to write, film, edit and produce. I love everything about this episode!
    Everyone's personalities really roll of each other.

    Even if I wasn't too interested in most of the games presented here. I stayed for the plot!

  26. I love this comedy show 🤣

  27. Quick, Paula! Go grab Adric and solve the space-time problems in this video. I have no idea what that is called that I just did. Maybe a callback to a video on a different channel? The writing in this show is so good. Do you all record this like most voice actors so just your lines by yourself, or do you send out the full script to everyone so they get the jokes? Because if it's the former, I worry that someone is going to have an aneurysm trying to figure out what is happening.

    Also, a legacy Sagrada? We get another 6 months of watching Paula frustrating both herself and Matthew with her dice rolls on the WIP Twitch channel? Sign me up for that. Seriously, they're great fun to watch even if I never catch them live.

  28. When I don’t skip over games I’ll pass on, because I enjoy your presentation, means I’ve found a good channel.

  29. Heroescape made me a gamer. I’m so glad it’s coming back so I can continue to add to my bins!

  30. Oh my word, Chaz!!! Did you really used to look like that!?!? It isn't an insult in any way, I was just shocked–I could barely believe that was the same person. I finally decided you weren't playing a joke because I can see resemblance in the eyes. I'm not sure what makes you look so different now, but I really could hardly believe it. You are, and always were, a handsome guy. Or, kinda, two handsome guys, who didn't look very much alike–but at least they were both handsome!

  31. 18:38 – Apparently there is something HeroScape cannot do: come back to life with pre-painted minis like the original(s). Sigh. 😞

  32. There were so many jokes in here….I could see Paula working in improv one day. She is straight-up hilarious! Those intense eyes and that serious expression–bravo! I can hardly pick a favorite joke, but where you guys were all bracing for the paradox….oh, man, everybody was hysterical! Naveen's absence from his chair made me laugh a lot! You all were amazing. Maybe you'll win an Emmy, an Oscar, a Dice Tower Award, or at least applause from one or two neighborhood raccoons! 🙂

  33. Baby Luke & Baby V-Bug!!! (Hope I did not spell her nickname wrong.) Oh my word!!! If you ever had an episode featuring their photos and Ollie &….Preston? Winston? …Stanley, maybe? (Forgive me, cute plumpy doggo, I am the worst with names…) Anyway, it would be utter cuteness overload! More dangerous than a paradox, for sure! The entire internet would probably vanish in a wisp of vanilla-scented smoke!!!

  34. That does it.. I am giving up cable and just watching your videos all the time. Laughter, tension, raccoons, violence, table dancing by Rodney…..OH and foreshadowing!!!! What more do I need?

  35. I was excited when I first heard that they were remaking HeroScape, then kind of let down when I actually saw it and got more info about it. Unpainted minis? One of the biggest selling points of the original was that they were prepainted so you could just open the box and play. If people wanted to repaint them, they could. I'll just stick with my old sets I think. On a positive note, at least people who don't already own sets can finally get some of the cool terrain without paying a fortune or buying a bunch of the "Arena of the Plainswalker" sets on clearance.

  36. I'm so excited for Tidal blades: Banner Festival

  37. I'm watching it for the 3rd time in a row already and there isn't even a secret contest in here.
    Or is there?

    Your shenanigans are the best!

  38. This is my favorite Watch it Played video ever. Great job all!

  39. Stop calling Mr. Knizia. He REALLY likes it when random fans show up at his house!

  40. I imagine Rodney jumping on board a table, in the last turn of a Twilight Imperium game (serious game, like 6 players or so) jeje

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